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JoVan Poetry Various Authors Unrated *** JoVan Poetry Page highlighting works by various poets.
Acquiesce niklovr R Complete What happens after John tells Evangeline to 'bend over.'
Ad Infinitum Hunterseyelandgrl PG-13 On-going John realizes how much Evangeline really means to him, and how much he's let his demons dictate his relationship. Will he fight for his Lady Love before it's too late?
After the Dance deemore27 R Complete Short Story. It's the night of the Santi's Gala. Evangeline attends with RJ in an attempt to continue her investigation of him. John attends too, but they find they cannot stay away from each other.
Annie JohnandVan PG/R for some violence Complete A little girl is left on the doorstep of Evangeline Williams, now she and her lover John McBain must figure out why she was left and figure out how to deal with their new edition.
Anniversary Date OLTLfantimes10 NC-17 Complete John has a big surprise planned for Evangeline as their first Anniversary approaches.
Backing Off JohnandVan G Complete What happened after Evangeline told John it was okay if he just wanted to back off from them until he decides what to do about the RJ situation.
Ballet Slippers and Wine Angela Shortt NC-17 Complete Weeks after John heals from being jumped by RJ's thugs, our couple takes a few more steps in their relationship.
Basic Geometry Kim PG-13 On-going By showing John and Natalie an example of a real friendship between a man and woman, Cristian and Evangeline change the dynamics of the quadrangle.
Been Found musingonsoaps R Complete Evangeline and John redefine their relationship with some help from Blair.
Belong Philly PG Complete Read to see who Evangeline dumps John for.
Blindsided niklovr PG-13 Complete John's relationship with Evangeline as seen through his eyes.
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do OLTLfantimes10 PG Complete This is my take on what could have happened after John told Evangeline that Natalie kissed him.
Breathe Again Idona PG-13 On-going After a year away, Evangeline Williamson returns to Llanview to bail her sister, Layla, out of a compromising situation with Cristian Vega and the lady lawyer becomes caught between the McBain brothers.
Cold Comfort BillieK26 G Complete Evangeline has a cold and John provides a little comfort.
Cold Comfort 2 BillieK26 PG Complete John caught Evangeline's cold and she returns the favor.
Collision Course JadeC47 NC-17 On-going The story follows what would happen if Evangeline goes ahead with investigating the RJ-Santi connection and gets in over her head when RJ finds out and wants to see how far he can push her...
Come Go with Me Stunna2300 PG Complete Evangeline plans on marrying another man. Will John convince her to call off the wedding?
Coming Undone oggie PG-13/R On-going This story focuses on the “next generation” of Llanview, particularly on Odessa McBain, teenaged daughter of John McBain & Evangeline Williamson-McBain, and her relationship with a mysterious young man.

Special Notes: The characters of Kiko Buchanan, Tyler & Skyler McBain, Odessa McBain, Derek Ward, Teddy & Xavier Montgomery, Tamzin Brennan, Rosie Chavez, and Gisella & Alessandro Vega are all author originals; Ricky Chavez and Alec Brennan are based on original OLTL character concepts.

