Opening to Evangeline

by insight spinner

The door to my heart
Was shut long ago
Shut tight & there was no key
No combination or lock
Protecting that passageway
It was held fast by fear

& my heart cried for her
What she meant to me
& how she died
By a bullet with my name on it

Someone tried to reach behind that wall
& find my soul
But I was not ready
& she wasn't woman enough to meet me

Driven by responsibility, guilt or pity
But none of those were passion
Nor dwell beyond that door
& I can't give life to a lie
Out of a sense of duty

& my soul yearned for her
& defined my fear --
That I make targets of those I love
By who I am

Sweet angel floating down
Chocolate brown & smoother
& I feel something bump tentatively
Then slam against that door--
My heart

I crack the door & inhale
The scent of flowers
& the warmth of springtime
& the heat of summer
All fall into her eyes
Smooth velvety brown

& my heart cried for her
& my soul yearned for her
With joy
Tears perfect & solemn
Precious & cherished
Made way for hope
& the promise of love

I open the door to my heart
& there she is standing
Sophistication & grace
Beauty & confidence
Oh & passion
Sweet & warm
Invading my senses

& my heart cries for her
& my soul yearns for her
& far above us another angel
Smiles for her

But the key to who I am--
My heart
Came from inside of myself
& opened the door
In my wall of pain & regret
And let my love flow out
To her

Insight Spinner

One Life to LiveŠABC
Opening to Evangeline by insight spinnerŠ2004
All Rights Reserved.

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