Chapter 7

The rest of the week flew by with nothing but crazy activities for Evangeline but John couldnít believe how slow the week had gone. The week had gone slower than slow. Maybe it had something to do with the fact he hadnít seen Evangeline since the lake.

She was tied up in a series of courts dates. Defending a man who allegedly rapes his girlfriend. Everyone in the town had been shock when she took the case but she made no apologies about it. She said she stood up for what she believes in and that she believes he didnít do it.

Heís glad they were going away for the weekend. Heís looking forward to some tlc with her. He miss her disposition, how she made everything seem not so serious. He is a different person around her, softer, more feeling oriented.

He drives down to Ultra Violet to have lunch with Michael and Marci. Why they pick this place is beyond him. Walking in the dark color nightclub, he didnít see Miky or his girlfriend

Who he did see is Natalie and Paul looking quite suspicious. They were huddled together talking about something heatedly. Catching his glance her face turn red and she duck, lifting her head again she give him a small tentative smile, which he return.

The cop in him wants to go over there and find out whatís up but he ignores it. What Natalie got herself involve in wasnít his business. Yeah right keep telling youíre self that pal.

Sitting down at a random table, he look toward the stage to see a girl singing. The soft melody of Ďthe sweetest daysí by Vanessa Williams goes through the room. The room fell into a hush silence. There was so much soul, emotion in her voice; itís as if he could feel her pain.

After the song is over, not a person moves. Than the room erupts with thundering applauses, even John had to join in. All to quickly the serene calm in the room evaporates when Ludacris song "Get Back" comes on.

"Hey Johnny" a hand clamping on his shoulder. He pull a seat to the table "Sorry Iím late, I got hold up at the hospital."

"No problem" a waiter came over to take their drinks, coming back with their drink, the waiter whose nametag read Leah, places it before them. Taking a sip of his vodka on the rocks, John looks around for Marci "where is Marci?"

"She will be running a little late. Where is Evangeline big brother?" Michael said

"Work" he say sullenly, not realizing his tone.

"You donít sound too happy about that." Concern on his face

"Iím not not happy about it. at Michael look to continue on, John grudgingly do so. "It just that she always seem to be working, and I see now what I must have put Caitlin through." a hush silence fall over the two. Leah comes back to take their order, after writing it down she leaves.

"Iím not going to fall apart just mentioning her name MickeyÖyou can relax."

"I amÖ there was a time when just a mention of her name or anything close to it you would have went crazy."

"I know but things changeÖIíve change"

"I see that and all thank to the beautiful brilliant attorney, Evangeline Williamson"

Leah came back with their food, and place them before them but not without giving Michael and John the once over.

Dropping the conservation for a lighter one, they both eat their lunch as they talk about nothing important. Marci came when they were done, so they sat down drinking their beer while she ate.

"So me and Michael were wondering if you want to drive down with us"

"Thanks but no" taking a sip at the cool beer, he survey the area.

"Why not?" she asks.

"Marci" Michael but in, she gave him a look but didnít question him about it. "Mom going to be real happy to see you. You havenít come home in months."


"The house is going to be crowed but okay"

"No, it wonít be. Me and Evangeline are staying at a hotel" this got him raise brows from both. He hide his smirk by taking a drink.

Marci starts telling them about her book deal and how this guy is really helping her re-write it or something? Johnís too busy watching Natalie and Paul to really pay attention. He got a call to come back to the station, so he left them there casting one last glace at the two.


At the Hotel

They arrive in the hotel in laughter and smiles. John had gotten them an en suite room wanting there first time away together to be something special.

Looking around the room, a smile lit up her face "itís beautiful John" the room was painted a soft blue with cream borders. There were paintings of sunsets and oceans hanging throughout the room.

The windows were big oval type with soft blue drapes. Lamps were place beautifully in the room, the whole place held a magnificent glow with itís tables, and dresser. The king size bed in the middle of the room was huge. Jumping on it, she tests it for softness. "Aw John I could just sink into the mattress." Getting up from the bed, she goes to check the bathroom.

While Evangeline checks the suit out she ohhs and ahhs at everything like a child, John smiles thinking how cute she is acting, and start putting his luggage away.

