Johnny Mac

Super cop by day.
Hot sexy lover by

He works hard all
day to bring down
the bad guys and
then he works all
night to satisfy me.
Of course he really
doesn't have to work
all that hard to do
that because I'm
satisfied just being
in his arms.

He makes me dinner
and even if it's pizza
and beer he still manages
to make it romantic.

He can even make bowling
sexy.When he goes up to
take his turn he looks around
at me and winks then when
he brings his arm up to make
his delivery he shakes his
ass.After he delivers the
ball he turns walks back
to me and just about the
time the ball hits the pins
he shapes his hand like a
gun says bang and sticks
it up to his mouth and blows
on it like it's just been fired.

He really is a showoff some-
Of course it really doesn't
matter because I always

He says that's ok as long
as we're together he's happy.

Besides I always make it up
to him when we go to Rodi's
because believe it or not I
suck at pool but it doesn't
matter I only play because
he likes it and I like to make
him happy because I beat
him at everything else.

I haven't gotten him on a
tennis court yet but I will.
I think I have figured out
how to do it.All I have to
do is get him an all black
leather tennis outfit.

Oh well as long as I'm with
him I don't care what we do
or where we are I just love
being with him.

I love you Johnny Mac.

One Life to LiveŠABC
Johnny Mac by CammieŠ2004
All Rights Reserved.

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