In 2004, I created, Swept Away, the first fan fiction site on the world wide web devoted to One Life to Live's hottest couple: John McBain and Evangeline Williamson aka JoVan. While JoVan has not been allowed to realize their fullest potential on OLTL, many fan fiction writers have taken the couple to unbelievable heights.

Now, it's 2006 and something has become very clear. Evangeline Williamson is OLTL's most dynamic female character: intelligent, determined and beautiful. Many of Llanview's male residents could easily be Swept Away by her. With that in mind, this fan fiction archive is no longer devoted to only John and Evangeline (JoVan) fan fic.

Evangeline Williamson, in fic and on OLTL, could believably win the hearts of John McBain, Todd Manning (ToVan or Tangeline), Kevin Buchannan (KeVan) or Cristian Vega (CrisVan or Crave or Crangeline).

Click below to be Swept Away by the possibilities...

The Fan Fiction page was updated on Friday, October 13, 2006 with the following stories:
Coming Undone and What's So Good About Goodbye?

Also a new Transcripts Page has been added to the site.

The Poetry page was updated on Saturday, September 17, 2005 with the following new poetry:
The Ballad of John McCowpoke

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