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Once upon a time, there was a young prince. He never wanted the title so he ran away from it. For years, he thought he would never have to live up to its obligations. Fate proved him wrong. With opponents appearing from near and far, the young prince found loyalty where he least expected and of course, he found love, too.

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prologue: gone but not forgotten
chapter one: chance encounters
chapter two: rude awakenings
chapter three: conversations
chapter four: homecoming
chapter five: guardian angels
chapter six: good-night
chapter seven: the beginning
chapter eight: trust
chapter nine: emotions
chapter ten: release
chapter eleven: questions
chapter twelve: revelations
chapter thirteen: guidance
chapter fourteen: uninvited
chapter fifteen: truth
chapter sixteen: kinship
chapter seventeen: explanations
chapter eighteen: transgressions
chapter nineteen: camaraderie
chapter twenty: complications
chapter twenty-one: inexorable
chapter twenty-two: opportunity
chapter twenty-three: connections
chapter twenty-four: discourse
chapter twenty-five: fait accompli
chapter twenty-six: fallout
chapter twenty-seven: stupefaction
chapter twenty-eight: joys and sorrows
chapter twenty-nine: carom aka rebound
chapter thirty, part one: endgame
chapter thirty, part two: endgame
chapter thirty, part three: endgame

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