Chapter 8

(This is where the NC-17 comes in. If you do not want to read it, go on to the next chapter. )

The air tore from her lungs as lust quickly became her state of mind. His mouth came down over hers in a clear swoop. Fingers grip his strong broad shoulders as her knees buckle. His hands cup her derrière bringing her closer to his throbbing member.

Moans of desire erupt from her open mouth as his lips rains small kisses on her face and neck. A hand runs up and down her curves, reacquainting itself to her body. His left hand cups an overly sensitive breast. Tiny electric tingles ran down her spine with just the touch of his hand. He flicks her nipple then rub a thumb over it as he watch the expression on her face. He does the same treatment to the other one.

"I want you," he growl against her hair, his tongue tracing her ear lob. Her cry of passion spurs him on more, making him crazy with lust. He step away from her, letting the air whoosh between their bodies. Her eyes flew open, feeling vulnerable and bereft.

Looking in her desire glaze eyes, he had to force himself not to take her against the door right this minute. Her chest moves up and down with every harsh breath. His eyes following the movement with unbreakable concentration. Looking back at her face, his gaze drop to her mouth when a pink tongue moisten her lips. Groaning he lean his forehead against hers while he lays a short kiss on her nose.

In a low seductive voice he say " I want you so bad I can barely stand." his mouth went to suckle her neck. Tilting her head back to give him better access, his mouth latches on the spot. Her hands did quick work of his jacket, throwing it carelessly on the floor. Grabbing her face between his hand he kiss her hard.

Pushing him off her "Before we start anything I want to change first." Her voice come out in pants.

Giving her a confuse look "Change for what? I’m going to be taking it off anyway." He said matter of fact a small smile on his face.

Laughing, she give him a lingering kiss of promise "Just be patient detective and I promise it’ll be worth the wait. " with a wink she take the bag she left near the bathroom and walk in. She locks the door behind her so he wouldn’t peek.

Looking in the mirror she carefully reapplies mascara and lip-gloss. Taking off the dress, bra and panties, she put on the lingerie she brought for this occasion. Putting on the same color 6-inch pumps, she gave her curly hair a bounce. She put on a long silk robe to cover her scarcely dress body.

With a deep breath and a quick glance in the mirror she open the door.

John sit on the bed untying his shoe lace when he hear the sound of the door opening, he look up. His jaw hits the floor when he see her. The robe is loosely belt at her hips. There’s a part in the robe showing off a glimpse of what lay underneath. He could see a strip of black between her breasts. Her flat tone stomach and the belly button ring she has.

She stays motionless letting him get his fill of her. Sensuously, she walks over to him with a sway to her hips and a bounce to her breast. His shoes long time forgotten lay on his foot untouched, with every step closer the robe open more giving him a tantalizing view of mocha thighs and smooth legs. Lust unlike anything in this world grips him in its firm hold.

He watches with still breath as she came to him. She stop when she stood between his thighs and without a word she undid the belt and tugs it off. His mouth open with awe when he saw the scrumptious beauty in front of him without the cream satin robe. She had on a black strapless bra that appears to be sheer.

He could see the curve of the breast but what he couldn’t see is the nipple. His gaze went lustfully down her body. To her bare midriff and her boy shorts satin panty. Her long legs encase in sheer stockings and a garters at her upper thighs.

When the bulge in his pants increases, she smiles sinfully "You like?" her hands elevate at her sides motioning toward her get up.

His hands span her waist "I like." he place a kiss on her covered nipples. He flick his tongue over them until he see them standing proud. His hands went up her face to brush her hair out of her face "You don’t know what you do to me." his voice a tender whisper with something else thrown in that she could not distinguish.

Something in her tightens when he said that. "I think I may have an idea. Bending down she takes off his socks and shoes. He stares openly at her bosom and lick his lips in anticipation at the sight of them. She tosses the items behind her, not caring where they end up. Standing up form her kneel position, she straddles his hard thighs, her knee on either side of him.

Her hands went to unbutton his shirt with every button she release from it hold, Evangeline smother kisses down his chest. Every so often she would move against him, and he would groan. Smiling wantonly she let her hands graze his clothes member. He jump at the unexpected contact.

John did nothing but cup her round bottom in his hand and squeeze them in his hand. He smiles when she hisses between her teeth. He watches with hooded eyes as she moves against him. This was the sweetest kind of torture. It is getting hard not to turn them around and bury him self in her warmth.

Once the shirt was unbutton, she took it off his arm one by one. Her fingers caress what the shirt reveal. She kisses the tattoo that was on his arms, a finger gliding over it. Her breasts were press against his chest when her tongue went out to map out the color in his tattoo.

"Eva" he groans, " I don’t think I can stand this." she lifts her head and like magnet their eyes attract. His hands held her face between them, caressing the soft skin. Bringer her face closer he kisses her sensuous lips softly. Their lips came together in a meeting of souls.

"Oh my" she murmurs. Something is happening to her, with every touch, kiss her heart burst with untold feelings. This strange emotion came over her, but she couldn’t tell what it is. This emotion gave her a happy light feeling about being in his arms. An emotion she always felt when she’s with him but this time it was stronger more earth shattering. She pulls her lips away.

Breathing hard, she pushes him on the bed with a sound he falls on the bed. She stood above him, watching him lay beneath her. Leisurely she lays her body on top of his, settling herself on top of him, she kiss his chest. Her lips settle over his, their mouth mating until they were gasping for breath.

Moving to his neck, she kisses and licks the base of his neck. She moves down and progress kisses and licks down his neck till she reach his where his collarbone. Hearing his groans and grunts turns her on knowing that she is the cause. She feels so powerful and in control feeling his body quivering beneath hers, liking the fact that she had so much power over him. It made her feel proud to be a woman.

