Det. Michael "Stone" Cates, Sr. has lived a life of no regrets until memories start to resurface that force him to question the past and the present.

Dr. Keesha Ward-Cates is happy with her life, her marriage and her children until the resurrection of the past throws everything off-kilter.

Michael Cates, Jr. is the typical teen dealing with teenage angst until grown-up issues forces him to mature real fast.

Merrie Mae Cates is too young to have to process the impending upheaval of her household. Will she be sheltered through the upcoming storm?

Sonny Corinthos never wanted a broken home for his only child, but he has learned to make the best of it while contemplating a return to the world that he sworn he'd never be a part of again.

Robin Scorpio-Corinthos, PhD has managed to keep an open mind and a compassionate heart despite her most recent break up. When her first love begins to remember their past, will she be strong to resist the temptation of the past or will she consider the potential for mass destruction and walk away?

Hannah Marie Corinthos makes the best of living in the diverse worlds of her parents, but when her mother decides to return to Port Charles, she cannot resist the opportunity of having a permanent home. .

Dr. Jason Quartermaine has become a little disillusioned and dismayed when the happily ever after he hoped for shifted into something leaves him longing. The question for is how long can he keep his desires at bay?.

Gina Cates-Quartermaine is just as disillusioned as her husband and devotes her passions elsewhere. .

Alan James "AJ" Quartermaine, Jr. has burned the black sheep label and has found his niche at the Charles Street Foundation. He takes his role as single father seriously but he makes sure to set aside time for fun. .

Alan James "Jake" Quartermaine, III is quickly following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Edward. In more ways than one. .

Frank Scanlon is a devoted husband, father, and brother. He is a textbook hero with anger issues who does not foresee what life has in store for him..

Dr. Dawn Jensen-Scanlon has lived down the Dougie Howser comparison after years of hard work and dedication, but when her life throws her a series of curveballs, she wishes she could rely on the wisdom of her youth for a quick save. .

Frances Nicolette "CiCi" Scanlon has been a tomboy for years, but recently, her two closest friends have begun to notice that she's a girl. At some point, she'll have to choose, but they'll have to give her time. Her mind nor her heart is ready for that. .

Dr. Joe Scanlon returns to Port Charles when tragedy strikes. Will he be a source of strength or conflict? .

Dr. Nikolas Cassadine has abdicated his title to his uncle, Stefan, to dedicate himself to his profession as a child psychologist. He never imagined that his services would be needed for the child of someone close to his heart…a position which creates a very strong conflict of interest..

Dara Jensen has one of the most successful law firms in Port Charles. She never expects that one phone call will change her life forever. .

Elizabeth Webber has waited patiently for Nikolas's proposal and her patience is about to run out. .

Det. John McBain is Stone's partner and best friend. His interest in what originally appeared to be an open and shut case will reveal secrets that will ultimately be the talk of the town. .

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