Sorry But I Love You
by ByrdcammieM

I'm watching her from the doorway
at Rodi's while she reads the lettter
I sent her.

Dear Evangeline

I know this is a strange way of doing
this but I don't think I would be able
to do it face to face.

You and I have been together for 5
months and they have been the
happiest I can ever remember.

You make me happy everyday.

I know that we have had some
problems but every couple does.

I once told you don't you give up
on me we're worth fight for and I
still feel that way.

You have told me that you have
certain fears and so do I but my
biggest fear is living without you.

I know that there are some words
that you want to ban from our
vocabulary well I'm sorry but.

As she starts looking in the envelope
looking for the rest I casually walk up
to her sit down and say I love you.

She looks at me with tears in her eyes
and says I love you too John.

There we said it.


One Life to Live©ABC
Sorry But I Love You by ByrdcammieM©2005
All Rights Reserved.

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