DISCLAIMER: The following story involves sex between two consenting adults and not intended for anyone under the age of 18.

"I didn't hear me say no. I should have known not to be drinking all that wine on an empty stomach. What was I thinking?"

"Yeah, me too. I'm not saying I regret anything."

"Me neither."

John replayed the final moments of his rendezvous with Evangeline several times. During a meeting with Bo. Listening to Antonio's update about his undercover mission. While speaking with Natalie. No matter how he tried to concentrate, Evangeline invaded his thoughts. The taste of her filled his mouth. The feel of her overwhelmed his sensations. No matter how he tried to pretend otherwise, he couldn't get her out of his system. And, no, he still didn't regret a damn thing.

But they promised it was a one-time deal. So he buried himself in his work, keeping obscenely late hours and being the dedicated cop who earned commendations. When midnight came, he had enough. The drive from LPD to his place took a short detour past Evangeline's office.

Of course, he wasn't planning to stop by. She wouldn't be there anyway. It was much too late--


He braked suddenly. Twelve fifteen was the time according to his car's clock. Frowning, he ran a hand through his hair. What the hell was she doing there this late? After Kathryn's untimely death in her office, he wouldn't be a good cop if he didn't check things out.

He kept his hand on his weapon as he knocked on her door. "Evangeline?"

"Who's there?"

Shit. He didn't mean to scare her.

"It's me," he said. "John…McBain."

"John?" Locks clicked and the door opened. Her luminous brown eyes widened. She stared, obviously tongue-tied.

Pointing toward her lamps, he said, "I saw your lights on. It's kinda late so I…well, I wanted to make sure you were okay."

"Th-Thank you." She gave him a half smile. "Actually, I was about to call a cab and then security for an escort."

"That won't be necessary. I'll walk you down." His shoulders lifted in a casual shrug. "I can give you a ride home, too."

"Are you sure? I don't want to put you out."

"It's not a problem."

Her gaze held his for a second longer than necessary.

John got the distinct impression that her attorney mind was accessing the situation. He fought to maintain a neutral expression. Inside, his heart picked up the pace. Just being near her again… His body reacted. Faster than he could blink, his manhood throbbed for attention. As she turned away to gather her things, he made a quick adjustment and buttoned his jacket. If she even caught a glimpse of his body's betrayal, she'd assumed that's all he wanted. And that simply wasn't the case.

With her purse slung over her shoulder and her briefcase in hand, she joined him in the hallway. "I think I have everything."

"The lights," he murmured. She stood so closely, her scent washed over him. He ignored the need to draw a long, deep breath and reached past her to flip the wall switch. "There. All done. Are you gonna lock up?"

"Yeah," she said in a silky, smooth voice. "Hold on." She fumbled for the keys.

Without thinking, he reached out, taking the keys from her. The softness of her skin singed his palm. He ached to bring her fingers to his lips. To devour her flesh the way he had just a few days ago. But, he reminded himself that's not what he came there for. He quickly locked the door and dropped the keys into her hand.

Mindless chitchat filled the void during their elevator ride to the ground floor. He knew the signs. More lay uncovered, just below the surface, but neither of them wanted to be the first to take it there.

No regrets. Right.


"It's kinda late," Evangeline said as he followed her inside. "Would you like some coffee…to help… I don't know…keep you awake?"

He did his trademark thing of running his hand over his day's growth of beard. She pressed her lips together, stifling a low moan. Her thighs still quivered at the memory of his stubble grazing her there. His tongue penetrating--

Get a grip, Williamson. She mentally shook herself and forced herself to meet his eyes. The intensity of his stare shell shocked her. It was like he knew exactly how her mind betrayed her. She wanted to look away but couldn't. He pulled her in and refused to let go. Her mind went blank. Except for one thought…how much she wanted him. And, no, her desire didn't have a damn thing to do with alcohol. It never had.

As if in slow motion, the distance between them became non-existent. He wound a hand in her hair, reining her in. His other hand went to her mouth. His fingers were achingly gentle as he traced the outline of her bottom lip. She didn't move, couldn't speak. Breathing became difficult. Her heart thudded wildly, out of control. All from a single caress.

No man had ever affected her so deeply, so powerfully. Not even RJ.


"I know," he cut in with a vibrating growl. "I should stop. I should just walk out that door. If you throw me out--"

"I won't." She spoke in a rush over the hammering of her heart. Her hand moved of its own volition to stroke his stubble-covered jawline. "I can't."

For just a moment, time stood still. Neither moved. No one blinked. Their ragged, uneven breaths were the only sound.

Then, the spell broke. Their clothes littered her living room, creating a trail to her bed. By the time John lowered her between the sheets, she was more than ready for him.