"Iím glad you like the place"

"So am I" also going over to him she hug him from the back. "John I can tell this is going to be a great weekend"

Putting down the clothes he agrees "me too." Pulling apart she also put clothes away.

"There is two things that we must do before we leave here" she says out of the blue

"What?" sneaking a glace at her profile.

"We have to go in that tub" he laughs because he is thinking the same thing "and we have and this is a must go dancing."

"I hate dancing," he complain.

"In that case you better get youíre dancing shoes on" switching subject "how long do we have before we have to be at youíre mom?"

"About two hours"

For the next two hours they put their clothes away and got their clothes ready for later. Evangeline already had planned exactly what she is going to wear for first time she meet Johnís mom. Setting her clothes on the bed nice and neatly, she goes to take a shower.

After coming out she wrap a towel around her body and start applying her make up. After skillfully apply her make up, she rubs flower in the springtime lotion throughout her body, leaving no skin untouched.

After putting on a light brown bra with matching thong she put the dress on. Looking her self over in the mirror, she couldnít help but admire the way the golden, strapless dress clings to her body formfitting. The dress clung tightly to her chest then billow out around her hips, ending in mid-thigh, putting on the same color 4 inch stilettos.

John came out the bathroom wearing his clothes. A black pant with a dark blue shirt, he left a few buttons at the top unbutton.

"John you look wonderful." Approaching him and kissing his lips softly, her hands crossing around his neck.

Placing his hands on her waist "thanks but youÖ you look breathtaking" his eyes taking in ever inch of her. Putting more space between them so he could get the full affect. "Iím not sure if I want you to meet my mom." Tsking to himself "Iím not sure Iíll be able to keep my hands to myself."

"John" she squeal when he took her hips in his hands and drag her into him. Looking into his heated eyes, she blush. Itís like she has no clothes on with the way heís looking at her. Womanly pride settles over her, she certainly got the reaction sheís looking for and more. "Iím glad you like it"

"I more than like it" to prove his point, he kiss her again. Senseless.


Eveís house

When they ring the doorbell, they could hear Marci yelling Ďcomingí from inside. They stood outside with their coats on, waiting until she open the door.

Taking her hand in his "everything going to be fine"

"I know but you never really know" their conversation is cut short when Marci open the door.

"Evangeline you look Beautiful." Ushering them to come in from the cool mid afternoon air.

"Thanks Marcie, so do you" they hugged. She is wearing a blue, long sleeve shirt with black pants with black heels.

Walking in the house, Evangeline is immediately consume with warmth and love. This house looks and feels like home, one would see in a fairy tale. Just walking in the living room, she could tell that every piece of furniture was put there with a great deal of love.

The room had lots of earth tone colors; there were a few trinkets here and there. She is surprise that John doesnít come home more often. Marci takes their coats and direct them to the entrainment room where Michael and his mom were watching tv.

Eve stand up when she sees them. Her eyes going to Evangeline and they seem to just size her up, first from how sheís dress and the way her hair is a temple of loose curls. Feeling a little intimidated, she reach out and give her hand to Eve.

"Evangeline Williamson." She look her hand over, slowly, which felt like the largest three seconds of her life, Eve take her hand and pulls her in for a hug.

"Eve Mcbain, Iíve heard a lot about you." Surprise about the hug, she return it.

"Only good things I hope" throwing a glace at John.

"Of course. I wasnít quite sure you would be as beautiful as John said you were but I can see for myself he wasnítí lying."

Not expecting the complaint, she smiles at Eve and John.

After theyíre greeting, she get a tour of the house. The house is full with memories and dents, proof that two growing boys once lived here. The whole time, John stays by her side, pointing out certain areas that held sentimental value to him. Michael and his mom told embarrassing stories about John growing up that had him begging them to stop.

The whole time Marci and Evangeline couldnít stop laughing, and to get revenge John start talking about Michael and she realize that this is a happy place for him.

"Címon I want to show you something," he whispers in a low tone next to her ear.

"Where are we going?" putting a finger against her lip, he lead her up the stairs. Marci and Eve didnít notice they were gone when Shannon and Rex came.

Laughing softly she follow him. He pulls her in a dark room, and with a tug she stumble into his arms. His lips came down on hers shortly thereafter. She melts in his arm as he push her against the door.

