Chapter 3

December 20, 2016

Outside of Kelley's Diner

"Before we do this, I want to make sure again that you all understand and agree with what I've told you," Bogg said, his eyes resting on each teenager. "Interaction with the others is not an option. You're not to do it. Period. Understand?"

"We understand," Kyle vigorously nodded.

Michael placed a hand on Kyle's shoulder and nodded his head. "We all understand. We're going to observe. Nothing more."

"Good. Remember that," Bogg replied. Holding his OMNI in his right hand, he held it up as he prepared to push the button. After Jeffrey placed a hand on his arm, he said, "Okay, in order to do this, someone has to hold onto me and then everyone else can hold on to the other person. We all have to touch one another."

Jeffrey held his hand out to Alicia, who took it. Kyle took her other hand and Michael grabbed his other one.

"Hold on," Jeffrey advised just as Bogg pushed the side button of the OMNI.

The six teenagers' eyes were wide as they were transported out of their known world and universe and through the annals of time. Most of what they saw was a blur, yet in those milliseconds, they were all certain that they recognized a few historical figures.

Michael saw a blurb of President Abraham Lincoln as he gave the Gettysburg Address. Alicia saw the image of Clara Burton as she attended to injuries of soldiers. Kyle recognized Dr. Daniel Hale Williams as he performed the first open-heart surgery.

In hindsight, the few seconds of wonderment proved to be a blessing as it contrasted to the horrors that awaited them as soon as they touched down in Port Charles on December 8, 1997.

The smell of gunfire was rampant in the aftermath of the drive-by shooting. Cries, screams and shouts gripped the teenagers as they sat up in the snow they'd landed on. Their collective eyes widened as they saw all of the bodies, which lay as casualties in the aftermath of the gang war.

Bogg and Jeffrey were aware of the teenagers' reaction, but there was nothing they could do about it. They had a job to do and the quicker they moved, the faster they could take the kids back to a world where they'd never remember what they'd seen or heard.

"Let's find him and see what we can do," Bogg murmured as he and Jeffrey left the bewildered group. In their shell-shocked state, he was certain that they wouldn't move from where they stood in the empty lot across from the bar.

He couldn't have been more wrong. As soon as the two moved away from the group, the teenagers broke free from the shock that had taken hold of them. Kyle spoke first.

"I can't believe we're actually here," he replied, in awe.

"Where did they go?" Alicia asked, as she searched the crowd from afar. As she moved to follow Phineas and Jeffrey, a bloodcurdling scream stopped her in her tracks.

"OH MY GOD! NIKOLAS!" a girl in red dress cried as she held onto a writhing figure. "SOMEBODY HELP ME, PLEASE!"

The screams of the girl shook Alicia to the core. "NIKOLAS!" she too screamed as she ran across the street to help the young man she'd had a crush on for as long as she could remember. Kyle ran after her, and Michael, forgetting his promise to just observe, soon followed.

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