Inside My Mind
by Narly

You said I couldn't love you
that's a lie

You said I had no feelings for you
but I tried

You said, "Your sleeping with her"
Yes, that's true

You asked, "Do I have feelings for her?"
Maybe I do

You want to know about
It's really not your business

But I'm not willing to answer
That's only my conviction

I say only that, "It's complicated"
and then I simply smile

You leave upset
I'm sorry for that
But only for a second

It passes when I think of her
and then my loins are acking

I want her more than I can say
to anyone for sure

I only sigh and say her name....
"Evangeline.....I want more"

One Life to Live©ABC
Inside My Mind by Narly©2004
All Rights Reserved.

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