Character Breakdown

Nikolas and Dawn Cassadine's children

Dominik Lorenzo Stefanovich Cassadine (19) – the heir of the Cassadine fortune. He's been aware of his responsibility all of his life, but it's not a role he wants. He would rather follow a different path, but he hasn't summoned the courage to tell his father yet.

Noelle Carlotta Dominika Cassadine (16) – the only daughter, is the apple of her father's eye. She has a head for business and would love nothing more than to follow in his footsteps, but according to Cassadine tradition, that role belongs to the eldest son and the eldest son only. She's determined despite the sexist obstacles that block her path.

Adrik Stefan Nikolasovich Cassadine (8) – the youngest of the children is content with being a kid and having his pets. He loves his family and they dote on him. His dream is to become a veterinarian when he grows up.

Tommy and Gina Cates-Hardy's children

Alanna Hardy (16) – is the oldest twin. She has her mother's fair skin and naturally blonde hair and her father's green eyes. She longs to follow in the footsteps of her idol Brenda Barrett and become a model while her heart longs for Dominik Cassadine.

Ciarda Hardy (16) – is the younger twin by 30 seconds. She has her father's olive skin tone and dark curls and her mother's hazel eyes. She wants to be like her mother and become a psychologist. Like her sister, her heart also longs for Dominik.

Sonny and Simone Corinthos' child

Shana Corinthos (17) – the only child of her parents' union, she's always grown up knowing that they love her and each other very much. Her nieces are her closest friends, but unlike them, her heart does not long for Dominik. She finds Brad to be more intriguing.

Jason and Keesha Morgan-Quartermaine's children

George Morgan-Quartermaine (24) – he and his twin sister were the first children adopted by the young couple 20 years ago. He has never doubted his parents' love and wants nothing more for them to be together again...provided that his father is alive. He is a young art executive in the Marketing Department at Cassadine Enterprises, and even though he's dating Lesley Lu, he finds himself strongly attracted to his employer's teenage daughter.

Grace Morgan-Quartermaine (24) – she's George's twin sister. She's always been content with her adoptive family and loves them very much. She and Michael are engaged and plan to marry in December. She's not too fond of his mother, but she adores his Grandmother Bobbie. She's a fashion photographer for Deception.

Marisa Morgan-Quartermaine (22) – she was adopted by Jason and Keesha at a very young age. She spent a year abroad backpacking through Europe, but now she's come back home to finish her last year at PCU. She lives at the Ward House with her mother and 2 younger brothers and helps with the children who come to the center for help. She's dated Lucas Jones a few times, but hasn't pursued a relationship with him. She feels ambivalent towards men and wonders if she's a lesbian. She hasn't said anything to anyone about her feelings, as she's a little afraid of her family's reaction.

Ben Morgan-Quartermaine (19) – he was adopted by Jason and Keesha when he was an infant. He and Dominik are freshmen at PCU and share an apartment. He's not sure what career he wants to pursue, so he's listed as undeclared. Currently, he's suffering from unrequited love, but that's destined to clear up soon.

Jason-Everett Morgan-Quartermaine (10) – he is Jason and Keesha's biological son. He never knew Jason and considers AJ as a father figure. He adores his older siblings and they adore him. He would love for his mother to marry AJ so that they could all be one happy family.

AJ Quartermaine and Carly Benson-Santiago's child

Michael Quartermaine (24) – he is the son of two people who are still learning how to get along with each other. It hasn't always been easy for Michael, especially when he lost his stepmother, Eve, but he's had the support of his family and has been able to tough it out. He works for Tommy as a Forensic Scientist at Tommy's security firm . He loves Grace with all his heart and can't wait to marry her. He believes that Jason and Eve are still alive out there and he's determined to find them.

Scotty and Laura Baldwin's children

Lesley Lu Spencer (24) – is Laura's youngest child and only daughter with Luke Spencer. Lesley Lu owns and manages Luke's old club and she renamed it 'Da' Joint.' It's a bar where musicians hang out and play. She's been successful and is thinking about expanding. Currently, she's dating George, but she's not sure where their relationship is headed since he seems distracted.

Serena Baldwin (24) – is Scotty's youngest daughter. Her mother is Dominique. She followed in her father's footsteps and became a lawyer. She has her eye on Lucas Jones and is determined to have him. He's a resident at General Hospital and she thinks they'd be perfect together.

Sly and Lark Eckertt's children

Sly "SJ" Eckertt, Jr. (16) – is the oldest twin by 1 full minute. He has his eye on Shana Corinthos, but is a little afraid of her father. He wants to become a photojournalist one-day.

Larry Eckertt (16) – is the younger twin but towers over his older sibling by several inches. He tries not to mock SJ too much. He likes Noelle, but she rarely acknowledges him. He refuses to give up on her, though. He plans to be a rocker like his dad.

Lana Eckertt (15) – is the only female in the Eckertt brood, and she hates it. Her father and her brothers are very over-protective. She finds peace at the Ward House where she hangs out with her best friend, Anya, and they giggle about boys.

Skeet Eckertt (13) - he loves to hang out with his older brothers. They usually don't let him tag along, but sometimes, they're cool. When they don't, he passes the time by bugging Lana and Anya.

Sam Eckertt (12) - he's the apple of his mother's eye and is the only one of her sons who hasn't been suspended from school.

Leo Eckertt (10) —the number of times he's been suspended from school rivals his older brother, Larry. He worships the taller twin and wants to be a rocker, too.

Justus and Alexis Davis-Ward's children

Justus Bradley "Brad" Ward, II (19) —he's a freshman at PCU, too. He stays in a dorm on campus, but hangs out at Ben and Dominik's apartment as much as he can. He's going the pre-law route and hopes to be a prominent attorney just like his parents. He would love to date Lesley Lu, but doesn't think she'd notice him because of the age difference.

Anya Natasha Ward (16) —likes to spend her time hanging out with her best friend, Lana. She likes Larry, but he's too enamored by Noelle to notice. This causes her to dislike Noelle with a fierce intensity. She tries to explain it to Brad, but he just tells her to grow up.

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