We Are Family by NuGiaFan

Chapter Five-Deja vu

Jacinda was sitting in Kelly with her cousin Jamal and his girlfriend Alison

The trio had just gotten their meal when the door open admitting Zander Smith

"Hey, whos that?, hes hot!" Jacinda whispered to Alison"

Both Jamal and Alison looked up to see who she was talking about.

"Thats Zander, hes works for Sonny Corinthos a man more dangerous than Michael Corleone"

"Michael Corlene, you talking about the guy from the godfather. You telling me that that guy work for the mob hes just a kid"

"He's eighteen, hes old enough to make his own choice,and he chose to work for the mob"

Zander went to the counter and spoke with the waitress, she hanged him a brown paper bag and a large stryofoam cup.

"Hey Zander, whats up man?"Jamal called to him.

"Oh not much, just had to come and pick up lunch for G..ahhh Jason"

Zander eyes fell onto Jacinda he gave her "Whos the Babe?"

"Zander this is my cousins, Jacinda Jensen"

Zander stuck his hand out to shake Jacinda's when suddenly it hit him

"Jensen, as in Dara Jensen"

"Yes this is Dara's daugther"

"Well , it was nice meeting you, but I gotta run"Zander said as he grabbed up his bags and left.

"What was that all about?"Jacinda asked her cousin.

"I told you he work for Sonny, your mom name is like mace, whenever its mention they scatter".

"Great! The hottest guy in town and hes afraid of my mom."

Across Town

Zander walk into PH4 handing Gia the bag and drink

"Well it took you long enough"Gia said as she took the bag from him

"You lnow for someone depending on other people to get stuff for her, you need to learn how to adjust that personality of your"Zander said as he turn to walk away

"Yeah, well its easy for you to tell someone to adjust there attiutude, you're free to come and go as you like and you don't have to sit around the apartment all day with a cyborg as you only companion"

"If you wasn't such a pain in the butt, maybe some of the other guys might would sit with you, they would rather be pulled into the PCPD and deal with your brother rather than deal with you."

"A pain in the butt,I'll show you pain"Gia said leaping off the couch and at Zander, but a pair of arm wrapped around her before she could get to him.

"Let me go, Let me go"Gia struggled to get away from Jason

Her firm bottom brushing againest his front was making it very diffcult for him to hold on to her, but he knew if he let her go she would claw Zander eyes out.

"Zander, Sonny need you at the warehouse I suggest you leave,before she get away and you have to explain at the hospital how you were beaten up by a girl".

"Whatever!" Zander said as he waved them off and walk out the door

When Jason let go of Gia, "Why did you stop me I was going to not his butt out."

"I don't think so, and give Taggert another reason to hate me..I let his precious little sister get into a fight ..ain't happening"

Gia grabbed up her lunch bag and stomped upstairs.

Dara and Mac's Loft

The Stero was blaring "everybody sweat now!" as Jacinda strecthed and twisted and bend as she workout to the music.

The sudden ringing of the phone stop her workout, picking up a remote control she turn the volume down on the stereo.


"Hey! Girl whats up?" the voice on the other end said cheerfully

"Toni!, Where are you calling from, you sound awfully close."

"Well could be cause im calling from a place call Kellys "

"You here in Port Charles"


"Give me about thirty minutes and I'll be there".

Thirty mintues later Jacinda walk into Kellys



The two girls embraced each other

"When did you get here, How did you get here, How long are you staying?"Jacinda asked not giving Toni time to answer.

"I got here last night,Im working as a nanny for this couple that wanted to move back to the states, and im here indefinitely."

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