Chapter 45

~ Raging Bulls Are Colorblind ~

The ride from their home to the Outback had been one filled with idle chitchat and teasing conversation. Mac wanted to keep everything light and happy. He didn't want to worry Dara needlessly and he figured that the more normal everything seemed, the better. Corinthos had put her through more than enough. He wouldn't be allowed to invade any more of their privacy or tamper with their happiness. Mac had had enough.

With hands laced together, they walked into the restaurant. Mac greeted his employees with a smile and a wave, but he and Dara didn't stop. He escorted her to the dressing room and closed the door behind them. He watched while she hung up her costume and started to unpack her makeup case. When she dropped a handful of lipstick tubes, he stooped to help her. She reached for the tubes and his hand closed over hers. "Are you sure about this?"

"I'm fine, Mac." She grabbed the lipsticks and stood up. He followed suit. Their eyes locked and held. She smiled. "Honestly. I'm okay. I'm just a little clumsy."

His mouth tightened and he shook his head. "I don't think so. You're the most graceful woman I've ever known. I've never seen you drop anything before."

Dara laughed. "Well, things will be changing, dear husband. Just you watch. Everyday you'll discover something new about me."

"Promise?" he asked in a hoarse whisper. He pulled her against him and locked his hands together at the small of her back. Her petite frame fit perfectly against his long, lean form. He couldn't image losing her. He wouldn't. Their road to matrimony hadn't been paved with gold, but now that they were husband and wife, he was damned and determined that happiness would be theirs. "I look forward to those discoveries, Mrs. Scorpio."

Her fingers came together at the base of his neck and she lowered his head to hers. She murmured against his mouth, "I look forward to your thorough expeditions, Mr. Scorpio."

Mac closed his mouth over hers, sucking hungrily on her bottom lip. Her moans vibrated into the kiss and he pulled her completely against him. Parting her mouth with his tongue, he tasted her sweetness and savored it until he reluctantly brought the kiss to an end. Brushing his mouth against her forehead, he murmured, "I love you, Dara."

"I love you, too. Hurry back."

He kissed her again before he turned on his heal and left the dressing room. On his way out, he stopped at the bar. Henry, the manager, was checking the stock and stopped when Mac approached. "What time will the security guards arrive?"

"They should be here in a half hour," Henry answered. "Did you want them to be here now? I thought you said-"

Mac cut him off with a wave of his hand. "No, that's fine. We're here earlier than expected. In the meantime, could you keep an eye on Dara?"

"Sure, Mac. Did something happen?" A concerned frown darkened Henry's brow.

"A fan has become rather taken with her. I'd like to make sure it doesn't escalate out of control," Mac explained with a tight smile. "I should be back fairly soon. Thanks for your help."

"No problem."

Mac exited the restaurant and half-jogged to his car. The sooner he turned in his resignation as Police Commissioner, the sooner he could return to Dara. With the job title hanging over his head, he couldn't handle Sonny the way his gut told him was necessary. Mercenary skills couldn't be used with a badge.


He couldn't live up to his promise. Thoughts of her kept invading his mind and he couldn't stop them. He tried, but everything reminded him of her. The brilliant sun reminded him of her dazzling smile. The fresh air reminded him of her sweet, floral scent. Hushed conversation reminded him of her warm, melodious voice. Everything reverted back to her, so he just gave up.

He knew her schedule and tracking her down wasn't difficult. Carrying a bouquet of a dozen red roses in hand and wearing a dimpled smile, he entered her dressing room. At first, she was startled by his sudden appearance and then she smiled. Her husky voice welcomed him. "Hello, Sonny."

"Dara." He closed the door behind him and locked it.

Her eyebrows arched at the click of the lock and a tiny smile played at her mouth. "You know you shouldn't be here."

His shoulders hunched in a nonchalant shrug. "I couldn't stay away. I tried, but you're a drug, Dara and I'm seriously addicted."

"Sounds like you need rehab." She laughed.

He placed the flowers on the vanity and pulled her into his arms. Pressing his mouth against her ear, he whispered, "Or maybe an overdose."

Dara's arms closed around him and he shuddered with pleasure. An immediate arousal throbbed in his pants and when her lower body rubbed against his, he growled with pleasure.

"That was only a little sample," she said seductively. "What would you do if you got the full dose?"

