Where My Heart Is
by ByrdcammieM

I wish she would drop this
investigation of Gannon.

She said lately everytime
she sees RJ he's with
Sonja Toledo she thinks
maybe there is something
going on with them.

She says that Gannon won't
hurt her.

I told her maybe not I'm more
worried about what Sonja
will do to her.

We sat quitely holding hands
enjoying each others company
when who should show up...Jessica.

Jessica is a nice person but somehow
she always manages to ruin a
beautiful moment.

Vangie has to go anyway another
problem with a client.

Jessica wants to know what happened
in Puerto Rico with Antonio. Why is she
asking me about something she knows
I can't talk about?

She says that he is obsessed with the
Santis and that I of all people should
know how dangerous it can be when
someone gets obsessed with a case.

Ok that did it see ya later Jessica.

I came back to the hotel roof and
I can't stop thinking about Vangie.

Suddenly the door opened and
there she was.

I said I thought you were going
to call me first.

She said she wanted to surprise

She has a movie in her hand
and I'm almost afraid to know
what it is.

She said it was a movie every
man should see.

She said are you game.

We made popcorn and got
some pillows and brought
the t.v. and d.v.d player
back up to the roof.

We were watching the
movie but I couldn't
stop looking at her.

I have no idea what
happened on the movie
because I couldn't take
my eyes off this amazing

The movie ended and she
started crying and saying
how dumb it was to cry
about the end of a movie.

I said no you were right
everyone should see
this movie.

I touched her cheek and
kissed her soft lips and
in that moment I realized
she is and will always

be where my heart is.

One Life to Live©ABC
Where My Heart Is by ByrdCammieM©2004
All Rights Reserved.

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