Chapter one

~~ Six months later ~~

Six months had passed since Stefan had left Port Charles. He had spent a peaceful time allowing his heart to start to heal from losing Chloe. Yet he had a fresh break from learning he never really had a chance to know his daughter but seeing pictures of Emily and Paige had helped. Monica and Alan were very accommodating after Monica read the last letter Paige left for Emily that letter had revealed that Stefan was Emily’s father. They even flew to the South of France so he could have some time with Paige, whose name legally became Paige Emily Smith Cassadine-Quartermaine. Since Zander had signed his parental rights away Alan and Monica had started adoption proceedings when they found out Stefan’s connection the three of them adopted her. Alan and Monica retained physical custody while Stefan was overseas. Upon his return to Port Charles they would share custody. Paige was a healthy happy almost one year old.

~~ Airport ~~

Alexis stood holding Paige waiting for Stefan to get off the plane. He was returning to help with the finalization of Gia and Nikolas’s wedding. He also had to tell Nikolas about Emily and Paige. His son was an Uncle and he needed to be told that Stefan found out that he was Mikkos’s first born son so it was safe enough to let Nik know that the paternity results were rigged to keep him in line for the throne. It could cost him his son though so he would have to think about it. He did have the option to keep things as they were because he and Alexis were the only ones who knew the truth.

Stefan stepped off the plane and smiled as he saw Alexis with Paige waiting for him. He smiled at the sight the only thing that would have been more prefect were it to have been Emily with Paige and the baby then it would have been his dream come true. He glanced past Alexis and saw someone he hadn’t seen in years, Carlotta Jensen renowned designer. He figured she was here to see Dara. He hadn’t seen her since before she married Robert. Oh how he had tried to talk her out of that but he had known that he couldn’t take care of her then because Helena would have killed her.

Alexis gazed behind her to see what had snapped her brother’s attentions and she knew that it was another woman who got away. Her brother had that happen a lot Carrie was the first person in a long line of them. Because after Carrie came Laura that had produced Nikolas. She knew that Nik was his and Laura’s. Then there was Paige and that had produced Emily and after Paige her brother hadn’t really loved until he met Chloe and that ended tragically. "Stefan I’m glad you are home I’ve missed you and so has Paige."

Stefan took Paige into his arms. "How’s my sweet Angel?" Paige just giggled and clapped her hands happy to be in his arms again.

Carrie caught sight of Stefan and couldn’t believe she was seeing her first love again after this many years. She smiled seeing him holding the child in his arms. So he was finally a father she thought he looked quite fetching holding a baby in his arms. But it was then she realized that it was Alexis standing next to him. She began to wonder if he was married or not. She’d have to ask Dara about that.

Stefan smiled at Paige again and then at Alexis. "I’m glad you came to great me. I’ve missed you so very much."

Alexis smiled at Stefan. "I almost couldn’t make it but I made the time to do it because I wanted to see you and Alan and Monica couldn’t make it to bring Paige."

Stefan hugged Paige close to him. "Let us get my stuff and go home. You did get the place I wanted right?"

They walked out of the airport stopping to get his bags. Then they went to the car and Alexis drove them to Stefan’s new estate near the Quartermaine house. Stefan looked at Alexis. "Should I tell Nikolas about everything or leave things as they are?"

Alexis looked back at Stefan. "Telling him about Emily and Paige would be a good idea. The other wouldn’t change anything he’d still be the Prince and he’d hate you."

Stefan sighed. "I know but it would be worth it just to stick it to Helena."

Alexis shook her head. "Risking losing your relationship with Nikolas is not worth putting it to Helena. She is not worth that."

Stefan looked back at Paige. "You are right of course so this stays with us for now."

Alexis smiled and pulled up in front of Stefan’s new home. "Of course."

Stefan carried Paige inside and looked about his new home. He smiled at the décor it suited him yet was not gloomy. He carried Paige upstairs to the nursery he had made sure it was decorated exactly as her room at Alan and Monica’s was, so as not to confuse the little girl. "I’m here to stay my little Angel."

Paige smiled up at him again. "Papa." She said softly.

Stefan kissed the top of Paige’s head and laid her down to nap. "Sleep well little one." He stood back and watched her fall asleep, very happy to have her in his life. He was so happy to be home at last with those he cared about. He wondered if perhaps forging a new friendship with Carrie would be good for him or not.

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