Heart and Soul Evangeline there is a song that
says I fell in love with you heart
and soul and that's true I have.

It happened so fast but I haven't
found the words to tell you yet.

I suppose I could follow Jim Croche's
advice and tell you in a song but that's
not a good idea because if you heard
me sing well let's just say it wouldn't
be pretty.

I guess I could write you a poem but
mere words can not express the
depth of my love for you.

It's been about three months since
our first passionate encounter in
that basement but that was the
beginning of the most amazing
thing that has ever happened
to me.

I know what you're thinking
the big bad copper is having
trouble expressing his feelings.

It's been that way since I was
a kid and it got worse after
Caitlin was killed but then you
came along and all of that changed.

I've started opening up to you and
it's getting easier to talk about my

I'm still scared but I'm no longer

Ok I can do this.

I love you Evangeline Williamson
more than I ever thought I could
love someone.You mean more
to me than my own life.

I love you.

Wow that was easier than I

One Life to LiveŠABC
Heart and Soul by CammieŠ2004
All Rights Reserved.

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