"Why don't I show you?"

He moved his mouth over hers, devouring its softness. His lips demanded a response from her and she gave it to him. Tempting and tantalizing, her tongue pressed against his. A passionate wild cat replaced the usually calm woman and Sonny greedily enjoyed it.

Backing her against the wall, he reached underneath the hem of her skirt and deftly removed her panties. Her hands proved to be equally busy and within seconds this pants and boxers fell to his ankles. Their ragged breathing filled the dressing room as they joined together.

Hot and feverish, their union was fiercely erotic. Her legs locked around his waist and squeezed against him every time he pounded inside her. With one hand, Sonny braced them against the wall while the other stroked her soft curves. Their mouths came together in an explosive kiss just as the waves of ecstasy sent them over the edge.

"Mr. Corinthos? I hate to disturb you, but we will be landing soon. You will need to buckle up."

Sonny opened his eyes and met the questioning gaze of the flight attendant for his private jet. "I must have fallen asleep. Thanks."

The attendant quickly nodded and left him alone. Sonny adjusted the seat belt and glanced out at the passing clouds. His destination left him miles away from Dara, but it wouldn't be for long and he was positive the reunion would be worth the wait.


Nikolas left Wyndemere in a blind rage. He was a little upset that Dawn hadn't confided in him, but he understood her reasons and quickly forgave her. But what he couldn't forgive or ignore was that Jason Morgan had invaded his home and confronted Dawn on Cassadine territory. That was unforgivable. Confronting her at all was a grievous sin, but to do so at Wyndemere was worse. As he slid behind his sleek, black Jaguar, he thought of one thing…making sure that Morgan answered for all his sins once and for all.

He pulled to the curb outside of Harbor View Towers and raced into the building. As he stepped inside, he noted the number of men milling around the lobby. They were dressed in expensive suits, which bulged at the side, and he realized the men were Morgan's bodyguards. Enacting retribution there would be a mistake and could get him killed. Nikolas turned on his heel and went back to his Jaguar. Sitting behind the dark glass, he gripped the steering wheel and waited. Sooner or later, Morgan would leave and Nikolas would be ready for him.

The wait wasn't long. A few minutes later, a motorcycle roared out of the underground parking. Nikolas had seen Jason on the vehicle before and he knew it was him. He put the Jag into gear and followed.

Jason led him through Port Charles and beyond to a nearby rural area. Both vehicles sped along the deserted road and when Nikolas had had enough, he moved along beside Jason and demanded, "PULL OVER!"

Jason did and Nikolas shot out of the Jag. Jason was only barely able to pull off his helmet before Nikolas nailed him with a right hook. The two men engaged in battle without any more words being spoken between them.

A quick jab to his midsection left Nikolas winded for a second and then he plowed into Jason's abs with his head. The other man was thrown onto his back and Nikolas straddled him. First right and then left, his fists flew at Jason's head. He tried to push Nikolas off, but he couldn't. Impassioned by his anger, Nikolas beat him like a man possessed.


The shout reverberated in Nikolas' ears and hands roughly pulled him off Jason. Nikolas fought the hands, but they refused to retreat. "UNHAND ME!"

"No!" Vinnie shouted. "He's had enough. It's over now."

"It's not over! He won't let it be over! He'll come after her again-"

"He won't!" Vinnie shouted. "Look at him! He's not coming after anybody for a long time. Let it go. Get in the car and go back to Dawn. I'll handle it from here."


"Go!" Vinnie repeated.

Nikolas inhaled long, deep breaths. He glanced over at Jason's bloody, still body. Blinking, he wasn't quite sure if his eyes were deceiving him. The aftermath revealed to him just how out of control he'd been. From a distance, Jason looked like he was barely breathing. Quietly, he asked Vinnie, "Is he dead?"

"No," Vinnie replied after placing his head against Jason's chest. "He'll make it. Now, go."

"I can't let you take the blame for this-"

"Who's taking the blame?" Vinnie asked. "This ass wipe had it coming. He won't press charges against you-"

"But I am responsible. I accept full responsibility," Nikolas said.

"And what about Dawn?" Vinnie asked him. "She's still hurting. The only time she really smiles is when you're around. How will she heal if you're in jail and she's worried sick about you? Just go, Nikolas. I'm taking care of it."

