John and Evangeline had been through a lot to be together and they were finally happy. It wasn’t an easy time for either of them. The Santi case brought them together, but it seemed like everything else was on the verge of tearing them apart.

Both were leery about getting involved in a committed relationship so they took things day by day. No commitments, no strings attached. But they soon found that they were genuinely attracted and connected to each other on several levels. Both were workaholics, wanted to please their fathers, enjoyed relaxing to jazz music, and both enjoyed a great cup of coffee. Of course their relationship developed into something much deeper, and they both valued and appreciated that.

Though they’ve now been together for just about a year, not everyone is exactly thrilled of their union, mainly Natalie Vega and RJ Gannon. RJ wasn’t really a concern of Evangeline’s. She knew he didn’t like them together, but she also knew that RJ would never hurt her. RJ did have some of his hoodlum friends assault John early on in the relationship. John sought out RJ soon after the attack. They talked and RJ hasn’t caused anymore problems.

Evangeline didn’t exactly know what the two of them discussed because John pretty much told her not to worry. She soon realized that John’s “don’t worry” was the same as “no matter how much you inquire, I’m not telling you.” Whatever they chatted about did the trick because other than an occasional nasty look, RJ had been cordial.

Natalie Vega on the other hand, has been anything but cordial. Evangeline had been thinking about Natalie a lot during their drive over to meet Antonio and Jessica for dinner and drinks at Rodi’s. Jessica had assured Antonio that Natalie had the night off so there wouldn’t be a Natalie/Evangeline/John run-in.

“Gosh John, I hope Jessica doesn’t bring up Natalie tonight. You notice how she always seems to mention her name whenever the four of us are together? You’d think that after a year, she and Natalie would both be over the fact that we’re together. Goodness, if RJ has accepted it, I know they can!”

“I’ve asked Antonio about Jess’ deal too. He said that Natalie is still pretty broken up about us never being together. Even though I told Natalie that I wasn’t interested, I guess she thought I’d change my mind. Both she and Jessica seem to think that if I weren’t with you, I’d be with Natalie.”

“And just what do you think, Lieutenant?” Evangeline asked with a snicker.

“I think Natalie has nothing to do with why I’m with you,” John began, sliding his hand up Evangeline’s jean skirt. “In fact, when we get back to the house tonight, I plan on showing you over, and over, and over how much you mean to me. Do you think you’ll be up to the task?” John inquired massaging her thigh, wishing desperately that they were at home instead.

“I never turn down a challenge, Lieutenant,” Evangeline stated, teasingly massaging his crotch. John’s member quickly rose to the occasion. John instantly began smirking.

“Okay, Evangeline. Seriously, we can go back home right now. I really don’t mind. I’d much rather drink you all night,” he said with a seductive smile as he looked over at her, playfully licking his lips.

Evangeline returned a sly smile of her own. “Good things come to those who wait Lieutenant,” she said running her fingers through his dark mane of hair.

Though John and Evangeline didn’t officially live together, they considered both of their living quarters home. Both still had their own places, but they were together so much that one wouldn’t know the difference. Evangeline owned a modest three bedroom brick home, while John rented a spacious loft. Both decided it would be a good idea to keep their own homes for the time being. They only lived 15 minutes apart, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Still, both had several belongings at the other’s home and they definitely spent more nights together than apart. But both were individuals and they each wanted to have their own residences.

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