The X-Files: Andrea
Moments passed before Mulder could think of anything to say.
While X hadn't exactly been his best friend, he had saved
Mulder's life on numerous occasions. He had also beaten the
hell out of him on many others. X had been a difficult man to
understand and Mulder often questioned where his loyalities lay,
but that didn't stop him from feeling a twinge at Andrea's

"I think you'd better start from the beginning."

Andrea placed her glass on the counter and moved towards the
sofa where she sat next to him. Just close enough that their
knees were barely an inch apart. Their fingers touched for the
briefest second as she reached for the photos. Mulder inhaled
sharply and looked for her reaction. A slight tremor of the
photos in her hand were the only telltale sign that she had been

"My father was a hard man, but I don't suppose I have to tell
you that. Well, that hardness made him an excellent military
man, but could be hell on a relationship. He and my mother
divorced when my brother and I were two. We stayed with our
mother at first, but when we were sixteen, Zave moved in with

She paused to collect her thoughts. Mulder didn't press her to
continue. He knew how delicate remembering past family history
could be. He would wait.

"Zave, short for Xavier Martin, Jr., didn't want to move in with
Dad. He knew how demanding he could be. Don't get me wrong,
Special Agent man, our dad loved us. He has...had... his own
way of showing affection," she laughed humorlessly.

Andrea leafed through the photos, pausing to gaze at her
father's picture. When she had her fill, she placed the
pictures on the coffee table, face down.

"Anyway, to make a long story short, Zave and Dad worked out
their differences. Like father, like son, Zave joined the
Marines. He was on some top secret mission when Dad was killed,
so he just recently learned of it. He decided to go after the
man who ordered Dad's execution. I haven't heard from him in
two weeks."

She struggled to hold back the tears. She didn't know what

she'd do if she lost Zave. She would be all alone.

"Did he make a habit of checking in with you?"

"Yes. We used the same code we used as children. You know what
they say about twins. In our case, it's true." She wrapped her
arms around herself to ward off the sudden chill.
(What if it's already too late?)

Mulder wanted to comfort her. He doubted if she would
appreciate any gesture he'd make, so he continued. "Where was
he the last time you spoke?"

"Russia. He said he had a lead on some guy. Krycek was his
name, I think. Have you ever heard of him? Do you know if he
had anything to do with my father's death?"

The fear finally took over and her last ounce of control
disappeared as the tears rained down her face. Mulder closed
the gap and in an instant, she was in his arms. Her soft body
clung to his. She needed this. She needed the comfort that his
presence and his warm body provided.


Mulder didn't know how long he held her as she cried. He felt
the sobs subside, yet, she didn't move from his arms. Her body
trembled ever so slightly against his as she nestled closer to
him. (My God, what is she trying to do to me?)



She raised her head to look into his eyes.

"You can call me Fox."

"Fox," she whispered. He tasted the salt of her tears as he
brushed his lips against hers. She parted her lips to deepen
the kiss and give him better access to the sweetness of her

Mulder shifted and pulled Andrea onto his lap. His tongue
darted into her mouth and found hers.

When the kiss ended, she rested her head in the curve of his
neck. She watched his racing pulse and felt him harden beneath
her thighs. Leaning her head in closer, she kissed his neck
where his pulse beat rapidly. She opened her mouth, allowing
her tongue to move sensuously across his flesh.

He knew he should end this...that she would probably hate him
later, but his body had other ideas. With his left hand, he
gently, but firmly pulled her closer to him. He ran his right
hand down her thigh and back up again to stop just below her
left breast. He felt the wild pounding of her heart as his hand
cupped her breast. He heard her gasp as her nipple tightened as
he lightly ran his thumb across the hardened tip.

Andrea knew she should end this...that this could confuse things
later, but her body had other ideas. She shifted her position
and straddled him. Her hands moved under his turtleneck,
caressing the soft, baby fine hair on his chest. Her fingers
sought his nipples and reveled at their hardness.

Mulder placed his hands in her hair and pulled her in for
another kiss as she slowly began to rock back and forth,
grinding her bottom against his bulging sex. He slid a few
inches on the sofa and lowered his hands to her waist. With his
new position, he was able to join in her rhythm.

She began to quiver as he placed tiny kisses along her neck.
His breath was hot and she was barely breathing at all. She
gasped as he pulled her earlobe into his mouth.

Not able to take it anymore, she pulled him in for another wet,
mind blowing kiss. Their tongues passionately fought a battle
as they attempted to taste the other.

As their tongues clashed, Mulder's hands began an exploration
underneath her sweater. His hands moved up her ribcage to the
base of her bra. His thumbs traced tiny circles over her lace
covered nipples. She moaned against his lips in response to his
passionate torture. She increased the rocking motion of her
hips as she pressed herself into his hands.

In one swift movement, he removed her bra and sweater. His eyes
feasted on her bare breasts. He had never thought of breasts as
beautiful, but hers were. He lowered his head to capture one
brown nipple between his lips. His tongue and lips drove her
wild as they paid homage to each breast.

She shuddered as one of his hands unzipped her jeans and slipped
inside her underwear. His fingers moved through her damp curls
as they sought her innermost core. His fingers moved against
her, almost bringing her to the edge.

"Please," she murmured against his lips. Instinctively, he knew
exactly what she wanted. He lowered her back onto the sofa and
quickly discarded the rest of their clothing, pausing for a
moment to gaze at her. The soft lighting cast a warm glow on
her slick, hot body. He couldn't recall ever wanting a woman as
much as he wanted her.

The tiny bites and kisses Mulder trailed down her body caused
her to moan even more. Easing her thighs apart, he teased her
inner thighs with more bites and kisses. Finally, he reached his
destination...the place where all life begins. He gave her the
most intimate of kisses as he tasted her sweet nectar and
inhaled her musky scent. Mulder's tongue and lips took her to a
place where she had never gone before.

"Fox!" she cried, as she ran her fingers through his damp, dark

As he felt her release, he knew that he couldn't wait any
longer. He raised his head and began to trail kisses up her
flat abdomen, between the valley of her breasts and into the
hollow of her neck. She parted her legs and he gently lowered
himself between them. His lips closed over hers as he slowly
entered her. Her moans against his lips excited Mulder as he
began to thrust inside her. Her hands roamed his back and
downward to grasp his buttocks, pushing him even deeper inside

Their simlutaneous climax left them spent and a little shocked.
Neither of them had ever experienced anything as powerful as
what they just shared. They weren't ready for words nor were
they ready to leave the warmth of the other's arms, so they held
each other. Then, they slept.

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