Do you love me?
by Narly

I knew it was her before I even opened the door
I knew I would want her....I needed her...I didn't care

I took what I wanted...pulled her towards me
Embraced her, caressed her, inhaled her

I lost her {{{ Do You Love Me ? }}}

She was gone from the touch of my hand
The warmth of my arms....but then I saw her again

I smiled...this I knew....this I understood
She climbed over me....untop of me...kissing me

then she was gone {{{ Do You Love Me ? }}

But I wanted I followed and recaptured her
Embraced her...enclosed her in my essence
Lay upon her.....memorizing the curves of her body

{{{ Do You Love Me ? }}}

I hear the sound of her voice but not her words
I see the confusion in her face,the resolution in her eyes

{{{ Do You Love Me ? }}}

She gets up to leave but I'm not prepared to let go...I pull her back

{{{ Do You Love Me ? }}}

"As long as we understand each other"

But I know it's all a lie...all untrue....because I don't understand

{{{ DO YOU LOVE ME ? }}}

As I look deep into the depth of her eyes
Eyes that I man can get lost in
As I have

The voice persists.....{{{ DO YOU LOVE ME?}}}

One Life to Live©ABC
Do You Love Me? by Narly©2004
All Rights Reserved.

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