Chapter 25

"Felicia, let me help you with the dishes before the girls get back," Bobbie offered, helping to clear the table after the two friends finished dinner. "What time did Mac say he'd be back with Maxie and Georgie?"

Remembering how Mac brusquely refused her offer to have dinner here for the four of them - Mac, Felicia, and the girls - Felicia sighed, responding, "Mac knows that this is a school night. He'll have them back here by 9 p.m. at the latest."

"Well then let's put the dishes in the dishwasher now. I want to talk to you before the girls get home."

A few minutes later, Felicia and Bobbie were relaxing on the sofa drinking coffee. Taking a big gulp of the strong coffee in order to strengthen her resolve, Bobbie sincerely hoped that Felicia would listen to what she was about to say.

"I haven't had a chance to comment on that news broadcast the other night," she began.

"Wasn't it brilliant?" Felicia gushed, interrupting Bobbie. "Mac is so blinded by his affair with Dara he isn't seeing it in its true light, as everyone else sees it. Maybe the report opened his eyes to the reality of what he's doing."

"Felicia, this is me, Bobbie. Do you mean to tell me you really think that report was fair? It basically said that Mac abandoned you and the girls to run off and have an office affair with Dara Jensen."

Puzzled by her friend's question, Felicia defended the depiction of the news report. "That's exactly what he did do, Bobbie. That woman had the nerve to call me promiscuous in open court on the witness stand during Luke's trial." Still feeling the sting of that humiliation, Felicia was more than happy to air Dara's dirty laundry in public. "After using her position of ADA to embarrass me in public and destroy our marriage, she immediately went after Mac to seduce him." Felicia's voice dripped with venom as she made her accusations. "If anything, the report didn't focus enough on Dara's role in our separation. I know Bonnie is planning a follow-up report to the story and I'm going to suggest that it should focus more on Port Charles' wonderful ADA. ...that tramp."

During Felicia's diatribe a stunned Bobbie Spencer sat mute holding her coffee cup in mid-air as she listened. She placed her cup on the coffee table and used both hands to firmly grasp Felicia hands. Knowing it was useless to try and shake some sense into Felicia, she instead attempted to reason with her. "Felicia, look at what this is doing to yourself, and possibly doing to the girls. You all will have to live the rest of your lives with the fallout of this. You know, Mac can fire back with some potent ammunition of his own. Just because he is generally a nice guy, don't count on it keeping him from defending himself - or Dara." Watching Felicia wince, she knew that her words were painful for Felicia to hear. In a pleading tone of voice Bobbie hoped to get through to Felicia. "I'm saying this because I care about you, not Mac or Dara. Don't go down this road to try and get Mac back. It's wrong and I don't think that it will work."

With a frown on her face, Felicia freed herself from Bobbie's grasp. "No, you're wrong Bobbie, not my plan. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get Mac back and he will come back, because in the end that is where he belongs, here at home with the girls and me. I thought that you would be more supportive." Felicia was peeved. Of all people she expected the most support for her plans from Bobbie, whom she considered her best friend.

"I am your friend Felicia, and friends are obligated to be truthful with one another. Even though I thought you might get hurt, I held my tongue when you and Luke became involved, because I know from experience people tend ignore advice when it comes to matters of the heart. But I could have told you from the beginning, no matter how much she and I have our differences, Laura is the only woman Luke with ever truly love."

Listening to Bobbie recite how much Luke loved Laura was too much for Felicia to handle. "Stop, Bobbie. Just stop. I don't need to hear anything else you have to say tonight. Please just go now."

Reluctantly, Bobbie departed just as Mac, Georgie, and Maxie arrived at the house. The girls were bubbling with details of the evening they spent with Mac at his apartment. Georgie exclaimed that she wanted to play chess after watching the video Searching for Bobby Fisher that evening while Maxie handed Felicia some of the chocolate chip cookies they'd baked. Seeing how happy the girls were after being with Mac and sensing he was anxious to leave, Felicia cattily commented with a smirk, "Well, I'm glad you all had a great time. It must have been a rare experience for Mac to actually spend some time at his apartment these days."

