Past and present

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Six years ago Keesha Ward left Port Charles, NY never to return again. She had no life there and wanted to start a new one somewhere else. She never thought that after six years she would be returning to Port Charles to live again and back into the arms of the man that broke her heart.

Past and Present: A Keesha/Jason love story

"When is that new detective suppose to come?" Mac asked one of the officers.

" Iím right here" Keesha says walking in the door.

" Keesha Ward? You are the new detective?" Mac says, " I thought you left town for good and when did you become interested in police work."

"Iíve always been interested in police work. So where do you want me?"

" Right here" Mac says walking over to the empty desk. "You are taking the place of Detective Taggert. He got transferred to another department somewhere "

"Ok. Well Iím ready to begin working. What is the first case?" Keesha asked putting she purse on the desk along with her briefcase.

She decided to check into Port Charles Hotel for a while until she find a suitable place to move into. Her first day of work was filled with nothing but paperwork. She found out a lot about Port Charles by reading all the passed cases filed by the citizens of Port Charles. She was sorry to read about all the things that happened to AJ but happy that he finally took control of ELQ. When she found out that he married not once, but twice, she was a little shocked but not surprised. AJ wanted love so badly that he was willing to marry the any woman who will accept his proposal.

When she got to her hotel suite she immediately inspected the room to see if there was anything out of place. After making sure that everything was ok, she unpacked her things, neatly finding a place for everything.

" Guess who is back in town?" Mac says to Felicia at dinner that night.

" Who?" Felicia asked curiously.

" Keesha Ward. She is the new detective that is taking Taggertís place." Mac says before shoving a forkful of his meatloaf that Felicia made into his mouth.

"Really, I didnít know she was interested in police work. I thought she was interested in social work." Felicia says

Keesha decided to get a drink at the bar after taking a shower. She ordered vodka in orange juice. As she sipped on her drink she remembered memories of the life she use to have in Port Charles, before Mary Mae and Jason Quartermaine died. She remembered being here at the Nurses Ball in 1994. That was the last Nursesí Ball she attended where she was happy with Jason before his horrible accident and Jason Morgan was born. Halfway through her drink she was starting to feel a little buzz. Being in Jasonís arms made her feel safe and secure. She never felt that was with any other man including AJ. Although she tried to love him she couldnít bring herself to love him more than sheíd once loved Jason.

After finishing her drink she decided to go back to her room and take a shower and get ready for work the next day. Just as she was about to get up she caught the cold blue eyes of Jason Morgan staring at her with intensity. He was sitting right across from her.

"What the hell are you staring at?" Keesha bluntly stated. Her words were a little slurred due to her drunkenness.

Jason couldnít help but stare at the woman across from him. She looked so familiar. He looked at the mocha complexion beauty with the pretty big brown eyes and long curly hair. Then he remembered who the beauty was. It was Keesha Ward, Justusí cousin. He had been watching her for a while and it looked as though she was looking at him to but he quickly realized that she was in a daze and wasnít paying any attention to him.

"What the hell are you staring at?" the woman says to him.

" Iím sorry, Iím just surprised to see you back in Port Charles after all this time. I didnít expect to see you again." Jason says trying to sound uncaring but failed.

" Well I didnít come back for you thatís for sure." Keesha says getting up from the bar and tried to walk but stumbled.

Jason quickly got up and rushed to her side just in time to catch her from falling. His arms were wrapped firmly around her waist helping her to her steady her balance.

"Get your damn hands off me," Keesha says

"I was just trying to help you. If it wasnít for me youíd be kissing the floor." Jason snapped back staring in her eyes.

" So what do you want a medal?" Keesha says sarcastically as she walked pasted him.

For the next couple of weeks Keesha spent days working at the police station that she didnít have time to look for a new place to stay. She felt comfortable staying in the hotel since she hasnít had time to search for a place to stay yet. Felicia and Bobby came by the police station to visit Keesha. They immediately asked her if she wanted to move into the Brownstone. Keesha turned them down. She was more interested in staying in the hotel.

Eventually the Quartermaines found out that she was back in town and wanted her to stay with them. That was never going to happen so Keesha quickly turned them down by saying that she was completely content in the hotel. She asked them about AJ and they told her that he had left town. She was happy for him.

