Bend over.

John McBain replayed the simple command over inside his head. The words blurted from his mouth without a second thought. He had as many hang-ups as the next guy, but control had never really been one of them. Until Evangeline Williamson breezed into Rodi's, wearing a multi-colored form fitting dress that sparked his imagination and a strange glow in her eyes that flared his temper.

It was the glow that really got to him.

Was jealousy the root cause? She and RJ shared something. He half-jokingly referred to Gannon as her buddy on the night that changed everything between them. That first kiss that blew his mind and solidified her place under his skin. He frowned. He didn't want to think about her past anymore than he would continue to wallow in his.

No, envy didn't make his temper flare. The breathless hint of her fear was what made him see red. God, she had no idea how deadly this game with RJ could become. No man wanted to be made a fool of. Yet, here this gorgeous, intelligent woman mistakenly believed she was incapable of doing anything stupid.

Yeah, right.

"Look, maybe I shouldn't have come back here with you," said the object of his affection and turmoil. Evangeline ran her hand through her thick glossy mane and shrugged. "I'll go home. Thanks for the pool lesson."

"Not so fast." He caught her wrist and drew her close. His other hand fell to her backside, deliciously covered in black spandex. She shuddered even as uncertainty flickered in her luminous brown eyes. "Don't go," he murmured. "Stay."

Her hands splayed across his chest. He swore his heartbeat pounded loud enough to provide cadence for a marching band. But if she heard the rhythmic thudding, she gave no indication. She tilted her head and moistened her lips with the tip of her pink tongue.

"John, you're still upset with me. We hardly spoke on the drive here. I know you think my plan is dangerous, but--"

"I don't want to talk about RJ."

He silenced any other words with his mouth. Slowly, his lips coerced hers to his will. She opened for him and tasted sweet like berries. Arousal burned through him like an inferno. Coercion gave way to urgency. His tongue thrust against hers, exploring and claiming possession.

In a silent frenzy, they stripped and returned to each other's arms. Hungry and needy.

A neon sign flickered through his uncovered window. The vibrant red light glimmered like a burning flame. With each flash, their bodies responded and blazed with fire.

Still standing, he rained kissed over her face and down her neck. Her fingers dug into his shoulders. Then, his lips recaptured hers, more demanding this time. Want seized him. Desire overpowered his self-control. As usual. He wanted to slow down, but the ability escaped him. He couldn't live another moment without being inside her liquid warmth. His erection throbbed in anticipation of penetrating her tight sheath and driving to the hilt.


Their lips parted when breathing became a necessity. He pulled away and reached for his stash of condoms. Evangeline snatched the foil packet from his hands, ripped it open and slid the rubber on before he could blink. Once the task was completed, her hands continued to tantalize him. Squeezing and stroking. Base to head and back again.

The sound of ragged breathing dulled the pounding of his heart. He stepped away from her caress and lightly brushed the curve of her cheek. In a voice hoarse with passion, he said, "Bend over."

Her eyes widened for a millisecond and then she was obeying his command. He slid a pillow under her torso while kneeing her thighs apart. The spectacular view of her rounded backside made restraint impossible. Clutching her hips, he entered with one hard push.

"John," she moaned. Her back arched and her shoulder muscles flexed as she gripped the bed covering.

He slid one hand along her body, searching for pleasure points. Many were discovered. Sensitive, swollen nipples tightened with his caresses. He bent forward. Open mouthed, he licked the perspiration from her back while his other hand stroked her thigh before embarking on the treasure in between.

He easily found the distended source of pleasure. Low moans rose in her throat with every stroke of his fingers and his manhood. Release shone like a beacon overhead. He increased the pace and she matched it thrust for thrust.


Explosion came in a downpour of fiery sensations. He shuddered as the last of his discharge pushed from his body. His arms wrapped around her waist. With him still hard and heavy inside her, she lifted, resting her head in the curve of his neck and shoulder. Her arms crossed behind his head. Slowly, they rode the end of the rush together.

Later, he held her close. Her beautiful locks fanned his chest as she rested her head over his heart. The pleasure of having her in his arms overrode the doubts of acquiescing to her 'brilliant' plan to uncover the truth about her ex boyfriend. John already knew the answers she'd find and just knowing that he'd be there to ease the pain of her discovery lessened his need to prevent it.

"I really do," she said in a sleepy murmur.

He pressed a kiss to her temple. "You do what?"

"Feel safe with you." She snuggled closer. "You're warm, strong and gentle. Just what I've always needed. Thank you for not fighting me on this."

"You're welcome." He tenderly caressed her arms and back while fighting the emotion that gripped him. She needed him. And, yeah, she was what he'd always needed, too. Soon, he'd say the words out loud, but for now…

"Sleep, my Angel."


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