Everyone knows that there is a wrong way and a right way of doing things.
Sometimes, the line is blurred, but deep inside...we know. In 1998, General Hospital was on an
interesting path. It was walking a fine line, so to speak, and then it went off. Way off, and for
some of its viewers, the show went the wrong way. Blatant favoritism ran rampant and instead of
balanced storylines, we were overcome with slanted diatribe that didn't make sense but to a few

With this fan fiction, I hope to take you back to 1998. At this time, Keesha (who was the mastermind to uncover Carly's misdeeds in the Laundry Cart Incident) is still very much around. She has not been discarded to NeverNeverLand where her father has taken ill and she disappears never to be heard from again. She is a woman who is about to embark on a journey of self-discovery. A.J. has not been bamboozled by Carly. Again. He is a man, proud of his sobriety and learning how to live each day one step at a time. He makes mistakes, but they are not the sum total of who he is. Jason has assumed Sonny's role as Da'Man. He has a child who does not belong to him and despite the circumstances, he loves the little infant. And God help anyone who tries to separate them. Carly, overwhelmed by life, has disappeared, but she will return. Soon.

The Cassadine-Spencer feud has gone on hiatus. Nikolas, at the wrong place at the wrong time, has been shot. Due to an unfortunate conversation with his stubborn, ill-advised half-brother, Nikolas has suffered a stroke. Stefan with the help of his lover, Katherine, try to help, but in the end, Stefan realizes that he needs more help. Enter his and Nikolas' dearest friends, Carlotta Christofides and her daughter, Dawn...Nikolas' first love. Sarah Webber loves Nikolas. Dawn still loves Nikolas. But who does Nikolas love?

Sonny left Brenda standing in the rain. The pain was too great and her spirit broke. Jax wants to help, but the role of Superman has begun to sour to him. And then one night he meets a woman who piques his interest. Fed up with being neglected, Ned breaks things off with Alexis. She meets a man who sets her heart racing, and Ned finds love with someone he had never imagined.

...and that's only a little of what's to happen in the chapters that follow.

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Chapter Fifty
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Chapter Epilogue

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