If you're looking for multi-cultural fan fiction, you've come to the right place. Characters from 21 Jump Street, One Life to Live, General Hospital, Port Charles, the Law & Order series, The X-Files, and Voyagers! doing what is rarely allowed onscreen—interacting, relating, connecting, and more.

For example…

If you thought Officer Tom Hanson and Detective Judy Hoffs would have made a great couple, you'll find them together here. Remember that groundbreaking romance that had the potential of becoming a super couple? Become Swept Away again by former FBI Agent John McBain and attorney Evangeline Williamson? Or maybe you preferred Evangeline and Cristian? Or maybe Todd and Evangeline? Or Evangeline and Kevin together? The first fan fiction page devoted exclusively to JoVan is right here, but it's been updated to include many romantic possibilities for Evangeline Williamson.

The above is just a small hint of what lies ahead. The library is full of entries from varied fandoms. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Although the site is no longer accepting submissions, if your story has been archived here, your contribution has been appreciated.

This site was updated on March 9, 2018 with an ongoing revamp and long overdue upgrade.

Swept Away is mentioned in the 'networth' section of the March 1st edition of Soap Opera Weekly! Thanks, Soap Opera Weekly! (I think this happened in 2005-ish. In my excitement, I forgot to include the year! UGH! But I'm still excited that my website was given a shout out in a magazine.)


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