As Time Goes By

I'm sitting in my apartment reading
a book and listening to the radio.

As Time Goes By begins to play
and I can't help smiling thinking
about movie night on the roof
of the hotel.

Lying next to John watching
Casablanca was wonderful.

Every minute spent with
John is wonderful.

Even though we both agreed
to that no commitment thing
whenever he kisses me I
can't help thinking I'll love
him forever.

All of a sudden there is a
knock at the door.

Who is it?

It's John I hope it's not
to late to stop by.

I opened the door and
said no come on in.

He walked in and
kissed me.

The next thing I knew
he had swept me up
carried me to my bed
and we made the
sweetest,hottest most
passionate love ever.

When it was over I couldn't
help but think that I wanted
to make love to him again.

So I looked at him smiling
and said play it again John.

Then he looked at me and
said here's lookin at you
kid and we made love for
the rest of the night.

One Life to LiveŠABC
As Time Goes By by CammieŠ2004
All Rights Reserved.

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