The Confession Jovanfan4evr On-going John made a confession to Evangeline, will it split them up or deepen their relationship.
Control Nene NC-17 On-going What happens when attorney Evangeline Williamson re-enters Lt. John McBain's life.
Conversation Romantic PG Complete This is a conversation that is overdue for John and Evangeline. This is after all of the killing club murders have been solved and they are trying to piece together their lives. Enjoy
Conversations, Part II Romantic PG Complete This is a conversation that all women have with a friend after their man has acted a fool. John McBain is no exception. Evangeline is strong but we all need help from time to time. Enjoy.
Deliverance niklovr PG-13 Complete As Evangeline races against the clock to save Todd from execution, she fights the forces of attraction that keep drawing her and Cristian closer. Kevin finds life after Kelly with an unexpected source. An alternate take on current storylines, as of May 5, 2006.
Devastation BillieK26 PG Complete Evangeline finds out something about her past that rocks the foundation of her world. John helps to pick up the pieces.
Dinner at Eight Stunna2300 PG-13 Complete John and Evangeline meet Antonio and Jessica for dinner at Rodi’s. There could be drama when Natalie unexpectedly shows.
Dream PlayaPlayaKathy NC-17 On-going After going through several obstacles John and Evangeline have finally made it. As their relationship becomes more solid, a new problem arises that can be the end of them. Can a dream save John and Evangeline failing relationship?
Eat Your Heart Out Tammy PG-13 Complete Postcard: John's world is rocked off its axis.
Exceptional Circumstances
niklovr R Complete Evangeline rushes in to rescue John; an alternate possibility of what could take place after John is beaten up.
Eyes Wide Open niklovr R On-going Evangeline Williamson and Cristian Vega begin to view each other differently as they work together to free him from prison.
Falling niklovr Unrated Complete Postcard: Evangeline's thoughts as she and John share a romantic evening.
Falling, Part 2 niklovr Unrated Complete Postcard: John's thoughts as he and Evangeline share a romantic evening.
Faith in Us musingonsoaps R On-going John McBain introduces Llanview to his famous wife who brings with her famous and infamous relatives, friends and connections from Port Charles, NY. Some GH crossover characters, some newly created characters.
Fear niklovr R Complete Evangeline learns the meaning of fear after a series of strange events. John makes the case a priority. All to RJ's dismay.
Finding Each Other Again BillieK26 PG-13/R (One love scene) Complete Evangeline and John McBain have grown apart and separated. How will they find their way back to each other? Amelia Williamson and Johnny McBain are author created characters. Zack, Ethan and Olivia are AMC characters.
Fire & Fire, Part II Huntereyelandgrl PG-13 On-going Takes place after Natalie leaves John and Evangeline on the roof on the 08/23 episode.
For the Good Times Stunna2300 NC-17 Complete The Killing Club Murders have been solved. Will John and Evangeline finally find their way back to each other?.
Friday Night Angela Shortt PG-13 Complete John helps Evangeline get through a crisis of conscience about her legal career, and relieves himself of his own relationship anxieties.
Girl Talk BillieK26 G Complete Just a little talk between Evangeline and Shannon.
Girl Talk 2: Girls Night BillieK26 PG Complete Evangeline, Nora, Marcie and Shannon spend some time getting to know each other and find some solutions to their individual man problems.
Girl Talk 3: Best Friends BillieK26 PG Complete Evangeline and Nora's conversation about Daniel and John after Daniel is arrested and Nora leaves the Police Station.
His Brother's Woman BillieK26 PG Complete Months after the breakup, Michael McBain wants to date Evangeline Williamson. How will their lives be affected?
How Could This Happen BillieK26 PG Complete Marcie is injured in a hit and run. How does the accident affect the McBains and their women?
Human Touch niklovr R Discontinued OLTL/GH/AMC crossover. Evangeline Williamson has caught the attention John McBain and Kevin Buchanan. While Keesha Ward is torn between Jason Morgan and Ryan Lavery. Story inspired by Bruce Springsteen's song of the same title. Triangles abound.
