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Diamond Doll

Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
Postcards Unrated
2004 - present
Various characters Various plots.


Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
Final Goodbye PG-13
January 2002
The Cassadines This is a dedication to Stephen Nichols and his amazing and underused talent. It is also what should have happened in light of a Cassadine betrayal from several years ago.


Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
Past and Present PG-13
January 2004
Keesha & Jason After six years away, Keesha returns to Port Charles as a police detective.
Betrayal R
January 2004
Dara, Sonny, Keesha, and more. Also author created characters. Welcome to the other side of Port Charles, the one that you never see on General Hospital. Betrayal is a bad thing but what happens with Betrayal visits some of these citizens of this Port Charles neighborhood. Welcome to the world of Betrayal. .


Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
Discovering Delancy NC17
April 2005
Lorenzo Alcazar/Delancy Michaels Lorenzo Alcazar's life will be forever changed when he encounters a spitfire by the name of Delancy.


Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
A Love So Strong G
September 1999
Robin & Jason The annual GH Nurses Ball is here and
everyone in the town of Port Charles is
excited except for Jason. He is lonely and
misses Robin. Little does he know, Robin is
in town and is planning on attending the
Nurses Ball, but the way she shows up will
surely surprise you.


Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
Matters of the Heart PG-13
January 2002 - May 2002
Dara Jensen, Mac Scorpio, Marcus Taggert, Felicia Scorpio, Ellen Burgess, Matt Harmon, Kevin Collins & more! What if that long ago spark between Mac Scorpio and Dara Jensen finally came to life? There are a few roadblocks that could threaten their relationship. And if you always thought no one could be a better soulmate to Ellen than Matt, then you may...or may not... want to read Matters of the Heart.

Something R
July 2002 - present
Mac Scorpio, Dara Jensen, Ellen Burgess, Kevin Collins, Matt Harmon, Michael "Sonny" Corinthos, Carly Corinthos, Anthony Moreno, Marcus Taggert, & other GH characters Will the relationships that began in Matters of the Heart turn into lasting commitments or short-lived love affairs? Individuals will seek revenge; love, faith, and trust will be tested in this sequel to Matters of the Heart.

Kris and niklovr

Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
*Obsession NC-17
January 2002 - present
Nikolas, Dawn, Lucky, Emily, Tommy, Liz, Helena, Stefan, Laura, & more! Nikolas Cassadine is in love. The only problem is the woman who holds the key to his heart is his brother's girlfriend. But will that bring an end to his desire to possess her? The stories of obsession only begin there. There's more to come...


Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
Simple Kind of Life PG-13/R
November 2003
Keesha, Jason, Justus, Sonny, Carly, Courtney, Brian, and The Quartermaines Keesha receives a phone call from Emily about a car accident that has left Justus in a coma, not only does she have to return to Port Charles she has to return to all the memories she's managed to put in the back of her mind. Jason is recovering from his recent divorce from Courtney Matthews who decided that Brian, the new cop in town was a better man. Now that Keesha and Jason are both single and in the same town will love prevail?

Mourning Starre

Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
Hearts Asunder R
June 2001-present
Jason Quartermaine, Keesha Ward, AJ Quartermaine, Mary Mae Ward, Justus Ward, Monica & Alan Quartermaine, Edward & Lila Quartermaine, Emily B. Quartermaine, Ned Ashton, and a few others. After a heated exchange and a near fatal car accident one cold January evening, the lives of Jason and AJ Quartermaine and Keesha Ward are forever altered.


Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
Family Ties R to NC17
May 2001 - present
Sonny, Jason, Carly,
Alexis, Elizabeth, Eliana
[writer created character]
Someone from Sonny's past becomes involved in Sonny's present and things are never the same for him...or Jason.


Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
Love's Confusion Rated PG-13/R
May 2001 - present
Stefan, Helena, Mikkos,
Stavros, Alexis, and Mrs. Lansbury
More featured characters to be added later.
This story is going to span the years
it's starting on the island in Greece.
It's my take on why Stefan is as
he is. I'm going to go through
the love he has had and why they
didn't work out until ultimately he finds the one woman that won't hurt him.
Discovering Love PG
August 2001
Lucky, Emily, Nikolas, and Elizabeth This story covers about 3 years and focuses on the growing relationship between Lucky and Emily. The story was written as a fic challenge and became the first story in a trilogy.
Keeping the Love Alive PG
August 2001
Lucky, Emily, Nikolas, Elizabeth, Lesley Lu, Ned, Alexis, Brooke, and Mrs. Landsbury This story takes place about 3 or 4 years after the end of Discovering Love and focuses on Lucky, Emily, Nikolas, and Elizabeth while they raise Lu and start families. It's the second story in the series.
Rediscovering Love PG
August 2001-present
Lucky, Emily, Nikolas and Dawn. Check cast list for others. This story takes place 3 years after the end of Keeping the Love Alive. Its focus is on Lucky and Emily rediscovering there love after some problems and on Nik finding love again with someone from his past. **Very special thanks to niklovr/Dominiqua for her use of both Dawn and Carrie Jensen for this story. **
Goodbye G
December 2001
Stefan and Alexis An issued challenge about Stefan and a lady which had to include NYSNC's "Gone." Alexis comes upon Stefan saying goodbye to past loves.
Returning(sequel to "Goodbye") PG-13/R
May 2002
Stefan Cassadine, Alexis Davis, Alan and Monica Quartermaine, Nikolas Cassadine, Gia , Carlotta Jensen** Borrowed from Niklovr, and Paige Smith-Cassadine-Quatermaine. Stefan returns after a six month leave from Port Charles this story picks up from where my story Goodbye did. Stefan is dealing with finding out that Emily was his daughter and is being a good grandparent to her daughter Paige. He could also find love in the arms of an old flame.
Second Chances G
December 2001
Laura and Luke A 'what if' challenge. What if the phone call never interrupted L/L on the day they signed their divorce papers.


Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
Undeniable NC-17 (sexual content & language)
November 2003 - June 2004
Jason Quartermaine/Morgan, Keesha Ward, AJ Quartermaine and Robin Scorpio The story takes place a year after Jason Quartermaine's accident. The lives of Jason Quartermaine/Morgan, Keesha Ward, AJ Quartermaine and Robin Scorpio have changed forever. Jason Morgan is working for mobster Sonny Corinthos and dating Robin Scorpio, who was never infected with HIV. However, she did lose her first love Stone in a car accident due to a drunken driver. Keesha is now dating AJ and has moved on with her life..or has she? Since becoming sober, AJ is now working for ELQ along side Ned and his grandfather.

Web of Deception Rating NC-17 for Strong Language, Sexual Content and Some Satanic Overtones
June 2004 - present
Lorraine Hawkins-Mansfield (Mother of Keesha/ wife of Victor)
Victor Mansfield (Husband of Lorraine/stepfather to Keesha)-Viggo Mortensen is my inspiration for this character
Keesha Ward Hawkins (Daughter to Lorraine/fiancee of Malcolm)
Jason Morgan (Self-made millionaire/resident bad-boy from the wrong side of the tracks)
Evangaline Williams (Ex-girlfriend of Malcolm)
Malcolm S. Winters (Heir to Winters Communications/finance of Keesha)
Location: Pine Valley, New York Keesha Ward Hawkins is set to wed Malcolm S. Winters, in one of the social events of the year. Their six-month world wind romance is the stuff fairy-tales are made of, but everything is not what it seems.
Keesha will soon find out, her life is a Web of Deception.


Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
Andrea NC-17
January 1998
Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, CSM &
Andrea Lake (an original character)
This is a non-shipper love story, featuring Fox Mulder and my own creation Andrea Lake. Mulder receives a mysterious phone call and races off to Los Angeles to answer the call. There he meets a woman with ties to his past. Together, they uncover a mystery and discover each other.
Aurora NC-17
March 2023 - present
Nikolas Cassadine, Spencer Cassadine, Trina Robinson, Lucky Spencer, Tommy Hardy, Cameron Webber, Justus Ward, Dara Jensen, AJ Quartermaine, Keesha Ward, Michael Quartermaine, TJ Ashford, Jordan Ashford, Portia Robinson, Dante Falconeri, Sonny Corinthos, Jason Morgan, Selina Wu, and
Dawn James-Spencer and Noelle Spencer (original characters)
Welcome to post-apocalyptic Port Charles where Wyndemere is a safe haven for those seeking sanctuary from the raiders running rampant in the lawless Port Charles. Old loves will reunite and new loves will discover the highs and lows creating a happily ever after in this new world. Yes, this is a Sprina fic and of course, a Nikolas and Dawn fic, too!
The Dark Series* R
July 1998-April 2001
Cassadines, Jensens, Spencers,
Hardys, Webbers, Quartermaines
& Jason and Robin
A trilogy that spans 10 years and features Nikolas Cassadine as well as most of the GH cast.
After the Dark Comes the Light Series*

May 2001-December 31, 2001
Nikolas & Dawn Cassadine,
Tommy & Gina Hardy,
AJ & Michael Q and Keesha, Carly, Robin and more (including original characters).
In the Light of Day is Book 1 in the sequel to the Dark Series and begins 20 years from where the Dark Series began and features the next generation. You'll need to read the Dark Series first to understand the history of the characters.

