The crowd became deathly quiet as Katherine Bell lunged at Carlotta Christofides with a dagger. Only one person dared to voice her outrage. Dawn released another blood curdling scream, and the rest of the attendees who hadn't been aware of the danger Stefan's fiancée faced came running.

Carlotta was aware of none of that. After realizing a madwoman could determine her fate, she sprung into action. As quickly as Katherine lunged, Carlotta turned and sidestepped the other woman's attack. A hand grabbed her wrist and yanked her off the terrace while behind her the parapet released violent shriek. With Stefan's arm tight around, Carlotta whipped around in time to see the parapet pull free and Katherine plummet to the ground.

The vengeful woman landed about five feet from Dawn, Nikolas, Quentin and Petrukas. Soon after, the few policemen who were in attendance stepped forward and pushed everyone back. Petrukas yelled for a doctor and Jason and Keesha arrived. Carlotta saw a glimpse of Jason as bent over Katherine before Stefan crushed her to him.

His hands roamed over her, searching for injury and then he grasped her face. His jaw was clenched tight and his emerald eyes sparkled with relief, love and rage. In a hoarse whisper, he asked, "Did she hurt you?"

"N-No," she said, struggling to catch her breath. "I-I'm fine. We should go downstairs. Dawn and Nikolas were right there-"

"Not, yet," he said. One hand moved from her face to press lightly against her still flat abdomen. "Are you certain that neither of you were injured?"

"The baby is fine," she whispered, trying to reassure him as she reassured herself. "Katherine didn't lay a hand on me. Please, Stefan. We should make sure the children are fine, and Father has a bad heart..."

He nodded once. "Very well. We will see to them and then, I want you to retire in your quarters until Dr. Hardy has examined you. There will be no compromises."

A chill ran through her and she shuddered. Her hand clutched his as he started to guide them from the room. "There will be no arguments from me."


Mac arrived just as Katherine fell to the ground. His mouth dropped open in shock and then he rushed to her side. Their past relationship ended without hard feelings on either side, and a sharp pain went through him as he looked her lying prone and helpless.

When he reached her, Taggert was already there as was Keesha. Jason worked on Katherine as if he knew what he was doing and Mac's blood boiled. He shouted, "Morgan, get away from her!"

He moved to physically grab Jason, but hands grabbed him first. "He's not Jason Morgan anymore," Keesha's soft voice reminded him. "He knows what he's doing. He's checking for vitals."

"Yeah," Taggert agreed. "He's not hurting her. Besides, someone went inside to get his parents. They'll be out here soon."

Slowly, the words registered in Mac's head and he nodded. He shook off the hand that grabbed him and gave his former coworkers a faint smile of apology. He glanced up at the broken parapet and down at Katherine. "What happened? Have you taken statements? Was she pushed?"

"We're about to do that," Taggert said, giving Keesha a nod. She looked at Jason once and then went to the crown of onlookers. Once they were alone, Taggert questioned Mac, "What's gotten into you? We know our job. With you barking out the orders, it makes me wonder if you're coming back to the force?"

Mac shook his head. "No, not on your life. I just want to make sure she's okay. She's a friend."

Monica arrived and Taggert stood aside to let her pass. "The doctor is here. She'll take good care of her until the paramedics arrive. Maybe you should go home."

"I can't. That was one helluva fall. I can't leave until I know she's okay."

Taggert nodded in understanding before he turned to the crowd. Mac stood close to Katherine and the two Quartermaines who worked on her. Dara soon joined him and he pulled her into his arms. "I should take you home."

"I'm okay here," Dara said. "What about you? You look awful."

"Katherine's had more than her share of problems on this island. I didn't expect this," he said quietly," and I'm sure she didn't either."

Dara was silent for a moment and then she said, "I overheard from some the crowd that Katherine pulled a knife on Carlotta. They were up there on the terrace. Everyone saw it."

"This is worse than I thought," he said with a low groan. "I'd like to go to the hospital. She doesn't have any family here. She shouldn't be alone right now. Would you mind?"

"No," she said, taking his hand. "Let's go."


The footsteps sounded on the cellblock floor and Sonny brushed the beads of perspiration from his eyes. The time behind bars had been a nightmare for him. The first few weeks, he knew he'd die from the close confines. Visions of Deke and the dark closets kept invading his mind. He couldn't get away from them. Screams built inside his throat, demanding release.

At first, he resisted but eventually, his powers of resistance failed him. He gave into the fear-induced screams and didn't stop for days. Threats and beatings couldn't silence him. Finally, the senior guard had enough. When Sonny could be moved from the infirmary, he took him to the special doctor who visited once every two weeks. Sonny balked when he recognized Kevin Collins' calm, serene face.

The early sessions were one-sided conversations. Collins spoke to him, but Sonny said nothing. Then, one day, Sonny started talking. The words came and wouldn't stop. After that, the prison cell didn't seem so bad and he began to look forward to Kevin's next visit. After so many years, Sonny was getting the help he had so desperately needed.

The guard arrived at his cell and unlocked the door. Sonny held out his arms as the guard entered. The stoic young man locked handcuffs around Sonny's outstretched wrists and they left the cell. The length of the hallway brought a sense of calm of Sonny's state of mind. He was a little surprise to his adverse reaction, but Collins told him to expect good days along with the bad. It was a part of coming to terms with the past.

Kevin looked up from his folder as Sonny and the guard entered the office. He frowned at Sonny's handcuffs and the guard. "I told you those aren't necessary."

"The Warden's orders," the guard explained with a shrug. He backed out of the office and closed the door behind him.

Kevin looked at Sonny as he sat down in the guest chair. "How's it going?"

"I've had better days," Sonny said, going for nonchalance. He didn't want to appear too agitated. He trusted the doc to an extent, but the thought of a straitjacket and rubber room terrified him.

Collins nodded and jotted something on his notepad. When he was done, he looked at Sonny and smiled. "So, what will we talk about today?"

"How's your love life, Doc?" Sonny asked, with a grin.

Kevin laughed. "Non-existent. I had a fiancée, but things didn't work out."

"Why not?" Sonny asked, interested.

"Too many lies," Kevin answered without hesitation.

"Who was the liar?" Sonny wanted to know.

"I suppose we both could be guilty to it, but it was her lies that brought an end to our relationship."

Brenda's decision to wear a wire came to mind and Sonny nodded. He knew what lies could do to a relationship. He loved her, but after that, he could never fully trust her again. Besides, she was better off without him.

"You're thinking about something," Kevin said. "Care to share?"

Sonny chuckled. "I guess. It's nothing major, though. I was just thinking about a woman."

"Women are major."

Sonny shrugged. "I suppose. Doc, how many times have you been in love?"

Kevin frowned before he answered. "Um... I had my share of infatuations in my youth, but I've only really been in love one time."

"The one who lied to you?" Sonny asked.

"Yeah. What about you?"

"Twice," Sonny replied without hesitation.

"And what happened?" Kevin asked. "Did they lie to you?"

"Yeah. One claimed she did it for my own good," Sonny answered, "and the second because she was afraid of me."

"Why was she afraid of you?" Kevin asked.

Sonny thought of Dara and their brief moment of passionate bliss in Hawaii and said, "Because I loved her too much."