Pulling apart with little kisses in between she ask "John where" kiss "are" kiss "we?" another long drugging kiss.

"In my room." Trailing his lips across her jawbone, he nips her chin.



"I really would like to see your room" she moans from his attention at her ear.

Sighing, he release her from his hold. Turning on the light, they blink to get use to the light. Leaving him standing at the door, she carefully examine his room with watchful eyes. His room painted a soft color of beige and white, with dark carpet. Against the far wall is a TV with a VCR on top sitting on a dresser.

This is definitely a room where a boy occupied from the football and baseball at the corner. Facing the TV is a twin size bed, which gain John a raise brow. There is a poster hanging up with the name Roger Clemens.

"Oh so thatís Roger Clemens."

"Yep." There are several posters of baseball and football stars. There is a messy bookshelf, letting go of his hand, she bend down to read the name of the books.

"You have a thing for Steven King huh? Anne RiceÖJohn Grisham? Not expecting that at all."

Pulling her back into his arm "I wanted to be a well rounded person... thatís probably where I got this thing for lawyers" laying a soft kiss on her lips.

"Anything specific?" she ask a twinkle in her dark eyes

"Yeah, she has to have beautiful brown skin, too tempting lips, a body that was made for me, and she can take care of her self." He whispers against her lips, every word coming out his mouth brushes his lips against her. Taking her lips in a sweet kiss, she close her eyes, kissing him back, forgetting everything but them.

Pulling apart, she canít help the warm glow that spread through her. "I canít wait till I have you for myself detective"

"Why wait?" picking her up, he place her on the twin size bed with him on top.

"John!" she squeal but laugh as he kisses her over and over. After a few more tugs against his chest he get off her. "We canít do this here JohnÖyou mother is right downstairs" her voice a pitch higher.

"Thatís part of the fun" seeing her unyielding look "You donít know what you are missing," he says with a raise brow and a sexy grin.

"I do Lieutenant I do" shaking her head, she goes to stand in front to the mirror to fix her self.

"This room is definitely you John"

"You think so?"

"Yeah" she purposely didnít acknowledge the poster of Mariah Carey, laughing he lead her back down stairs.

"Where were you guys?" say Shannon going to give them both a hug.

"I was just showing Evangeline my room," he said, with an innocent look.

"Iíll bet," said his mother going in front of him to wipe the lipstick off her sonís lip.

Looking at each other, Vangie gave him an ĎI told you soí look, grinning back, he stuck his hand in his pocket.

"So whoís this Shannon?" Vangie ask in a way to divert the attention from her and John

After being introduce to rex, the son of Roxy, they all sat down to eat dinner. Rex is a flirt to the fullest. He stole the spotlight from John and Michael as he charmed them to death. Somehow he had coerced Vangie into singing and before she knew it, she singing "Oh McDonald had a farm". Midway through the song Eve joined in and they sang the night away together.

Finding a common ground that had nothing to do with her son, they bond over their amazing singing abilities. She is a tremendous woman that made her feel right at home, and put her at ease effortlessly. Finding out that she is a witty and funny person and that for her lack of height she could definitely handle her two boys along with Shannon.

Evangeline like Rex but he doesnít seem to be with Shannon the way he should. Throughout the whole dinner and after, she would catch Shannon giving him longing looks. He is always checking his phone as if he expecting something important, then it hit her that he wasnít in love with Shannon the way she is with him.

"Hey Shannon, whatís wrong?"

"Nothing. I was just thinking about stuff"

"Well if you ever need to talk Iím here."

"Okay. Thanks" walking away she find out that Eve has Michael and John doing manual labor.

"That look heavy" Evangeline observe, sitting down beside Eve.

"It is" she replies.

The rest of the night is spent in laughter and getting to know one another. She learns things about John that he never would have talked about.


The walk back to the hotel is strong with sexual tension. Knowing that they would be together after weeks of not being together, had her body tensing with every touch of his finger against her body. John had his arm around her waist as the walk. Evangeline slows her footsteps to take in the dusky night. The couple walks in silence, not wanting to dispel the magical air around them.

The sky was a dark blue, the sun setting not too far off. The different hues of colors made the sky come alive. Around them were other people walking, talking and doing whatever.

