The X-Files: Andrea

Friday, November 15, 1996
Los Angeles, CA
10:00 p.m.

Special Agent Mulder walked into the dark, crowded bar not fully
knowing what to expect. Ten hours ago, he received a mysterious
message, telling him to go to Los Angeles and attend Ice
Castle's 10 o'clock performance if he really wanted the truth
about someone from his past. He would find a table reserved for
him and a meeting would take place.

He arrived at the airport just in time to board the next flight
to LAX. Hell, he left D.C. so fast that even Scully didn't know
where he was. So, now, Mulder stood at the bar, nursing a
ginger ale as his inquisitive eyes scanned the scene.

The flickering of the lights signaled the start of the evening's
performance. Mulder quickly found the table that had been
reserved for him and sat.

The room went black and a spotlight appeared onstage. A man,
dressed in leather, walked into the light. "My name is Tod and
welcome to Ice Castles. Tonight, we have a special treat for
you. Just back from her sold-out national tour, we
have...Andrea Lake!"


Andrea stood in the shadows and watched the band as they moved
into place. Usually, the butterflies would have disappeared by
now. No such luck tonight. Andrea held her breath and counted
to ten. Tonight was life or death. There could be no screw-ups.

She glided into the spotlight with confidence and grace. The
enthusiasm of the crowd filled the room and took control of her
as she grabbed the mike.

"Good evening, everyone. It feels good to be home, again." She
paused briefly as the crowd clapped. "So prepare yourself for
the ride of your life. But first...this ride will begin with a
slow jam..."


Mulder moved to the edge of his seat as the stage became flooded
in a purple hue. His hazel eyes, now a dark grey, stared at the
vision before him. The silver dress clung to her every curve
without being overly sexy, but more sensual than anything...

Her bronze skin shone in the purple lights. Dark brown ringlets
framed her face. Even from a distance, Mulder could see that
she was beautiful.

The music began and her sweet, husky voice began to sing...

I get so lonely
Can't let
Just anybody hold me
You are the one
Who lives in me my dear
Want no one but you

Sittin' here with my tears
All alone with my fears
I'm wondering if
I have to do
But there's no reason why
I fell asleep late last night
Cryin' like a newborn child
Holdin' myself close
Pretendin' my arms are yours
I want no one but you...

Mulder felt the words to the depths of his soul. Andrea sang
only for him. She craved *his* arms. To hell with the erratic
message. Mulder was going to meet Andrea Lake tonight. You
could bet your ass on that.

The show ended fifteen minutes ago, but Mulder hadn't moved from
his seat. He was torn. The professional side of him thought he
should wait for whoever left him the voicemail. The man in him
wanted to go backstage and meet Andrea.

He'd give "whoever" five more minutes.


Freshly showered and dressed in snug blue jeans, a black
cashmere sweater and a leather jacket, Andrea made her way
through the almost empty club. She knew that the tall man whose
eyes never wavered still sat at the table and she was determined
to speak to him.

"Excuse me," Andrea said.

Mulder started at the sound of the husky voice. He quickly
stood and looked down into the most beautiful, vibrant eyes he
had ever seen.

"I enjoyed your show..." Mulder began.

(Oh, my.) Andrea allowed herself a moment to gaze into Mulder's
eyes. (What color *is* that? How can eyes be that damn sexy?)

"Thank you, Agent Mulder," Andrea said. "I also want to thank
you for coming here on such short notice. I can only imagine
how odd that message was."

"So, you left that message?" Mulder asked.

"I'll explain. But would you please come with me? We've wasted
enough time as it is."

"Yes, ma'am," Mulder replied. Andrea seemed like a fiesty
woman. He liked fiesty women.


The drive to Andrea's westside Condo had been quiet. But even
now, in the simple elegance of Andrea's living room, the silence
still hadn't been broken.

Mulder sat on the plush, cream coloured sofa as she fixed a
drink for herself at the bar. Andrea felt the goosebumps rise
on her flesh as he appraised her. A quick glance in the mirror
almost did her in as she and Mulder locked eyes.

(Yeah, she wants me.)

Andrea controlled her libido and reminded herself of the reason
why he was here and it definitely wasn't for a long roll in the
hay. With manilla envelope in hand, she crossed the room and
handed it to Mulder.

"What's this?" Mulder asked as he recovered from the cold look
in her eyes. He secretly wondered what happened to all that
liquid warmth which had just been there moments before.

"This is why I called you. Open it."

Mulder opened the envelope and found several photographs. The
first one showed a younger Andrea with a handsome young man.
They looked happy and innocent. The second photo was an 8x10 of
the same man in a Marine uniform.

Mulder looked up from the photos, "I don't..."

"Keep going."

The last photo revealed the face of a man he knew all too well.
His former informant, the deceased Mr. X.

"What does all this mean...?" Mulder asked.
"He's my father. He died because of you. I want you to help me
find his son before the same thing happens to him."

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