Genesis: Epilogue

The sun shone brightly on Keesha and Jason's wedding day. Lily served as Keesha's matron of honor and Justus was Jason's best man. Reverend Brown married the couple while Mary Mae, Edward, Simone, Sonny and Jason's parents witnessed the ceremony. David refused to attend and only a few recognized his absence.

Monica and Alan wanted to host the wedding reception at the Quartermaine mansion, but the couple wanted a simple affair, so the small celebration was held at Ward House. The Quartermaines provided for the caterers and servers to attend the guests. Emily and Tommy were happy to serve as photographers and snapped pictures of everyone and everything.

Later after Keesha and Jason cut the wedding cake and fed each other, Justus toasted the couple, wishing them a lifetime of happiness. Lily, her abdomen swollen with child, issued a toast, which bore the same sentiments and included a houseful of children.

Keesha took Jason's hand and led him to the center of the room. She raised her glass and said, "I want to make a toast to Jason and to everyone who's here today. Thank you for being our friends and for sharing this day with us."

Jason's hand flexed against her waist, hugging her to him. "That was beautiful," he murmured for her ears only. He covered her lips with a swift kiss and everyone clapped.

Lily left Sonny's side to take Keesha's hand. "You should change your clothes now. I'll help you."

The two women went upstairs and Jason watched them until he couldn't see them anymore. A hand slapped his back and he recognized the sign of affection as being Justus' trademark. He laughed. "What's up, cousin?"

"Nothing except treat her right," Justus told him. "I know you're both looking forward to this cross-country road trip, but be careful out there, okay? And don't forget about us."

The two men hugged and as it ended, Jason said, "We'd never forget. Just make sure you and Simone set a date and soon."

Justus smiled. "We will."

"She's upstairs changing clothes. I'd better do the same."

Jason moved through the crowd of assembled family friends towards the staircase. A flash of movement on the porch caught his attention. He went to the door and pulled it open. AJ stood on the porch and Jason didn't know whether he wanted to slam the door in his brother's face or go outside and beat him to a pulp. In a low voice, he growled, "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I wanted to offer my congratulations," AJ answered. "I thought maybe we could talk before you and Keesha took off. Can we?"

Jason sensed the change in his brother, but he didn't really want to acknowledge it. He gritted his teeth and hesitated.

"Look, I know there's bad blood between us," AJ began, "but I hope that can change. You and Keesha are married and about to start a new life. I only want to wish you the best. That's all, Jason."

Jason slowly exhaled and the tension left him. He nodded because that was all he could do. Learning the truth about the accident and that AJ had been behind the wheel of the car instead of Ned still burned Jason up inside. He hated that AJ's disease could have killed Keesha. Justus had told him about AJ's new lease on life and as he gave his brother a hard look, he could see that Justus hadn't exaggerated. AJ was a changed man, and Jason truly believed those changes were for the better.

"Have a good life, Jason," AJ said as he headed towards the edge of the porch, "and give Keesha my regards. Bye."

"Goodbye, AJ."

A short while later, the newlyweds rejoined their guests, wearing jeans and leather jackets. Jason's Ford Explorer was packed with everything they needed and wanted for their journey and now, the open road called to them.

They hugged their friends and family one last time and piled into the car. Before Jason started the engine, he turned to Keesha. "It's you and me, Mrs. Quartermaine. How do you feel about that?"

"I like it." She rested her hand on his thigh. "Let's go."

And they did.

The End

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