"What will you do?"

"I'm calling 911 and I'll wait until they arrive. It will be fine," Vinnie assured him. "I'll see you back at the mystery mansion."

Partially convinced that Vinnie's argument was sound, Nikolas left and returned to Wyndemere.


Keesha sat in the squad room reviewing the file on the Mancusi family. They were notorious in Philly and she remembered hearing about them while growing up. She lived in a upper middle class section and their actions didn't affect her directly, but she still found their lifestyle despicable.

A shadow crossed over her desk and she looked up. She was surprised to see Robin staring back at her. "Hi, Robin. Mac isn't here today."

"I know. I didn't come to see him. I came to see you. Is there someplace we could talk?"

Robin appeared to be nervous, but there was also a determined gleam in her eyes. Keesha wondered about that as she stood up and said, "We can go into the conference room. No one's in there right now."


Keesha led the way and Robin followed her. Once they were inside, Keesha closed the door and waited. Whatever Robin had on her mind was important and it was up to her to speak first.

"This would probably go better if we sat," Robin suggested.


Robin sat in the closest chair and Keesha chose one that was adjacent to hers. Keesha folded her hands in her lap and crossed her legs. "What is this about? Does this have to do with a case?"

"Not exactly…" Robin took a deep breath and exhaled. Her brown eyes looked tortured and filled with guilt. "I spoke with AJ earlier about something I should have come forward with a long time ago. When I left him, I drove around for awhile because I kept thinking about Jason and you-"

Keesha's blood turned to ice. She stiffened. "That's in the past, Robin, and it doesn't matter-"

"I think it does," Robin answered. "It will always matter. I didn't respect our friendship and I was wrong-"

"He didn't remember me," Keesha interrupted quietly, trying hard to ignore the tears that stung her eyes.

"That's no excuse," Robin replied in a choked whisper. "You loved him. Before the accident, he loved you and I knew that. You were both happy together and…I… Well, I was happy for you, too, but…"

"Let's just let this go." Keesha stood up. "It's over now. He's not the man I loved."

Robin shook her head. "Yes, he is. Deep down inside he is and I saw a glimmer of that when he awakened from the accident."

"The man who looked at me with such coldness and humiliated me in the physical therapy room is not the man I loved-"

"Keesha, please!" Robin called out when Keesha turned on her heel. "Listen to me. I'm not saying he's Jason Quartermaine, but there is a part of him that still is. I didn't help the situation between you when he first woke up. I should have done more to help him remember you or at least, help him understand why you reacted so strongly to him. By not doing that, I wasn't a good friend to you and I apologize, Keesha. I'm sorry for what I did. That's all I wanted to say."

Robin stood and left Keesha alone in the conference room. Without turning around, Keesha pushed the door closed with the back of her hand and stumbled into the chair. Tears streamed down her face and she put her head down and cried.



"Hold it right there!" Thomas Magnum said as he and Spenser entered the warehouse. On Hawk's tip from working closing with Sal Mancusi, he and Spenser knew Bobby's location and arrived there just after he tied the trio up.

The brunette slumped over and Magnum kept his firearm trained on Bobby as he moved towards her. Bobby's gun clicked and Magnum froze.

"Drop it!" Spenser yelled.

Bobby swung the gun towards his brother, but before he could fire a shot, Magnum and Spenser fired at him. He fell to the ground and the gun dropped from his hands. Spenser ran to him and kicked the gun out of his reach. He checked him and announced, "He's dead. What about her?"

Thomas shook his head. "She's gone, too."

They untied Matt and Ellen and checked them for injuries. Ellen stared at them with a stunned expression on her face. "Who are you? Are you policemen?"

"No," Spenser answered. "We're private cops. I'm Spenser with an 's' like the poet. He's Thomas Magnum."

"How did you know where to find us?" Matt asked.

"We had inside information," Thomas answered.

Matt glanced at his lifeless brother. "My father won't be pleased when he hears about this. It's gonna get worse now."

"No," Magnum said. "Things are changing."

Ellen moved to Grace. Tears flowed down her cheeks. "Poor Grace."

Matt reached out his hand to her and she took it. "I'm sorry you were involved in this Ellen. I never meant for any of this to happen."

"I know. Don't blame yourself. Just testify so that it doesn't happen again."

"I will."

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