by Nene

Evangeline hated the annual Bar Association dinners. Although the food and music were top notch, she saw it as a chance for people to try and pry into your personal life or for the lawyers and other administrative staff to get drunk and bed someone other than their spouse. It was also an opportunity to listen to the latest gossip.

Although Evangeline prided herself on not getting caught up in the office grapevine, she had to admit that some of the information she heard was useful, if not interesting, especially the rumors about her. According to the grapevine, there was an ongoing bet that she was a lesbian. From an outsider's point of view, she could probably understand how people would reach that conclusion.

Afterall she was smart, successful and beautiful. It was also no secret that almost every male lawyer at the firm tried to hit on her at one time or another without success.

On the surface she was all business. Not that she didn't get along with the other lawyers and paralegal, she simply preferred to keep her private life, just that private. While the other women bragged about their spouses, significant others or lovers, Evangeline would simply say there was no one special in her life.

She always attended all of the dinners and luncheons alone. When people came to her office, the only picture on her desk was of her cat Pebbles.

One of the senior partners, Roger Hawthorne, headed in her direction to ask for a dance, when the ringing of her cell phone saved the day. "Excuse me Roger, I have to take this call," she said breathing a sigh of relief. She looked at the number on the phone and felt a warm sensation through her body.

"Hey baby," the husky male voice said. "How's the party?"

"It's okay," she said happy to hear his voice. "Are you still in Los Angeles?" she wondered.

"No, I'm home missing you. Why don't you come over after the party?"

"It probably won't be over until midnight. I'm sure you won' t be up, by that time," she replied playfully, knowing he'd get her meaning.

He let out a small laugh. "Oh, I'll definitely be up," he replied understanding the meaning of her words. "Baby, you know, I can't sleep without having my favorite dessert. As a matter of fact, I may have to be up all night, until I'm satisfied," he whispered seductively.

"I'll be there at 12:30," she said in anticipation.


Evangeline quietly entered the penthouse apartment of her lover John McBain. The reflection of the moon off the French doors to the patio gave the living room a romantic glow.

Evangeline entered the bedroom, but saw no signs of John. "He must be downstairs in the recording studio," she replied disappointed.

Stepping into the shower and the feel the hot steam on her skin, her mind drifted to the first day they met.

One year ago, he walked into the law firm of Hawthorne, Black & Simon seeking legal counsel. He was a hot shot music mogul, who had dated and bedded famous super models, actresses and singers.

Almost every woman in the office wanted to get his attention, except for Evangeline. She didn't believe in mixing business with pleasure. Besides, John McBain was not her type and visa versa. Oh sure he was good looking and definitely had a sexual appeal about him. And those blue eyes did have a way of holding your attention, when he looked at you, but Evangeline was not interested or so she thought. But an accidental meeting at the Cue changed their lives.

The Cue was a funky club in the SoHo, where people could come kick back and listen to jazz, blues, and r&b music, while enjoying a game of pool.

This was one of the few places where, she could let her hair down. Dressed in blue jeans and T-shirt, she was enjoying a game of pool, when John walked through the door.

The change in her appearance definitely intrigued him. Challenging her to a game of pool, they manage to find out a lot about each other during the course of the evening. Including the fact that their attraction was very mutual.

As much has she wanted to, Evangeline refused to give into his seductive charm. If he wanted to get her into bed, he was definitely going to have to work for it.

John was use to getting sex from women, without any effort. But, Ms. Willamson was different from the other women he dated and that was fine with him. He had finally met a real woman who challenged him on so many levels. If she wanted him to chase her, he was up to the challenge. He knew it would be worth the wait and after three months, she proved him right.


Evangeline continued to lather herself with the jasmine scented soap, when a pair of masculine hands began massaging her shoulders. His hands continued further down her body, massaging her most intimate spots, while his mouth found the magic spot on her neck.

Her body moved to the rhythm of his hands in that special spot, when he turned her around. Lust filled the piercing blues eyes that looked into her soul.

"Did you miss me?" he whispered in her ear.

"You know I did," she moaned as her body arched from the pleasure he was giving.

Evangeline was at the point of ecstasy, when he suddenly stopped.

"Why did you stop?" she asked breathless.

He backed out of the shower and dried himself off. Heading towards the bedroom, he turned back and gave her a wicked grin. "I'm ready for my dessert."

She dried herself off and entered the bedroom. Scented candles and the sound of Barry White set the mood.

He lay on the chaise lounge soaking in her full beauty. "Come here, baby," he demanded.

She loved the way he looked at her and the affect it had on him. Letting her towel drop to the floor, she closed the distanced and straddled his lap. "How would you like to be served?" she asked with pure lust in her voice.

"Why don't we start with dessert and work our way to the main course."

They both laughed, as their night of lovemaking began.

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