In The Right Way, I presented a different take of how General Hospital could have resolved some of its issues, namely the Baby Michael story among others. This fan fiction is the sequel to my version of how the characters' stories could have been told.

Like its predecessor, the title has signficant meaning. Unlike General Hospital and most of Daytime, this fan fiction will continue to tell the stories of all its characters regardless of color or sex.

A recap:

The brain damage that Jason suffered has been reversed. He doesn't remember anything about his life as Jason Morgan nor the people whose lives he touched. Learning that he was the "muscle for the mob" doesn't sit well with him and he doesn't really want to know about the man he used to be. Instead, he wants to focus on getting his life back on track and making sure that he and Keesha stay together. He'll soon find out that some demons can't be ignored and will haunt him until he make the move to exorcise them from his life.

After quitting the Port Charles Police Department, Mac went undercover for the FBI to track down and nail Sonny. He did the job and all without killing the man. His mercenary instincts will return when from behind bars, Sonny continues to be a factor in his and Dara's life. Their marriage will face tests and have them both wondering if matrimony was the best answer for them.

The Cassadine-Spencer feud is on the verge of escalating again. Luke's hunger for revenge has been building while the Cassadines were away recuperating in Greece, but now that they are back and celebrating love, he's planned to make Nikolas pay for telling his son the truth about what happened between him and Laura on the floor of a disco so many years ago. And if that isn't bad enough, Helena is out there somewhere and Stefan doesn't know if she's alive or dead...

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Book One

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Book Two

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The Conclusion

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