By Insight Spinner

A JoVan Poem

Disclaimer: John and Evangeline are characters that belong to One Life to Live © ABC Television. The poem is mine.

I thought I knew what I wanted
Until what it is that happens when I am with you

Happened on my lips
And inside my mouth
And ran through my hair
Down my neck and across my face
Playing fire on my collarbone
And ice on my earlobes
I melt in your arms

Happened on my back
Hard and urgent
As you snatch me up into your arms
And oh, swoon!
I am surrounded by your elemental presence

Engulfed by the urgency of your desire
Set afire by your heat

Or soft and slow
As you wind your arms around and up my back
And I engulf your beautiful body
With my own strong arms

Happened on my hips

When you bent me over the pool table
With your words
And the memory of our hips in union

Hearts pounding
Shouts, screams
Your resonant, amorous growl

And the sweet breathless collapse of our release

Happened on my soul

As you gaze into my eyes
And see in me
My true self, undiluted
Accepting me completely
Desiring me
Matching your soul with mine
Making them one
Happened on my heart
As you declare
What it is that you feel for me
Through your hands, your lips, your hips
Through the very pores in your skin
Even your voice whispers your intention

As you sigh and sing my name

What is it that happens when I am with you?


One Life to LiveŠABC
Happenings by insight spinnerŠ2004
All Rights Reserved.

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