Submission Guidelines

Updated January 2, 2005

Hello, writers. I am always happy to archive fan fiction on my site. Regardless of the origination (be it tv or film), if you're looking for a home for your stories, you can find one here.

Due to the increase in volume, the guidelines have been revised. The NEW guidelines for submitting fan fiction are the following:

  • Wednesday is the deadline for chapters/stories to be included in the weekly update, which will occur either Saturday or Sunday. Anything received after Wednesday will be updated to the site the following weekend.

  • Only 2 chapters per story will be updated at a time. PLEASE, do not send me more than 2. If you've written ahead, that's great! But in order to insure that I don't misplace your work or (heaven forbid) accidentally delete it, only send me TWO chapters per story. (THANKS!)

  • If your story is longer than one chapter, PLEASE include this information when you submit the story. It's a consideration I sincerely appreciate because knowing this helps in setting up the formatting for your fic.

  • DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS. I do not open them. Copy and paste your story/chapter within the body of the email.

  • Include the title, featured characters, story rating (G, R, etc.) and a short summary.

  • Let me know if you do or do not want your email address to be included with the story. Including your email address is an EXCELLENT way to get feedback, btw.

  • When sending the story it is absolutely MANDATORY that there is a blank single line space between the paragraphs. If there isn't, the story will be returned to you and you will need to add the blank line before the story can be archived.

  • Spell check and grammar check your work. Your submission is your work of art, as well as, a reflection of you. Treat it with the respect you and it deserve. For dialogue, make sure that quotation marks are included. When the speaker changes, make a new paragraph. If you have any questions about correct grammar, drop me a line. I'll be happy to help.

  • Finally, I do not edit anyone else's work. It's your responsibility to make sure everything is what it should be before you send it to me. When I receive your work, I assume it's ready for posting and will do just that. If changes are made after I've archived it, I cannot guarantee that these changes will be corrected on the site.

  • Okay! That's it. If your story is ready and you want it to have a home here, send it to me.

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