(Author's Note: This story was originally conceived in 11/98. Lynn (sos2) worked on it with me. We put the story on hiatus and had no idea the break would last for 3.5 years! With Lynn's permission to use her characters, I decided to pick up the tale again. If you read the original eight chapters, you will need to reread them. This story isn't the same as how it started. Also, thank you Lynn for letting me write for your babies!!! :-) )

Background info: Alicia and Kyle Quartermaine are characters from Lynn's Keesha/AJ fan fics. Alicia and Kyle are Keesha and AJ's children. Michael Morgan is Carly's son who mistakenly believes that Jason is his father. We all know the truth about that one. Also, PC fans will notice a slight difference in Dr. Matt Harmon's this story, he really is Matt Harmon. There is no Eric Mancusi or Mancusi crime family. Everything else about the story should be fairly clear, if not...just email me!

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