The Cast

Welcome to the other side of Port Charles, the one that you never see on General Hospital. Betrayal is a bad thing but what happens with Betrayal visits some of these citizens of this Port Charles neighborhood. Welcome to the world of Betrayal.

Rated: R

Main Characters

 Dara Jenson: ADA of Port Charles.



Sonny Corinthos: Mob Boss of Port Charles

Keesha Ward: Police Detective of Port Charles.

 Jason Morgan: Sonnyís Right-hand man

Supporting Characters

 Alex Turner: Lawyer and ex-boyfriend of Dara. He cheated on Dara with Nicole.

 Hilary Stevens: Surgeon and best friend to Dara.

Nicole Stevens - A Freshmen at PCU who uses people to get what she wants, youngest daughter Hilary.

 Monica Stevens-Detective, and best friend of Keesha Ward and older daughter of Hilary.



Chapter 1: Caught

Voices drifted from behind a thick oak door. Dara straightened the little hairs on the back of her neck standing at attention. She could feel a tremor of electricity shoot throughout her body, leaving her with a feeling of dread.

The voices became louder and the unmistakable thick drawl of a woman overrode every emotion that Dara was feeling. Seeming to watch her own actions in slow motions, she slid the metal key into the lock and turned it, gaining entrance. "Alex." She called his name softly, something telling her to warn him that she was home.

Two steps into the kitchen, the scent of the woman hit her nostrils before her eyes found them.

She found a pretty dark skin woman with long, dark back length hair clung to Alex, her lips pasted on him, her hands grabbing his buttocks, clawing at his clothes.

The bag of groceries slide from her hands and the contents nosily spilled out onto the floor. Her gaze slid to the array of foods littering the just washed linoleum.

"Alex!" Dara screamed

"Dara, I can explain." Alex begins as he broke himself away from the young girl that he was just kissing.

"What makes you think Iím not to sit here and believe anything that comes out of your mouth?" Dara says to him coldly. "Just get you shit and get the hell out of my apartment and my life forever."

Dara looked at the woman who was still on the floor watching with amusement. She recognized her as Nicole Stevens, her best friendís youngest daughter.

"Nicole? Get some clothes on and get the hell out of my apartment." The girlís once smiling face turn cold as she got off the floor and began dressing.

Meanwhile Alex was still trying to explain his situation but it fell on deaf ears. "Iím leaving and when I get back you and bitch better be gone." Dara says walking out of the apartment.

Dara quickly made her way out of the apartment and into her 2002 BMW. Dara gave into the pain that she was feeling. She refused to let Alex see how much he hurt her. She closed her eyes and shook her head. As her body began a rhythmic rocking back and forth.

As she pulled out of the Brownstone apartment complex, she was so blinded by tears that she didnít see the car that was speed ahead. When she pulled out in front of the car, the car hit her head on.

Chapter 2

"What do you have here?" Keesha stated as she walked to the car wreck.

"Head on collision. Looks pretty bad to." One of the officers says. " Dara Jenson was rushed to the hospital. She is in pretty bad shape."

"What about the driver in the other car?"

"He is fine, just a few bruises. He is the limo driver of Sonny Corinthos."

"You think this was a setup." Keesha asked


Just then Monica Stevens, a fellow detective, showed up.

"Whatís up?" She says

"A Head-on collision, victims is Dara Jenson and a Owen Jenkins, limo driver to Sonny Corinthos." The officer says then walked back to the two wrecked cars.

"Dara Jenson, thatís my motherís best friend, how is she doing?"

"Well, David says that she is badly hurt, and the other driver just had a couple bruises, nothing serious. My guess is, it is probably a setup. Dara has a big court case coming up charging him and Jason Morgan with illegal gambling." Keesha says.

"Yeah, sounds pretty fishy. Iím gonna swing by the hospital to see my mom and check up on Dara, want to come with me?"

"Sure, lets swing my the station first I have to pick up some papers." Keesha says as her and Monica walked to their cars.