Sly Eckertt


Sly took in a deep breath and moved his gaze away from the numbers that lined the sheet. He stared sightlessly into space and wondered how he'd gotten himself into this crap.

Oh, yeah. Sonny hooked up with the dominatrix doc Ellen. Jason whipped it on Dawn's mom and they cut out of town. A faint smile came to Sly's mouth. Not that Sly could blame him. The Jensen women were hot. And before that Johnny started sneaking around with Justus' sister, Faith. Another looker. Sly frowned. He never would have guessed Faith and Johnny would hook up and if Justus ever found out…


Justus. Sly grunted and shifted on the chair. If it wasn't for Justus, he wouldn't be on the inside with the books. Some of the guys were jealous. They figured Sly had it good and easy, moving up in the ranks. He supposed they were right. Street patrol was a low man's job. Being the front men on the line meant broken bones and blood shed. Sly had his share and apparently his dues were paid.

But still, working the books were as boring as a mother--

The front door to Justus' penthouse crashed open. Sly reared back from behind the attorney's desk and met the fiery, petite brunette's stare head on.

"He ain't here," Sly rumbled before the spitfire could question him.

Liquid brown eyes lit up with disbelief. Keesha slammed the door shut behind her. "I don't believe you."

He shrugged. "I don't care."

"Why are you here?" she asked. "Why do you do this? There is so much more to life…than this."

He'd overheard a few of her conversations with Justus. The same questions were asked. It felt weird to be on the receiving end of her interrogation. Almost like she cared.

Unease settled in the pit of his stomach. He rubbed a hand over his face. A faint citrus scent filled his senses. Oranges? Nah. He shook his head. It's the after shave he found in the bathroom. He doubted if Justus would mind.


Her voice, soft and husky, flowed over him like molten wax. He inhaled a quick breath. Damn, he shouldn't have done that. Her perfume consumed him. His stomach clenched. What he wouldn’t give to consume her. All of her. He'd had a jones for Keesha since the first time he saw her. Yeah, he was a kid then and she was a college student. Years passed, but one thing never changed. Keesha Ward was one helluva woman, and he wanted her.

He blinked and there she was. Right in front of his face. He didn't know how she did it.

Now, her soft hands caressed his biceps. Her fingertips traced his tattoos. Sly sucked in air. What the hell was happening here?

"You're so much better than this," she whispered, leaning close enough that her breath tickled his neck. "You can be anything you want. You can have anything you want."

Her mouth grazed his collarbone. Sly's hands clutched her waist, pulling her close. Her tongue slid along the edge of his tank top. He damn near burst through the zipper of his jeans. He groaned low in his throat.

"Keesha…" He bent his head and stared deeply into her eyes. The situation was almost too hot to handle. Unlike everybody else, he had to keep a strong head-- Uh, he groaned again, bad word choice.

Her fingers caressed the hair at the nape of his neck. She pressed her body against his. The tips of breasts hardened against chest. She slid her thigh between his legs, finding his arousal and rubbing him until he wanted to roar like a lion.


"You can have me."

And he did.

To be continued…

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