The Dark Series

"In the Dark of Night"
Rated R / Archived July 1998 - September 1998
Summary: This story begins The Dark Series. Have you ever wondered what happened to those characters who simply vanished from Port Charles? Never to be seen nor mentioned again?? Well, look no further. You will soon find out what happened to those poor unfortunate souls. Be prepared to be swept away in romance as Nikolas Cassadine meets the love of his life, Dara Jensen finds love by coincidence, and Audrey Hardy falls in love all over again. As the story concludes, you'll cheer the good guys and curse the bad ones as mystery leads to adventure.

"Life After Dark"
Rated R / Archived September 1998 - July 1999
Summary: The second installment in the Dark Series. This story picks up where the first one ends. The survivors embark on rebuilding their lives. Some find themselves thrown into unexpected situations, while others do anything and everything in the name of love. Also, if you're a long time fan of General Hospital, you will be more than surprised with the ending.

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"Dark Interlude: Casa Corinthos"
Characters: Sonny Corinthos & Simone Hardy; Gina Cates & Tommy Hardy; Keesha and Jason
Rated NC-17 / Archived August 1999
Summary: This story begins 3 years after the second story. Sonny's casa is on an island near Puerto Rico where he owns a casino. Simone is a frequent visitor, and things are finally progressing between them.

"Darkest Before the Dawn"
Rated R / Archived August 1999 - March 2001
Summary: This is the third and final story in the Dark Series. Ten years have passed. If you've read the first two stories, you may be surprised by what happens in the Prologue. My advice to you is, stay tuned. All isn't as it appears to be. *g*

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