Jovan Haiku Series: Summers End
9/18/2004 by insight spinner


JoVan Haiku 4

too long we waited
skirting veiled threats unfulfilled
ignore everyone


JoVan Haiku 5

torsos entwined -- mouths
explore with tongues and fire--
someone burned the fish

JoVan Haiku 6

retreat to your roof
where possibilities wait
unheeded by stars

Jovan Haiku Series: Autumn's Promise
9/18/04 by insight spinner


JoVan Haiku 7

sweltering summer
fades to crisp autumn fire--
blue is still my color

JoVan Haiku 8

longing, I ache -- your
love blankets like golden leaves
my heart and thighs sing


JoVan Haiku 9

her lips are divine
apple-kissed they brush lightly
then firm and cider sweet

JoVan Haiku 10

love warm as amber
return my trust openly
you possess my soul

JoVan Haiku 11

possessive is not
jealous -- one stakes love's claim the
other kills love's spark

all poems copyright insight spinner 2004
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