JoVan Magic in the Making

By Luv4JoVan

Characters: Renee Elise Goldsberry (REG) who plays Evangeline Williamson on OLTL

Michael Easton (ME) who plays Lt. John McBain on OLTL


Here goes:

REG is on set rehearsing her lines softly to herself, eyes closed. Prop people and camera folks are busying themselves preparing for the next scene. A steamy bedroom scene starring John and Evangeline!

ME saunters over and watches her. He smiles that gentle smile and taps her shoulder.

REG: Oh, you startled me.

ME (in his soft tone): Sorry about that.

REG: Another bedroom scene.

ME: And that's a bad thing? (They share devilish grins)

REG: No, definitely not. Tell do you always manage to stay so cool... so collected?

ME: I chant mantras to myself.

REG: Really?

ME: Yep. (He closes his eyes) Ummmmmmm....

REG (laughing) Does that work?

ME (opening his eyes) Helps me focus. My mantra for you is "Want you, need you, gotta have you now."

REG (laughing with glistening brown eyes): What?

ME: "Want you, need you, gotta have you now." I zone out and say that over and over again.

REG: That some method thing?

ME: Makes me one with my character. Makes it all... so real.

REG (raising an eyebrow): What do you say with Melissa?

ME: Mmmmm... you don't wanna know. (He winks, and they both laugh).

REG: The script says you have to look hungry.

ME: How's this? (He gets that longing look in his brilliant blue eyes)

REG: OK... I'm a puddle!

ME: Weak in the knees, huh?

REG: You know it! And while we're talking about legs... that massaging thing you did before...

ME (purring): Yeah?

REG: As if I didn't have a hard enough time concentrating...

ME: Magic, wasn't it? Improv is like a gift to every actor.

REG: If that's a gift, then I wish everyday was Christmas! (They laugh).

ME: I was thinking of creating a term-of-endearment for you...You know, something sweet.

REG: Oh! Like Honey or Sweetheart?

ME: I was thinking Baby Girl.

REG (giggling): I like that...(says it slowly) Baby Girl...(she laughs). That's kinda cute.

ME (speaking soft so sexy, the words roll off his tongue sweeter than sugar): Baby Girl.

REG: Stop that! I'm a puddle again!

ME: What else do you like? I mean, you like it when I touch your hair, right? (He reaches out and touches her hair gently).

REG (snuggling into his palm): Ummm....Do you really have to ask?

ME (smiling that killer smile): I really enjoy working with you. Really... enjoy working with you.

REG: Same here. (They are wanted on set).

ME: Guess we better go.

REG: Yeah.. I'll catch up to ya...

ME (touches her cheek and smiles): You'll be fine. (He walks off).

(REG watches him walk away. Then she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, whispering softly to herself): Want you, need you, gotta have you now! Want you, need you, gotta have you now!

The End.

Go JoVan!

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JoVan Magic in the Making by Luv4JoVanŠ2004
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