The Light Dims is Book 2 and picks up a few weeks from where In the Light of Day ends.

Everything Changes with Time R
November 1998 - May 2002
Keesha, AJ, Carly, Nikolas, Sarah, Michael, Matt & Ellen from Voyagers!: Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones sos2/Lynn's Kyle & Alicia Quartermaine niklovr's Dawn Jensen Upon Nikolas Cassadine's death in 1997, Stefan resurrected the weather machine and froze the world. Nineteen years later, Port Charles is still cold. Keesha and AJ's children and their cousin Michael (who is really their half-brother) travel back in time with Jeffrey and Bogg to prevent Nikolas' death and wind up changing more than they bargained for.

(This story was originally conceived in 11/98. Lynn (sos2) worked on with me. We put the story on hiatus and had no idea the break would last for 3.5 years! With Lynn's permission to use her characters, I decided to pick up the tale again. If you read the original eight chapters, you're gonna have to reread them. This story isn't the same as how it started. Also, thank you Lynn for letting me write for your babies!!! :-) )

Freedom to Love*

November 1999 to February 2000
Ellen Burgess & Matt Harmon
Lucky Spencer and Dawn Jensen,
Kevin Collins and Dara Jensen
and John Black from "Days of Our Lives"
A year ago, Ellen disappeared from Matt's life without a word. She later sent him a "Dear John" later which broke his heart. A year later, Matt is still tormented by his love for her, and Ellen has returned. Will it be love at first sight? Or will they have to fight to find the freedom to love each other again?
It's Not Over PG-13
November 1998
Nikolas & Stefan Cassadine
AJ & Emily Quartermaine
Ned Ashton & Dara Jensen
Tommy Hardy, Lucas Jones
and Dawn & Carlotta (original characters)
This is a Nikolas and Emily love story. The romantic tale begins in 1998 and picks up New Year's Eve two years later. Discover a grown-up Emily Quartermaine and a very sexy Nikolas Cassdine find each other and overcome numerous obstacles in order to have their "happily ever after."
INO: 'Tis the Season (This story has been removed from the site. If you'd like to read it, Email Me PG-13
January 2000
Nikolas and Emily Cassadine,
Dawn Cassadine and Tommy Hardy
This story picks up a little bit after
the Epilogue of It's Not Over. It's Christmas Eve for the two couples and everything isn't Merry. In one night, they are forced to take a real, hard look at themselves and their past.
Kismet* Unrated
April 2001-July 2001
Cassadines, Corinthos, Hardys,
Jensens, Spencers, Wards,
Webbers, and Quartermaines
Grief-stricken, Nikolas Cassadine has returned home to find an Impostor has taken over his life. He will find help in unlikely places and love in the unlikeliest place of all! Current GH storylines are included in the weaving of this tale.
Welcome to the Cassadines* (sequel to Kismet) Unrated
July 2001 - June 2004
Cassadines, Carly, Dara, Emily, Jason M, Justus, Keesha, Lesley Lu, Lucky, Sly, Tommy and Zander This story begins a week from where Kismet ends. The Cassadines and everyone else are in for some readjustments as they all get used to one another. Check out the gallery and match up the Cassadines to their Loves to their Conflicts.
MPI: Through the Eyes of a Stranger R
Thomas Magnum, Jonathon Higgins,
TC Calvin, Rick Wright and Jolie (an original character)
Magnum takes a case which forces
him to take a look at his past.
Never Carved in Stone* R
May 1999-August 2001
Keesha and Jason
Stone and Robin
Nikolas Cassadine, Frank Scanlon and Dawn Jensen (an original character)
What if Stone lost his memory, forgot all about Robin and Sonny, and became a new person? What if he fell in love with Keesha? And she with him? What would happen then?
Talk of the Town* R
September 2012-
Robin, Jason, Dara, AJ
Nikolas, Frank, and Dawn Jensen-Scanlon (an original character)
The sequel to Never Carved in Stone begins 16 years later. What happens when the happily ever cracks? What if Stone begins to regain his memories? What if Jason still loves Keesha? Will this resurrect the past for all parties? A tragic loss leads to a new beginning. The next generation is forced to deal with their parents' drama and their own. This is just a short summary. Check out the story to get the full 4-1-1.
The Right Way* R
July 2000-May 2001
Keesha, AJ, Jason, Robin,
Mac, Dara, Sonny, Stefan,
Magnum, Spenser, Hawk, Vinnie Terranova,
Justus, Jax, Brenda, Ned,
Alexis and original characters
This story begins in 1998 and incorporates a lot of what was happening on the show at that time. Michael is a newborn and is in Jason's care. AJ has no idea that he's the father. Nikolas has been shot and is recovering from the stroke. Jax is dealing with Brenda's breakdown. And that's just the tip of the iceberg for this story!
Without Bias* R
June 2001 - June 2004
Keesha, Jason, Robin,
Mac, Dara, Sonny,
Stefan, Alexis, AJ,
Kevin, Lucky, Emily
and original characters
The sequel to The Right Way. This story begins where the Epilogue of The Right Way ends and will continue with the stories that began in its predecessor.
Spooky and Starbuck NC17
November 1999
Fox Mulder and Dana Scully A road trip forces Scully to re-evaluate how important Mulder is to her.
Jason's Lyric R
May 2001-June 2001
Jason and the women in his life An alternative viewpoint of what makes Jason Morgan tick, how it affects him and dealing with the loss of the true love of his life.
Genesis R
June 2001-July 2001
Keesha Ward, Jason Quartermaine
Justus, Mary Mae, AJ, Robin, Carly,
Sonny and maybe more
Response to 'What if?' challenge. What if Keesha was in the car with AJ when he slammed into the tree? What if she lost her memory of her family and woke up a new woman with a new personality and a new outlook on life? How will her family react? And how will Jason respond? Will he give up on their love or will he fight for her or will he decide he doesn't love the new woman she's become?
The Hardest Words UnRated
July 2001
Robin Scorpio, Jason Morgan
Keesha Ward, AJ Quartermaine
A missing scene in the aftermath of Robin and Jason's breakup.
Chance Encounters*

