This is a sequel to Never Carved in Stone. The previous fic explored the ramifications of Stone Cates losing his memory instead of Jason Quartermaine and what the fallout would be if Stone had fallen for Keesha Ward (the way Jason Morgan had for Robin Scorpio). This fic begins fifteen years later. The happily ever after that was promised at the end has become a little shaky especially when Stone's memories start to return.

Stone is a detective for the PCPD. Keesha, Jason, and Dawn have a private practice, specializing in urgent care. Robin is in transition. She and Sonny split years ago and her recent relationship has just ended. Nikolas is a child psychologist. Gina works with AJ at the Charles Street Foundation. Carly and AJ had a one-night stand, which produced Jake. They tried marriage, but it didn't work out. Their relationship is amicable at best. Carly may or may not be involved in this fic. Time will tell.

Like its predecessor, the title comes from a line in Go West's "King of Wishful Thinking."

The following is a breakdown of the next generation:

Keesha and Stone: Michael Stone Cates, Jr. (age 15) and Merrie Mae Cates (age 12)
Dawn and Frank: Frances "CiCi" Nicolette Scanlon (age 16)
Robin and Sonny: Hannah Marie Corinthos (age 14)
AJ and Carly: Alan James "Jake" Quartermaine, III (16)

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Chapter 1

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