Mac clenched his teeth in order to prevent a sharp retort to Felicia's remark. Instead, he chose to focus on the girls. Smiling at them he said, "You girls need to get to bed. Give me a kiss goodnight." Disappointed that Mac wasn't staying, Maxie and Georgie gave him a kiss and hug and with obvious sadness they went to their rooms. Not saying another word, Mac turned and went towards the door to leave.

Infuriated that Mac had not spoken to her once during the visit, Felicia was determined not to be ignored. "I must say that picture of Dara and you in the newspaper this morning was not flattering at all."

Against his better judgment, Mac stopped just short of the door and turned to respond to Felicia's taunt. "These days talking to you is a waste of time Felicia. I'd do it if I thought we'd get somewhere but now I feel it would be a useless effort. I'm going to let the lawyers work it all out."

In a threatening tone of voice Felicia responded, "You're going to want to talk to me, if fact you'll be begging to talk to me, before long. Why are you putting us through all of this? Just come home and put an end to all of this torment. The girls are miserable. Did you just see their faces as they went upstairs? You profess to love them but you can't drop them off fast enough so you can get back to your girlfriend. How can you be so hypocritical?"

Anger, frustration, and borderline rage filled Mac as he listened to Felicia. "Hypocritical? Look who's taking? How many times last year did you leave them and me to run off to God knows where with Luke Spencer? How many times did you promise not to see him and then end up going off with him again? Why..." Mac abruptly stopped himself, angry he had allowed himself to get sucked into this who-did-what argument. Clenching his hands and willing himself to calm down, he continued, "It doesn't matter who did what to whom. What matters is that you really did not love me and I no longer love you. That's all that matters now."

"Don't tell me what I felt or feel for you Mac. I do love you. I've always loved you."

Giving up, Mac left the house muttering a parting comment. "You have one hell of a way of showing it Felicia."


"Is there anything wrong sweetheart?" For the last ten minutes Alice held a conversation with her daughter Ellen and she sensed that something was on Ellen's mind, but Ellen was having a difficult time broaching the topic. "Is it Matt, that you miss him?" Alice gently probed.

"Yes Mother, I do miss him. We've spoken almost every day since he's been gone. He'll be back here in Port Charles on Sunday."

"Well, I'm sure that having a week to yourself will allow you to focus on the wedding plans. How are things going with it?"

Ellen and Alice discussed the progress Ellen was making in the wedding preparations. Grateful she was separated from Ellen via telephone wires, Alice visibly cringed when told of Lucy Coe's suggestions for the wedding. She looked upward and mouthed 'thank you' when Ellen said that she would figure out another way so Lucy could help. After talking for a few minutes more, Alice stopped trying to draw out of Ellen whatever was on her mind and said goodnight.

Sitting on her bed and sighing, Ellen placed the receiver on the telephone cradle and looked forlornly at the telephone. Frustrated, raking both hands through her dreadlocks and across her scalp, she stared at her reflection in the mirror on her dresser. Ellen desperately wanted to share her thoughts with someone but she knew of no one to whom she could turn. It was madness, she pondered, letting a few sentences and looks from Kevin Collins unnerve her and make her question her relationship with Matt. No one would ever consider Ellen a flighty person who would have serious feelings for more than one man at a time. Good grief, for years she wouldn't let Matt or any man get close to her because she had strong feelings for her late husband. For a fleeting minute Ellen tried to convince herself she misunderstood the message Kevin meant to convey. Then shook her head slowly, trembling slightly, closing her eyes as she remembered feeling his breath on her face as he asked would she ever consider having a relationship with someone else. Like an idiot she stood there frozen and in shock as Kevin made his feelings known. Thank goodness Alan came out when he did. But Alan's timely interruption only served to postpone Ellen's reply to Kevin's query until Friday (tomorrow) night. Why did Kevin's questions weigh so heavily on her mind? Why didn't she immediately respond that she was madly in love with Matt and it didn't matter if she met Matt last year, next year, or ten years in the future? Matt would still be the man that she loved and wanted to share her life with. Kevin was her friend, her colleague, and her confidant. Ellen's mind tried to focus on these qualities of Kevin and pushed aside thoughts of how extremely attractive, charming, and caring he was. Punching her pillow with her fist several times, Ellen turned off the light in her bedroom and tried to settle down for a night's sleep, hoping that she would not dream of Kevin Collins because he certainly had occupied far too much of her conscious thoughts today.

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