April 2001
Features Stefan Cassadine "Chance Encounters" shape him into the man we know and love. This is story is complete.

November 2001-April 2002
Dara, Sonny, Carly, Marcus, Jason M, Keesha, Lois, Justus and more! What happens when the past comes back to haunt the ADA and Port Charles' nefarious crime boss. None of them will be the same before it's over.
Auld Lang Syne

December 31, 2001
Nikolas Cassadine and Dawn Jensen It's New Years Eve, the time for past transgressions to be forgotten while welcoming in a brand New Year and possibly a brand new way of life.
His Baby's Mama*

January 2002-February 2002
Jason M, Sonny, Dara, Sonny, Marcus, Jason M, Keesha, Emily, Lucky and more! Jason Morgan returns to Port Charles with a baby, whose mother has been abducted, and he'll do whatever it takes to get her back.
Speak Easy

February 2002-present
Dara, Dawn, Keesha, Gina, Skye, Sonny, Jason M, Marcus, Stone, Mac, Sam Bennett (Passions) and more! It's 1929 and Prohibition has set Port Charles on its head. Bootlegging is the major money maker and gangsters rule the roost, but all that will change if the law has its way. *This fic will contain violence, language and sexual situations.
Foolish R
May 2002 (complete)
Dara Jensen/Sonny Corinthos A very short story which uses Ashanti's song "Foolish" to deal with the aftermath of Carly's death.
Family ??
July 2002-May 2003
Nikolas and Dawn Cassadine

Guiding Light (aka GL):
the Bauers, the Boudreaux, the Lewises and the Spauldings

This is primarily a Rick and Mel story, but there will be lots of interaction with the other Springfield citizens. If you like the Boudreaux and hate how they have been neglected, this is the story for you.

*If you're a GL fan, please note that Maureen is very much alive in this story, however, Claire and Michelle are not.

Torn PG-13
September 2002 - April 2004
Jason Morgan, Keesha and AJ Quartermaine
Cassadines: Stefan and Nikolas
Dawn Jensen (author created)
Jason wakes up as a new man and Keesha wakes up pregnant. Years later, she discovers there may be consequences to her spur of the moment decision. Another family becomes torn when affairs of the heart cause a rip in the seams.
Christmas Stories 2002 ??