"I had a beautiful time John. You mother is great." A soft smile pulling at her lips.

"I was hoping you would have a good time tonight and yeah she is" giving her waist a soft squeeze which affect her more than she let on.

Reaching their hotel, they got on the elevator to take them to their room. They were the sole occupants on the lift. She lean lightly against the wall. Tension reign through her body, she couldnít forget that he is in the lift with her. She could feel his presence, could feel it the way she could feel the cool metal against her back.

Their eyes meet and something just shot through her body leaving her pliant and hot. The raw energy in the lift was stifling, heat so familiar sweep through them. Closing her eyes for a brief second to try to keep the lust at bay, she opens them once she heard the soft sound he made.

John walk toward her with purpose on his mind. Leaning over her, he back her into the wall even more. His hand on both side of her head. Trapping her. He could see her pulse racing. Smiling wickedly, he place a soft kiss on the pulse at her neck. Her breath hitch.

"John" she moans fingers going into his hair. The smoldering look in his eyes made her body tremble. "Kiss me" she beg, her breath hot against his cheek. Looking into her eyes, he sees the intense desire in their depth. Obliging, he lower his mouth unto her.

Fluttering her eyes close, she parts her legs so he could stand between them. Moving closer to her, his body mesh into her. Lightly he ran his tongue against her lips, he kiss each corner. He nibbles on her lower lip, with each sighs she release he comes closer to his goal, her nude beneath him or on top of him in bed. He crushes his lips against her with no preamble.

She gasps at the full contact. Her body is burning, yearning for his. The dress she has on is too tight, too much cloth separating them. She wants to feel his bare body against her own. Gripping his hair harder, an intake of breath when he force entry into her mouth, his tongue sought and pillage what rightfully his.

Heat spread throughout her being, pooling between her legs. Wetness gathers between her thighs, so much itís uncomfortable. She shifts to quench the fire between her thighs, yet only succeeding in making it worse.

Unconsciously with ever shift of her legs she rub his manhood into her. With a growl he pushes himself deeper into the V of her leg. Over and over he took her mouth in vicious kiss, he never gives her proper time to recover. With each shattering kiss he claim her as his.

They were so engross in each other, they didnít hear the ding of the elevator door open. Two elderly couples enter the lift. The couples were immediately horrified at the sight before them.

They couldnít believe how rude young people were these days at the scene that face them. A horror-struck look came upon their face, they were practically having sex! The two women fake cough to grab their attention.

They pull apart at the disturbance. John and Eva look to the center to see the elderly couples sending them look of their displeasure and disapproval. In defiance John stays right where he was. Eva non-to gently jab him in the ribs. He lifts himself from her warm body and goes to stand next to her, not bothering to hide the evidence of his arousal.

Blushing madly Evangeline couldnít look at them. She hid her face in Johnís arm. She knew the two couples were sending hateful glares their way not just because of their public display of affection but also because of the color difference.

John was sending furious glares right back at them. The old white and black couple would turn away and look back. It pisses him off that in this day and age people could still act so racist at seeing a white and black person together. Leaning over he place a soft kiss on her cheek.

Which sent the couples in an up roar yet they held it in. The two men were shaking their head and giving them dirty looks on the sly. The wives were talking to each other and giving him looks.

"Look at them Trudy so shameful, people these days have no respect for their elders" said the old black woman

"Mmm Belinda, donít they know they should stick with their own kind" the husbands were nodding their head in agreement. The ladies made no qualm about speaking their minds. Loud.

John had to bite in the anger he felt at them. He knew if he responds, he would be stooping to their low level. Knowing that Evangeline wouldnít like that also held his anger in check. He stood quite in their corner holding Evangeline, who raise her head up from his arm a while ago.

When it came for them to get off the lift, he garbs Eva hand and walk out, making sure they saw their lace hands. They look at each other as the lifts close; there is nothing to say they hadnít already said on the issue.

They could talk about the issue of race until they were blue in the face and it still wouldnít be resolve. So they opted to just not deal with it; they knew whatís going on, they had the discussion over and over. It made no point to beat on the thing into the ground so many times. They both agreed they could handle the pressure.

Walking quickly until they reach the door. He let go of her hand to unlock the door. Entering the room the door close when he grab Evangeline and presses her body against the door.

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