My Man

If Natalie thinks that breaking
it off with Paul Cramer is going
to give her a chance with John
she's got another thing coming.

I mean if she tries to take John
from me she's going to have
one hell of a fight on her hands.

There is no way that I will give
John up without a fight.

He may not know it but he is
the love of my life.

When I'm with him I feel safe
and happy.

We make love and it's like
nothing I've ever experienced.
He is so gentle and loving.

So no Natalie you're not
taking my man without
a fight because he's
everything to me.

He's my sun in the morning
and my moon and stars at

So back off sister because
Vangie plays to win.

One Life to LiveŠABC
My Man by CammieŠ2004
All Rights Reserved.

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