A trio of not so traditional Christmas stories.
Collision Course Unrated
October 2003 - April 2004
GH & Law and Order & Law and Order: SVU crossover& The X-Files Also author created characters Dara Jensen feels like she's on a collision course set for disaster, but she's not alone. The past comes back to haunt many in this tale of sex, lies, and murder.
Conspiracy Theory R
June 2004 - present
GH & Law and Order: SVU crossover & The X-Files
Dawn Jensen (author created)
Sequel to Collision Course.
A Silent Night at Wyndemere PG-13
December 2003 (complete)
The Cassadines, the Spencers, Dara, Mac, Emily. Carrie & Dawn (original characters) Revenge and a winter storm disrupt Christmas at Wyndemere.
Nikolas' Torment PG-13
March 2004
Nikolas, others & also author created character(s) Postcards: A tragic death torments Nikolas and induces him to respond "out of character."
No Apologies Unrated
January 2004
GH & author created character(s) A series of postcards using Dido's White Flag as the theme. Lotsa angst.
Belated Valentines PG-13/Sexual situations
February 2004
Various GH & author created characters plus Fox Mulder (The X-Files). A series of postcards about love.
U Remind Me Unrated
March 2004
Jason Morgan, etc Jason 'sends' a postcard from Mexico City.
Postcards: From Dark to Light Unrated
May 2004
Cassadines, Hardys, Quartermaines, Wards & original characters Episodes of 'what if' taken from the Dark and the Light Series of stories .
Potions R
June 2004
Passions fan fic: Tabitha, Sam, Simone, Miguel, Kay, Hank & Pilar A love potion produces unexpected results and shakes Harmony up.
Chick Magnet R
April 2002
Various men and women of Port Charles. Mike gives Sonny a special bottle of cologne called Chick Magnet which has an erotic effect on the women who smell it. And as the cologne gets passed from man to man, more and more women are affected. ;-)
Revelations PG
February 2005/complete
Pete Ross, Chloe Sullivan, Lana Lang and Clark Kent. Smallville: Pete's move to Wichita affects those near and dear to him.
Lyrical Sensations Unrated
Ongoing mini-archive
Dara, Sonny, Emily, Lucky, Nikolas, Dawn, Keesha, Jason, Jagger Fan fiction inspired by music.


Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
We Are Family Unrated
June 2004 - present
All characters belongs to GH and Abc,with the exception of Toni and Jacinda, who are created by yours truly. Carly and Skye are friends Theres No Alexis :-P, and as much as I like Courtney she didn't fit into this story.


Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
Aisthanomai NC-17 (of course)
March 2002
Stefan and Laura My version of the night SNL first made love, the scene we see in 1997 when we first learn they were lovers and Laura flashbacks

Dedication: Becky and Lou, I love you guys! Thanks!

Comment: I really enjoy island stories pretty much more than any others, I don't know why, there was so much left unsaid about the island that you can visualize so much more than they said.


Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
Over My Dead Body R
April 2001-present
Drs. Matt & Ellen Harmon,
Their children Allison "Ally" Harmon,
Matthew "MJ" Harmon Jr.,
Alice Morgan (Ellen's mom),
Mac & Dara Scorpio, their daughter Jensyn Scorpio,
Dr. Kevin & Lucy Collins, their daughter Kelsey Collins,
Jack Ramsey, Dr. Chris Ramsey,
Commisioner Marcus & Jasmine Taggert (Taggs has a wife now),
Anna Donnelly-Grayson (Sean/Tiffany's daughter), Zachary Grayson (Anna's WSB agent husband).
Matt and Ellen's daughter Ally and Chris Ramsey's nephew Jack have fallen hard and fast and both Matt and Chris are fit to be tied. Will this young couple's love be doomed or will the hard feelings between Matt and Chris keep them apart? After a 20 plus year hiatus from Port Charles Mac & Dara Scorpio have returned. What was behind their sudden departure and why are they back now? The very vain MJ Harmon has butted heads with the fiesty Jensyn Scorpio, will sparks fly or fizzle?


Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
Needing a Friend NC17
December 1999
Mulder, Scully and the Lone Gunmen Scully needs a friend and finds three unexpected ones.

Various Authors

Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
Shorts G to NC17 Any from TV or Film. Varies. Each piece is a short fan fiction with a beginning, middle and end.


Title Rating/Archived Characters Summary
Entangled G
August 2003 - present
Dara, Sonny, and others This story sort of follows the current storyline both Carly and Courtney are pregnant, but Carly hasn't been. The story is about the entangled relationships of different people in Port Charles.

Living with the Past G
September 2003 - present
Brenda, Sonny, and others Brenda and her family move back to Port Charles about a year or so after Jax left her at the altar. This is ultimately a Sonny and Brenda story

Glory G
February 2004 - present
Brenda, Robin, and others Brenda raises her daughter, Glory, with Robin's help.

The Pledge Unrated
February 2004 - present
Dara, Sonny, and others An unlikely source makes a deadly pledge to Dara.

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