December 8, 2016

The two seasoned Voyagers and their new recruit, Dawn Jensen-Bogg, enjoyed a soft landing on a pile of snow. Phineas checked the OMNI. They were in Port Charles, NY and the light was green.

After a little bit of research, they understood what happened to Michael Morgan and Kyle and Alicia Quartermaine. Michael's existence came to an end when his mother went into premature labor and the baby died. The twins, who were actually his half-siblings, ceased to exist when their mother married Jasper Jacks instead of AJ Quartermaine whom she married in original history.

Keesha and Jax enjoyed a happy life together. Their union produced two children, Kian and Jaleesa Jacks. They weren't twins, but the siblings were close. Kian planned to follow in his father's footsteps and Jaleesa would eventually marry Nikolas Cassadine.

AJ Quartermaine had a rocky marriage with Carly Roberts a.k.a. Benson and became the proud father of Michelle Quartermaine. The marriage ultimately ended in divorce with AJ retaining custody of his daughter. The misunderstanding with Keesha eventually worked itself out. AJ's heart always held a special place for Keesha but their friendship never suffered for it.

Jason Morgan's death broke Carly. (Apparently, Morgan's death was supposed to happen and Michael's attempts to save him didn't prevent original history from running its due course.) Carly attempted relationships with many of Port Charles' citizens: Sonny Corinthos, Zander Smith, and Jerry Jacks before she moved to Llanview, PA and fell head over heals for RJ Gannon.

After a short, quick disagreement with Bogg, Jeffrey stopped in to visit with his cousin, Matt. The doctor was only momentarily stunned to see Jeffrey still a young teenager. Once he recovered from the shock, he welcomed Jeffrey with open arms. The young Voyager learned that Matt married Dr. Ellen Burgess. The two had five children and the oldest hoped to become a doctor, too.

With the okay from a green light flashing OMNI, the three Voyagers OMNIed out to their next assignment.


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