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Original Characters created by niklovr: Carrie aka Carlotta -- Dawn -- Joey "Magic Fingers" Patroni -- Zarek Cassadine -- Hope

Couple Search:

Dara Jensen/Alex Garcia --Dara Jensen/Alex Krycek --Dara Jensen/Ned Ashton-- Dara Jensen/Kevin Collins -- Dara Jensen/Zarek Cassadine

Dawn/Tommy Hardy -- Dawn/AJ Quartermaine -- Dawn/Fox Mulder -- Dawn/Frank Scanlon

Ellen Burgess/Matt Harmon -- Ellen Burgess/Kevin Collins

Jason Morgan (Quartermaine)/Keesha -- Jason Morgan/Robin Scorpio -- Jason Morgan/Elizabeth Webber -- Jason Morgan/Dawn

Jax Jacks/Keesha Ward -- Jax/Alexis -- Jax Jacks/Faith

Justus Ward/Bobbie Spencer -- Justus Ward/Laura Spencer -- Justus Ward/Lois Ashton -- Justus Ward/Alexis Davis

Keesha Ward/AJ Quartermaine -- Keesha Ward/Jian--Wa Chang -- Keesha Ward/Stone Cates

Lucky Spencer/Emily Quartermaine -- Lucky Spencer/Elizabeth Webber -- Lucky Spencer/Dawn

Mac Scorpio/Dara Jensen -- Mac Scorpio/Katherine Bell

Marcus Taggert/V Ardnowski -- Marcus Taggert/Dara Jensen

Nikolas Cassadine/Dawn -- Nikolas Cassadine/Emily Quartermaine


Stefan Cassadine/Carrie aka Carlotta -- Stefan Cassadine/Dawn -- Stefan Cassadine/Katherine Bell -- Stefan Cassadine/Keesha Ward

Sonny Corinthos/Dara Jensen -- Sonny Corinthos/Carly Benson -- Sonny Corinthos/Keesha Ward -- Sonny Corinthos/Simone Hardy

One Life to Live

John McBain/Evangeline Williamson


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