I'm sitting on the roof of the
hotel trying to keep cool on
this warm September night.
I'm listening to music and
my mind begins to wander.

Suddenly Brown Eyed Girl
by Van Morrison begins and
my thoughts quickly turn to

I thought about the last time
we were together and how
she felt in my arms.

Sometimes when I relize how
much she means to me it scares
the hell out of me but then when
she's in my arms and we make
love I begin to think it's ok to
have these feelings again.

I think about her constantly.

Where is she?

What is she doing?

When I think about it I
relize that although I
once thought of Caitlin
as the one. Maybe I
was wrong.

Maybe Van is the one.

I don't know but I do
know that she is the
one I want now and
maybe for the rest
of my life.


One Life to LiveŠABC
Thoughts by CammieŠ2004
All Rights Reserved.

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