What happens when the line between love and possession is drawn.

Obsession Case #1

Prince Nikolas Mikhail Stavrosovich Cassadine is the only child of Stefan Cassadine and Laura Spencer. He has painstakingly built a relationship with his mother and his siblings, but he is willing to risk it all for a woman. His brother's woman.

Dawn Elyse Jensen, the daughter of Carrie and Robert Jensen, is a budding artist and Lucky's lady. For years, she's tried to ignore the connection she felt to his brother. But how much longer will she be able to fight Fate?

Lucas Lorenzo "Lucky" Spencer, Jr., the only son of Laura Spencer and the late Luke Spencer, is the lead singer of a rock band. He believed he and his brother had put the Cassadine/Spencer war behind them. But will a woman again be the reason it is resurrected?

Obsession Case #2

Steven Lars Webber has spent the last six years in Rwanda and the experience has left him determined to live life to the fullest. When he sets his eye on a woman, nothing will keep him from her. Not even if the woman is his father's wife.

Simone Hardy-Webberis Jeff's wife of Jeff and the mother of two grown children. She is the head of Pediatrics at General Hospital. Her marriage has been happy, but lately she's felt like she's missing something. Someone close to home is ready to show her what that is.

Jeff Webber is one of General Hospital's top surgeons. Having been unlucky in love in the past, he believe his almost 20-year marriage to Simone is perfect. He's about to be blindsided by his son.

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