For the past couple of weeks, Jason went to the bar and watched Keesha drink at the bar. He was concern for he well being. He regrets the way he treated her in the past and wish that one day she will forgive him. Every time Keesha sees him she looks at him with hate.

Every since she has been back it town he has done research on her. When she left Port Charles in 1996, she had moved back to Philly to help her sick father. She then became a cop shortly after her fatherís death. As for a romance, sheís had a couple of flings but nothing serious.

One Friday night, Keesha drunk a little too much and collapsed. Instead of passing out on the floor Jason rushed to her side just in time to catch her from falling. He picked her up and carried her to his penthouse.

When he got her to his penthouse he took her to his room and laid her on the bed. She was asleep and she looked so beautiful and peaceful that Jason stood there for about thirty minutes just looking at her. He began taking off her shirt and pants followed by her boots. He then pull the cover on top of her so she.

Keesha woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible headache. She looked around and didnít recognize anything. Where am I and why am I only dressed in my underwear?

"Youíre finally awake." The Jason says from across the room.

"How did I get here?" Keesha asked putting her head in her head to try to ease the painful headache.

"Here, drink this. It help ease the hangover." Jason says handing her a pill and a glass of water.

Reluctantly Keesha took the pill. The water felt good going down her throat. She didnít realize how thirsty she was. " Last night you passed out in the bar."

"Well, thatís just wonderful." Keesha say sarcastically.

" You drink too much. Every night for the passed two weeks, Iíve watch you go the bar and drink. I think you should stay away from the bar for a while." Jason says sitting on the side of the bed to face Keesha.

"And who asked you? You are not my boyfriend he is dead. He died eight years ago. Now where are is my clothes so I get the hell out of here." Keesha says trying to get up. As soon as she moved she felt nauseated." You need to stay in bed." Jason says as he firmly, yet gently pushed her back in the bed

"Get your damn hands off me," Keesha says pushing his hand away from her, "and donít tell me what to do."

"Iím trying to help you!" Jason says

"Well I donít need your help!" Keesha fired back trying once more to get up.

"Whether you like it or not youíre getting it." Jason says and he took both of her hands and firmly placed the on the bed so she couldnít move.

"I am a police officer and I can arrest you!" Keesha shouted as she tried to break free of his grip.

"Yeah well, Iíd love to see you try," Jason replied " Now stop fighting me. Iím not going to hurt you."

Suddenly Keesha felt very sleepy. "What the hell did you give me?"

"I told you, something to help your hangover go away" Jason says, "Now lay down and rest.".

After three hours Keesha woke up and felt strong arms wrapped firmly around her waist. She looked to her side and found Jason asleep. Keesha found herself staring at him and quickly looked away.

"Iím not this evil person that you think I am. I am really sorry that I hurt you." Jason says opening his eyes.

"Yeah well you should be, I really loved you and you just threw me away like yesterdayís garbage. It took me a long time to get over you." Keesha confessed

"Iím so sorry." Jason says again

"Why are you being so nice to me?" Keesha asked turning to face him.

"Because I realize what an asshole I was and Iíve changed. Iím not the person I use to be. I use to think about you a lot after you left. When I saw for the first time since you came back I felt like God have given me a second chance to make things right between us."

" Right? What do you mean." Keesha says not wanted to believe what Jason was telling her.

"This," Jason says and then he kissed Keesha on her lips. The kissed for a long time before Keesha broke away.

"Stop, this is wrong" Keesha says after catching her breath.

"No, it is right. You still love me I can see it in your eyes and felt it in your kiss. Donít fight it," Jason says caressing her face as he talked, "I lost you in the past and Iím not going to lose you again." He kissed her again and this time Keesha didnít push him away.

Jason reached out to her body and her body was like velvet. The sheer joy of touching her was so sweet he could not do anything else. He made love with a passion had never known or even dreamed existed. He was so urgent that Keesha had to stroke his face to gentle him. He could not let loose of her body even after they had climaxed. They lay intertwined until they began again. Keesha was even more ardent than before, as if it was some sort of contest, some sort of avowal. Finally they both drifted off into slumber.

The End

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