He gathered her close, his hands caressing the planes of her back and the curves of her backside. A low roar sounded from his chest as his fingers dipped lowered. Her thighs parted. Her legs circled his waist.

One finger, then two slipped between her silken folds. His tongue stroked her neck in the same rhythm as his fingers. Blood rushed her ears. She dug her fingers into his hard biceps, holding on for dear life.

"You're so wet. I can't stand it. I have to taste you again."

She relaxed her hold in anticipation. But he was in no hurry. Slowly, he explored the length of her body. His hands discovered countless erogenous zones. She squirmed, wanting him faster. Wanting him now.

"John," she half whined, half whimpered.


His moist hot breath fanned her breasts. Her nipples instantly stood at attention. She felt his smile as he brushed his face against the hardened peaks. Taking his time, he licked the underside of each breast. He rubbed his palms over the swelling mounds. She writhed beneath him, demanding more.

Again, he ignored her urgency.

Wet and hard, his tongue suckled. He opened his mouth wide and sucked her like he couldn't get enough. Her back arched. She lay panting, holding him close as tremors took control of her body.

His heat scorched her flesh. She wanted him everywhere. Her hands slid across his perspiration slick arms, shoulders and back. Her body opened for him, hungry for him.

He pressed kisses down her torso, pausing to lick her navel before moving lower.

She grew still in anticipation.

"Oh, sweet Evangeline," he murmured, inhaling an audible breath. "You smell so good." His hands closed around her thighs, holding them apart. Giving him room. Then, he licked her. Kissed her. Claimed her. "You're as sweet as honey," he said, diving inside.

Nerve endings stood on end. The sight of his dark brown locks between her thighs made her insides quakes. The thrusts of his tongue coincided with the rocking motion of his head. On instinct, her pelvis lifted to complete his exploration.

A rush of extreme pleasure rippled through her. Her fingers laced behind the base of his neck. If his hands hadn't held her thighs down, she would have crushed his head. Finally, she couldn't take any more. She needed him inside her. Now.


John ripped the package open with his teeth. Wild-eyed, she wrenched the condom from his hand. In a dizzying mixture of pleasure and torture, she rolled the latex over his throbbing member. For just a moment or two, he endured the joy of her gifted hands. Stroking. Caressing. Cajoling.

Then, he could take no more. In one hard thrust, he plunged into her liquid warmth. Only experience and age prevented him from coming then.

Ever part of him seemed connected to her. Flesh against flesh, he shook with an intensity of emotion he'd never experienced before. His mind refused to acknowledge the indirect comparison to Caitlin. Instead, he rode steady on the moment.

Resting on his forearms, he hovered over her. Desire overrode everything else. He pounded into her hard and fast. Bending over her, he lowered his mouths to hers. His tongue mirrored the movements of his erection, mighty and demanding. Her tongue refused to be tamed. She met him thrust for thrust. Her hips moved in unison with his. The need for air forced the kiss to end.

"Look at me," he ordered in a husky rumble.

Her eyes opened. Unbridled passion shone vividly in her beautiful brown eyes. Yet, he saw something more. Something just below the surface. The very same thing that made it easy for him to open up to her, to reveal parts that he'd long since hidden even to himself.

Then, the rush overtook him. One final thrust sent him over the edge straight into oblivion. He willed his eyes to remain locked on hers. He desperately needed to witness her release. To know that he wasn't alone in whatever force that drove their union, this wild, erotic mating. Seconds later, his wish was granted. Surprise, ecstasy and a startling vivid connection unmasked her beautiful face as her back arched and her nails dug into his backside.

Later, as his arm curved around her and her head rested on his shoulder, he lay still. He didn't want to think and hated the thought of moving.

"No apologies," she said. "I don't know what you're thinking, but the last thing I want is an apology."

"The thought didn't cross my mind." He shifted onto his side. The gentle breeze of her air conditioner vent chilled him. He untangled the sheets and pulled it over them. Then, he rested his hand on the seductive curve of her hip.

"What did?"

He paused a moment. As he brushed her silky brown hair from her cheek, he collected his thoughts. Eventually, he said, "How I don't want to leave."

"Then, don't."

"I should go."

"Why?" She took his hand and lightly kissed it. "You don't want to and neither do I. You don't have to keep running."

A soft self-deprecating laugh escaped. "Is that what I've been doing?"

"I think we both have." She gave him a smile that touched his soul.

"We don't have to run anymore." The words came less as a statement and more as a question. He hated the uncertainty, but emotions weren't his strongest suit. Years ago, he buried them with Caitlin. Reawakening them scared him shitless.

She shook her head. "No, we don't." She nodded toward the glowing lamp on the nightstand to his right. "I sleep with the light off."

He hadn't done that in years. Tonight, he would. He reached out and turned off the lamp.


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