by Philly

John was clear bored out of his mind as he seated in the slightly crowded nightclub with Natalie. He let his gaze drift around the room. Hell he would rather be talking to the psychologist then here. John you could at least show some interest. Natalie all but pouts as she looks at him. What will everyone think if my boyfriend look like he does went to be here after all I?m the co-owner? And it is grand re-opening night of Ultraviolet. People we work with at the station are here. Look at Rex and Simone they are dancing and laughing. First of all, John tells her I could care less what people think. And second, I don?t give a damn what people think. He say give her a fake smile. The only reason I am here is because of you. Natalie sigh ok since that's the most I'm going to get out of you, I guess I will have to be satisfied. Her attempt to lighten the mood was unsuccessful fine I go and check on Roxy and say hello to Rex and Simone. Will you be here when I come back?

She only half teased. John glared at her it depends on how long you're gone, he replied, only half kidding. If I?m lucky they will call me in. In that case I will hurry back she tells him. Natalie slipped into the crowd. John almost immediately lost sight of her. He was glad for the breather. He did not know why he had let her talk him into attending this opening. Why in the world would she want to go into business with Rex and Roxy of all people? But ever the less here he sit with is beer. John's gaze drifted back to the entrance. He saw a sight that made his blood run cold, and he most defiantly could do with out. Why in the hell was she here with him. She did once call him the enemy. So why was she here with him now? He knew for a fact her and Natalie were not friends. Oh that right Rex did that PI stuff for her, and he dating her god-sister Simone. He did have to smile when he hear Evangeline threat Rex. She told him she would end him if her hurt Simone. Rex did look afraid, of her he just smile he figures she was just joking. But when her brother in-law Fox Crane backs her up Rex did look afraid. Till Simone pops Fox and the back of the head told him he was not to destroy anyone not yet anyway. He smile as kiss her cheek and told ok. Turn and kiss Evangeline on the cheek told him he would do the same for her. He looks over at Fox and his wife Whitney. Ethan and Theresa and Layla and Jamal, But he turns his attention back to Evangeline and Hugh. She should be here with me. John he watched the ADA Hugh Hughes, and his Evangine walk over to the table. He looks on as Hugh draw hungry glances from the majority of women in the place. Evangeline had the majority of the men looking at her. But the two of them could care less. They only had eyes for each other. Were in the hell did she get that dress. He became jealousy as Evangeline gave Hugh a kiss before she sit down. With her family and friends.

Normal he could care less who Hugh was with. But this was Evangeline and he loves her. But yet again he mess up. But his only attention was on the vision of beauty at Hugh side. He let his eyes travel down her body all the way down to her black heels. Another irrational sense of jealousy came cross him. He had no right to claim her after all he was the one that was kissing Natalie. If he didn?t mess up she would be with him tonight. Two weeks ago he tells her he wanted to start over wanted another change. She told him that she would have to think about it. And what does she walk in on not even a week later. Him kissing Natalie,

Evangeline holds her head high and walks out. But Natalie had to go behind her and rub it in her face. Natalie grabs Evangine by the arm. Evangine pulls away as Natalie goes on to informs the whole room that. She and John were together again. And that he went to be with her and changed his mind about make up with you Evangine. Then Nat goes on to tell her to stay away for her man. Evangine gaze was so piercing it all but immobilized Natalie. Evangeline wanted nothing more than to reach out land a resounding backhand across Natalie self-righteous, dim-witted face. Trying to put her down if front off everyone. Oh hell no this spiteful little bitch thinks she getting away with this twice. She has another thing coming. Natalie did it manly because everyone in the room knew John wanted to get back with Evangeline. John was about to open his mouth to speak, when Evangeline gives him a look that could freeze hell.

So instead of slap Natalie. Evangeline allowed the power of her words to accomplish what she couldn't do in the presence of so many witnesses. The room was so quiet you could here a pin drop. You know if screwing up were an Olympic event, you'd take home the gold ever time. I don't give a damn about you and John anymore. The only thing you do is play make-believe, hell you could not make up you mind between John and Chris. So when Chris had enough of your crap. And left you ass for a woman. He loves him and that loves him. What do you do no shocker here you go crying to John. You don't have an original thought in that big empty space you call a brain. You know what I just realized you are, Natalie? What she asked her. You are nothing. But a shameful, pale imitation of the real thing. Even before you open you mouth to try to intimidate me with you family name. Save your breath don?t even try or I will destroy you. And I will help Todd said as he smile at Evangeline. And with that Evangeline holds her head up high and walks away looking every bit the queen she is leaving a desolate and bewildered Natalie in her wake. She tells Todd she talked to Hugh and he will be out with an in hour. Evangeline was pi$$ off who in the hell did Natalie think she was. Trying to play her like that in front of everyone in the squared room. She had a meeting with Hugh. He wanted to make her and offer for one of clients. So he said but she did care it was an excuse to see him again. She was going to tell John that she wasn?t sure if they should start over. Because ever time she turned around Natalie was there. He would always run to her aid. Leave her to sit and wait for him. She had enough of that mess. And something was starting too happened with Hugh. They do say there a thin line between love and hate. She refused to sit by while John made up his mind.