I Can Do This morejovan PG Complete Story starts during the argument that John and Evangeline had in his room in the 3/4/05 episode. John gets what he asks for, but is he sorry he asked now? Featured characters are Evangeline Williamson, John McBain, Michael McBain, Nora Buchanan, Lucien Teng (newly created character)
In a Flash BlackIrish_McBain Unrated Complete Evangeline's life flashes before her eyes after she is mortally wounded..
I've Got You BillieK26 PG-13 Complete Weeks after John told Evangeline he needed to solve the Killing Club Murders on his own, they work through some issues. Evangeline helps solve the case of Paul's killer and John might just solve the Killing Club Murders.
JoVan Magic in the Making Luv4JoVan PG Complete Renee and Michael are on the OLTL set rehearsing for another bedroom scene.
Keeping Promises BillieK26 PG Complete The secret John’s been keeping finally comes out. How will Evangeline handle the news? How will it affect their relationship?
Kissing Cousins niklovr PG-13 Complete Dukes of Hazzard crossover. It's Spring Break and Evangeline Williamson decides the best way for her cousin Keesha Ward to mend a broken heart is to take a road trip to Atlanta. Along the way, they run into Bo and Luke Duke and complications of the heart arise. Although this story has no specific timeline, it occurs before the overabundance of cell phones.
The Last Goodbye Stunna2300 PG Complete John and Evangeline have ended their relationship. Will this in fact be their last goodbye? Story inspired by late brilliant singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley’s song of the same title.
The Lawyer and the Beast Lunastar PG On going A snowstorm succeeds in bringing two former lovers back together. Unfortunently, one has no memory of his past relationship with his unwanted guest and the other is literally to blind to recognize her true love in this bitter man.
Letting Go JohnandVan G Complete Evangeline is pregnant and has decided to end her relationship with John, with out telling him the truth, will he just walk away or will he investigate and find out the real reason for the breakup.
Losing Control OLTLfantimes10 NC-17 Complete Evangeline and John had always been in control in every aspect of their lives. There was something about being around each other that made them lose control.
Lost Love BillieK26 PG Complete Evangeline returns to Llanview after 4 years and she brings a surprise with her.
Lost Love: A Family Moment BillieK26 G Complete Five and a half years after Lost Love, John finds himself with the family he never dreamed possible
A Man Torn Apart deemore27 R Complete Postcard: John is protecting the wrong woman when he discovers Evangeline is the next target of the Killing Club murderer. He agonizes over getting to her in time to stop her from becoming the next victim.
McBain Investigations Cammie PG Complete Frustrated with his cases and the runaround he gets from the D.A's office John decides to leave the LPD and go into the P.I. business and he takes Michael,Marcie and the love of his life Evangeline with him.
Moonlight ribby711 G On-going John and Evangeline enjoy spending time together under the moonlight.
Moving On BillieK26 PG Complete Alternate of what happened after Evangeline asked John if he was using RJ as an excuse for them to cool it (July 30th episode never happened).
No Regrets niklovr NC-17 Complete John and Evangeline meet again after their explosive encounter in the basement.
No Strings JohnandVan R Complete This is after the no strings conversation, John and Van have defined their relationship, and something happens that changes both of them and what they really want from each other.
Oh Brother Reneck Greeneyez PG On-going It was only 5 months ago that John knew he had a niece a nephew. It all started as a blur that became one hell of a mess.
On the Mountain blackirish_McBain R Complete Evangeline goes on a business trip, and her plane goes down. She is found in a woodsy, wintry, mountain area by a mysterious mountain man. McBain refuses to believe she's dead and continues to look for her.
Picture Perfect niklovr PG Complete Evangeline and John's newly defined relationship is picture perfect, but can it survive interference by newly divorced Cristian Vega?
Pillowtalk niklovr G Complete Postcard: John. Evangeline. In bed.
Point of No Return Stunna2300 NC-17
(sexually explicit)
Complete Featured Characters: John McBain, Evangeline Williamson, Greenlee Smythe-Lavery

