chapter six-getting to know you

Jacinda rushed into the police station tears running down her face. "Someone help me, please.!"she called out.

"Can I help you?"a voice said behind her.

She turn to see a tall handsome black male with a bald-head standing behind her looking at her oddly.

"Yes!, My friend Toni was just kidnapped!"

The bald-headed cop called for another officer to come over and take Jacinda statement.

Taggert the bald cop made a call to Cheif of Police Mac Scorpio,who was having dinner with his wife and friends who had just recently moved back to Port Charles.

The Port Charles Grille

Mac and Dara Scorpio were having lunch with their friends Matt and Ellen Harmon.

"I thought you left that thing in the car." Dara said when Mac cellphone went off.

"You know that place can't run without me dear.," Mac replied before excusing himself from the table.

He was back a few minutes later saying that he had to go back to the office because a young girl had just been abduct right off the dock while she was with a friend, who can give a pretty good description of the guys that grab her.

Back at the PCPD

The rookie cop who had taken Jacinda statement was giving her a can of soda when Mac came through the door.

"Where is this witness?"

When Jacinda heard her stepfather voice she jump out of the chair and ran to him throwing her arms around him.
"Oh Mac, it was so horrible, they got Toni!"

"Jacinda,What are you doing here?!"

"Toni and I were walking out on the docks,when these two guys approach us, they grabbed Toni, I tried to help her, but they push me into the water,and by the time I swam back to the dock they were gone."

Mac took out his cellphone and called Dara letting her know that Jacinda was at station.

A few mintues had pass before Dara rushed into the PCPD followed by Ellen Harmon, Matt had left them just after Mac to go back to the hospital.

Jacinda ran to her mom tears falling uncontrollably down her cheek, I couldn't protect her they, took, but why? , she doesn't know anyone here.

When Ellen got a look at the picture of the girl that Jacinda was talking about.
"Oh my goodness" she cried out "Thats my nanny"

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