She was glad she walked in on the two of them it let her know she made the right decide. About not wanted to start over with John. She had known idea why but lately something was happened between her and Hugh. She had just told Natalie off and she felt great for tell her off. Now she was on her way to see Hugh. She took a deep breath and had a hug smile on her face. When she bumps into John. He tries to tell her he sorry for what she walks in on. And he tries to defend Natalie by telling her it was his fault and not Natalie. That she should have been so hard on Natalie. Evangeline tells him to go to hell it was the both of you kissing. But I could care less John. Natalie just tried to embarrass me and you went me to take it easy on her. You went me to stand there while she talks to me any damn way she wanted. Hell will freezer over and the devil will give sled ride first. John tells no it just that she going though a lot right now. Chris just left her and, she heard me tell you I went to start over. The thing with Jessica and Nash and him begin the father of her baby. Evangeline yell just stop it ok.

What the hell about me. Cry me a river ok she has her family John. If you really wanted to start over with me you should though about me. You should have told her to talk to someone else. But no instead you go run off to find her. Don?t try and tell me she needed you. Her father could have gone after her. I could care less if Bo asked you. You could have told he no. John says this is my job and Bo is my friend and boss Evangeline. She starts laughing at him ok John let me screw my head back on. This was not a matter for the police. It was a personal one John. She always runs to you for help her. And of course you are willing to help. Knowing she still has feeling for you. And you have them for her. You are crazy as hell if you think for one minute I will standby. While you go run off to help her every time you around. So John listen and listen good we are over. Look I was in a great mood Todd death sentence was over turn. And yes you found Margaret and her baby (it was Dr. Spencer baby) Now Todd out of jail. John changes the subject. So why are you going to Hugh office Nora back.

Is it because you went to be with him. And you just using what you walk in on as an accuse. I see the way he looks at you. Are you freaking kidding me John? Why do you care we are over she asked him. This is not over ok I will talk to Natalie ok. We will make this work. Evangeline looks at him like his crazy and walks away and goes in to the ladies room. To get herself together. Hugh walks into his office with a big smile on his face. He heard the two of them. For a minute he though Evangeline was going to knock Natalie out. If she did he knew Todd would bail her out. Hell he would bail her out if need be. But she had more class than that. John was telling her it was a mistake and that it would never happen again. Evangeline says she could care less. The only reason she is here is to talk to me. Hugh could do hide his smile. Now the only thing he had to do wash push more of her button. To see were this whole thing with the two of us is going. She walks into Hugh office they have their meet and talk about the deal for her client. As she was leaving he asked her. Evangeline aren't you tired of playing second best she looks up at him. I have known idea what you are taking about. And I don't consider myself second best to anyone. He let out a bark of laughter. Really? Playing second best is that what you always wanted for yourself? Because if it is I find that extremely hard to believe. Evangeline turned, spine straight and glared at him. She'd expected his usual smirk, but she hadn't anticipated on him looking as scrumptious as he did. Why in the hell did he take off his glass? That damn Layla she took a minute to regain her self-control.

Something that didn?t go unnoticed by Hugh. Have you always had a thing for bad boys? The challenge remained firm. Never one to back down for anything, Evangeline crossed her arms firmly in front of her. She and Hugh have be give each other looks. And arguing but with a hint of flirting. If you are taking about my relationship with John.

First of all let me make myself perfectly clear I will never and I mean never play second best to anyone. And yes I have always had a thing for bad boys, she replied in a no nonsense tone and with an arrogant smirk. Why Hugh Hughes. Are you a b-a-b b-o-y? He stared for a moment, suddenly realizing the intense gaze Evangeline was sending in his direction was rendering him speechless. Licking his lower lip, he averted his gaze to the painting just over her left shoulder. Anything to get his voice back and halt the stirring in his slacks. Thankful he was sitting behind his desk. Really? Evangine gave a sultry smile as she sauntered over to where he sat. An eyebrow arched suggestively as her manicured nails reached out, tipping his chin up to face her. Slowly she bent forward, allowing her ample bosom to peek out from the black power suit that she wore. What if I told you John was the one for me. Wouldn't that make you second best?" She purrs coldly. The challenge was effectively slapped back in his face. Determination filled Hugh. Then I will have to prove wrong about that one?" He tells her as he pulls her down for a breathtaking kiss.

Back to the club

John gaze went back to the two of them. But still, the sight of her in the company of Hugh was like acid to his soul. If he was truly honest with himself, he would just admit that he would be jealous no matter whom the man was. See now, I told you it would not be that bad. Natalie leaned down and kissed John on the cheek. We can go back to you place now. John shook his head no that's alright. I changed my mind. I will stay for you. His eyes never left their previous target. He would deal with her tomorrow he knew she was not over him. He will make her see the light.

The End

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