“I don’t know about this John. Jessica still seems uneasy around me. I think she still blames me for you and Natalie not being together,” Evangeline stated as she looked in the mirror putting on her silver hoop earrings.

At that moment, John got up form the bed where he sat watching Evangeline get ready. He loved the way she easily moved about and how comfortable she felt around him. He knew the feeling because he felt the same way.

In the last year that he and Evangeline had started dating exclusively, he’d never felt so complete. Though he’d always have place in his heart for Caitlyn, he knew that he loved Evangeline with all of his being. Not only did he love her, he was head over heels in love with her. The feeling was mutual as he and Evangeline had discussed and shown each other many, many times.

It took them both a significant while to realize the effect they had on each other, but their attraction and connection was undeniable.

“Oh come on. You know how Jess is,” John said as he slid both arms around Evangeline’s tiny waist, pulling her so her back rested against his muscular chest.

“Yeah, I know how she is alright. I know she doesn’t like me with you,” Evangeline said while watching both of their reflections in the mirror.

John was resting his chin on Evangeline’s right shoulder. He loved watching her do simple things like getting dressed and applying makeup. He loved looking at their reflections in the mirror, noting and embracing the beautiful contrast of their skin tones.

“You know as well as I do that Jessica doesn’t have anything against you personally. She’s just being Jessica, always sticking her nose in other people’s business. I swear, you’d think we hired her on down at the station as a junior detective!”

Evangeline chuckled at John’s comment. He always had the ability to make her smile.

“But if you don’t want to go, we can cancel on Antonio and Jessica and just spend the evening in. We could go get a movie. I’ll make us some stir-fry. We’ll have each other for dessert…” John began working his lips on Evangeline’s neck and earlobes.

His offer was tempting, but Evangeline knew that he and Antonio were looking forward to celebrating the closure of a high profile case that they’d been working on the last three months.

“While that certainly sounds like a wonderful evening, I think we’d better get out of here or else we’ll be late. It’s already 8p! I’d love to take a rain check though, if you’re offering,” Evangeline commented seductively.

Their eyes still stayed locked on each other as they watch through the mirror.

“Oh, you know I’m always offering,” John began. “Whatever you want, however you want it, wherever you want it,” John responded with erotic pleasures flooding his thoughts.

He locked his mesmerizing blue eyes with Evangeline’s beautiful brown eyes. He began rubbing his hands up and down Evangeline’s back in a very carnal and seductive manner.

Evangeline knew John was a man of his word, and she had every intention of making him see through his generous offer. Unfortunately, right now wasn’t the opportune time. If they started now, they wouldn’t end anytime soon.

She often marveled at John’s stamina. For a man who constantly worked long hours at the station, he never tired when it came to their lovemaking. He was like a 20 mile marathon runner; he always took his time and paced himself. He never hurriedly or sloppily finished. John always made sure Evangeline’s needs and desires were met, as her satisfaction and pleasure were always of first and foremost importance to him.

Evangeline turned around to face John, sliding her hands behind his neck.

“While you know I have every intention of making good on your kind and inviting offer, if we don’t get out of here right now, Antonio and Jessica will think we stood them up!”

She gave John a quick kiss on his soft lips.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” John began as they broke free of their embrace. “We should get going. But do you think you’ll feel like making me prove myself tonight after we get home? You know I hate being thought of as anything less than a man of my word.”

Evangeline shot John a look as he was effortlessly swinging his key chain around his index finger.

“Oh, you can bet on that Lieutenant!” Evangeline commented, giving John a quick wink and a smirk as she picked up her Marc Jacobs handbag.

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