Summary: A winter storm hits Llanview. John and Evangeline are snowed in at Evangeline’s house. Will their mutual attraction take them to the point of no return?

Prisoners of Love Samina_Blink R On-going Evangeline and John find their love tested by Natalie, the Killing Club killer and their own insecurities.
Provocation niklovr G Complete Their first kiss as viewed through John's eyes.
Reclaiming Love luvingjovan R On-going After John rescues Natalie, Evangeline decides it's the perfect time to get away from everything, but her trip becomes more than anyone could have expected. John soon finds himself on a desperate quest to Reclaim Love.
The Rest Is Silence musingonsoaps NC-17 On-going FBI agent John McBain wonders if he can really have a life with the thrill-seeking and adventurous Evangeline Williamson, or might he end up arresting her for a life of reckless crime?
Sad But True Kilayne R On-going After a seven year absence Cristian Vega has returned to Llanview. Now that Tico's big secret is about to be revealed, everyone is happy in Llanview, or are they? After resolving his inner turmoil, Antonio demands that RJ return Jamie to him; which causes unexpected problems for Evangeline and John.
Secret Lovers Nene NC-17 Complete Straight-laced attorney Evangeline Williamson and music mogul John McBain are secret lovers. How soon before others find out?.
Sins of the Father Black_IrishMcBain R On-going After having lost everything, John McBain seeks to let loose the secrets of his past, to shake off the sins of his father, to get the back the love of his life, Evangeline Williamson.
Something About You Stunna2300 R On-going After an eight year absence, Evangeline Williamson returns home to Llanview finding comfort in her family, friends, and the possibility of a new love.
Something's Brewing Tammy G Complete Can two unlikely lovers shake memories of their night of passion?
Sometimes It's a Matter of Timing Sweet_Tahira PG-13 On-going When Margret Kochran turns up dead in the Llanview River and Todd is the most likely suspect and in need of a lawyer, Evangeline finds herself thrown into more than what she might have bargained for when this case begins to unfold and all isn't what it seems.
Speak Easy niklovr R On-going OLTL/GH crossover takes place in Port Charles. It's 1929 and prohibition rules. In this alternate universe, Evangeline sings jazz and John is a lieutenant on a Prohibition Task Force. Contains a few author-created characters. Check out the Speak Easy Gallery for more information.
Surrender Nene NC-17, strong sexual content Complete John and Evangeline share a night of passion .
Targeted BillieK26 PG On-going Evangeline and John have broken up and Evangeline is keeping her distance, until she's injured outside her office. Will John and Evangeline be able to get past their differences to find the person targeting her?
Temptation niklovr G Complete Their first kiss as viewed through Evangeline's eyes.
Three Little Words Dee More NC-17 Complete The I Love You's have been spoken. John and Evangeline bask in the after-glow.
Tight Spaces Tammy G Complete Postcard: John discovers the beauty of tight spaces.
To Protect and Serve OLTLfantimes10 R On-going John McBain one of the FBI's best has been assigned to protect and serve one of the countries youngest judges in Llantano county. Can he protect his target and his heart at the same time.
Trials and Tribulations Huntereyelandgrl Unrated Removed. This story has been removed per author's request.
True Intentions Kilayne TV-14 On-going Cristian is home and just when everyone thinks the Santi connections have left Llanview, a repressed memory and violent attack reveals the true nature of the Santi connections in Llanview.
An Unconventional Kind of Love Nene R (Some language and sexual content) Complete John McBain returns to Lainview after five years-what happens when he and Evangeline Williamson make a life alter decision?
In this story, John McBain left the FBI after solving the murder of his finance, Caitlyn O'Hara. Lonely and depressed he drifted into a brief May/December relationship with Natalie Buchanan.
Natalie has always been a Buchanan and was never married to Christian Vega. She runs the Marketing Department for The Banner and Todd Manning is the Editor and Chief. Evangeline Williamson has her own private practice, but is the attorney for the Buchanan's family, as well as being friends with Natalie.
Unexpected Obstacles OLTLfantimes10 R On-going John and Evangeline have finally admitted their love for each other. John is ready to move this relationship to the next level and so is Evangeline. As they deepen their relationship a couple of new obstacles present themselves. Will John and Evangeline be able to get over this hurdle to continue on their love story?
Web of Deception Nene G On-going
What's So Good About Goodbye musingonsoaps NC-17 On-going Evangeline shows John the door and ends their relationship; can anyone else hold her heart or can John become the man she needs him to be? A man she can trust and can count on?
When Did This Happen? morejovan R Complete Featured Characters: Evangeline Williamson, John McBain, Antonio Vega, Jessica Buchanan, Natalie Vega, Tico Santi, Sonia Toledo, Nora Buchanan, Bo Buchanan, Marcie Walsh, Michael McBain, Shannon McBain, Eve McBain, RJ Gannon

Story Summary: Story starts up after John and Natalie watch the sunset come up on top of the Angel's Square Hotel. As Evangeline and John grow closer and realize their true feelings, outside forces threaten to separate them. Which one will pronounce their deep feelings for the other first?

Where You Belong BillieK26 PG Complete John realizes his feelings for Evangeline when she is targeted by the Santi Organization.
Whirlwind niklovr R Complete Caught in the middle, this fic is a sequel to the holiday story "Tough Girls Don't Cry" and a prequel to Tammy's postcard, "Eat Your Heart Out." After breaking up with John, Evangeline finds herself caught in a whirlwind romance with Kevin Buchanan and under the radar of John McBain as she becomes a target of the Killing Club Killer.
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow BillieK26 and JohnandVan PG Complete John and Evangeline are happily married, when he goes out to investigate a case and something happens.

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