Down her lips went until they came in contact with the hard nub of his nipple. Excruciatingly slow she swirls her tongue around it and than blew air over it. Her other hand snakes toward the other one twitching, pulling and flicking the nipple with her fingers.

Every once in a while she would switch her attention, giving each fair and equal time. She never before felt this unnerving need to know a man’s body. Never felt this need to please a man until he is screaming her name. With other guys she wasn’t interested in their body or their feelings but with John…she wants it all.

Deft fingers went to unbuckling his belt and pants. Lifting her self from him she pulls his pants down his legs. Throwing it behind her, she gave John a smile that promises everything and more. When John would have sat up, she pins him with her body.

"I don’t remember me saying you could get up Lieutenant." her tone playful but her face anything but.

"Eva I can’t wait any longer." Reaching out to put his hand in her hair.

"I’ll make you wait." her lips found his open one. Swiftly she melts into the kiss forgetting her seduction completely. In that moment all that matter is them. A heady moan came forth her lips. The heat of their kiss penetrating right into the core of her being while she melt in his arms.

John let out a guttural breath when her slender hand goes in his boxer and on his shaft. Moving her hand up and down his straining shaft, causing him to grunt and groan from the pleasure. "Ugh." he groans, feeling himself ready to explode in her hand. The friction of her hand against his throbbing cock sends jolts of pleasure through him.

It took extreme effort and self control not to lose himself. His will constantly being put to use, whenever her hand moves the cotton of his boxer short also rubs against him. He make a sound so deep in his throat; and arch toward her skillful hand

Her lips moves down his body, stopping to lick and caress (with the other hand) his hard as rock stomach while still stroking his well-endowed manhood. Her tongue circles his navel, softly blowing air into the depression. Still her lips travel further south his body. Her left hand in the lead pulling down his boxer short till they were no longer in the way.

If this last any longer he wasn’t going to be able to last. He grab hold of her head, pulling her toward him for a long, intense kiss. He flips them so he is now on top. She squirms against him. Bringing her lower body in deeper contact with his.

"My turn." his voice husky and low sending shivers through her body. She knew before he is through with her, she would loose all the control she has. Instead of dreading the thought of lost control, she welcomes it.

She gives him control over her body, willingly. His hand held her wrists above her head, eyes lock and the amount of trust in their brown depth made him pause.

Lowering his head for a deep passionate kiss, their tongues entwine like vines. Moaning she arch her body towards his. Begging him silently to take her. Chuckling, he shakes his head no. John let go of her wrists to unclasp her bar, (clasp in the front) setting his objects of desire free. Bending his dark head, he took a hard nipple in his mouth, his hand fondling the other.

Moans of pleasure sweeps the room, her hand pressing his head more firmly against her. He move his tongue across the nipple, then slowly ran it around her aureole. Again pressing his lips to the soft, smooth flesh of her breast, drawing back toward the nipple with a loud sucking noise.

After kissing the nipple once more, he move to the other breast, and suckles greedily at the nipple. He kisses his way into the valley, and then softly licks the flesh between her breasts with his tongue. Her legs quiver underneath him, arching her pelvis against his.

She could not take anymore, the inferno an all time high. The heat between her thighs demanding relief right now. With every flick of his tongue the pulse between her legs intensify. Giving her nipples one last kiss he move down to her abdomen. Leaving soft petal like kisses across her belly. Running his beard across her stomach she giggles above him.

Laying his head on her lower stomach, she spread her legs wider, her scent drifts to him. His hands pull her sheer black boy panty down her full hips, down her long graceful legs and feet. Sighing she begins to tense, knowing what was going to happen next.

Smiling wickedly John kisses her ankle and up her thighs, the closer he got the stronger her scent. Skipping her center, he kisses his way down her other thigh. He teases her relentlessly really wanting her to moan, wanting to prolong her passion.

"John…" she whimpers Her insides getting more wet with eagerness. His fingers softly brush across her nether lips, and then spread them open. A soft moan escape her lips. Dipping his finger inside, they groan. Evangeline from pure undulating pleasure and John from how tight and easy it was to slip inside.

Tenderly he strokes her inside while nibbling on her neck. " More" she beg. He slips another finger in, moving his fingers faster and faster with every shift of her hips.

She could feel it building the tension signify blissfully moment of climax. Her hips move faster against his nimble fingers, seeking the fulfillment he offer. Her fingernail bites into his shoulders, her breath hot and heavy against his body. The cool air circulating through the room doing nothing for her heat engulf body.

He knew she is getting there, he could feel her vaginal walls squeezing his fingers for all its worth. Feeling it latching on his fingers and refusing to let go every time he recedes, shot another dose of desire through him. He groans imagining its something else and not his fingers.

Pulling his fingers out, he descends down her body. Leaving her without something to grab onto.

"John what are you-"

"Shhhh" he hushes kissing his way down her body.

He move until his warm breath was right over her. She grabs hold of the sheets on either side of her. Pressing his lips to her soft folds, His tongue caresses her outer lips. Slipping through them, slowly moving in and spreading her open. Her entire body trembles, and he could taste the overflow of her essence.

Slowly he slide his tongue deeper into her, stroking her walls. The soft maddening strokes of his tongue were driving her wild. He pulls his tongue out and licks her lips, before once again reaching deep inside her. Avoiding the erect bundle of nerves, he did a clear sweep of the premise. Her hands went into his hair, pulling his head where she wants him to go. Resisting he continues with his map course of action.

He brought his hand to tease her clit, with a jump and a long moan she arch her body against his hand and mouth. Her sounds of pleasure are music to his ears. Removing his hand his mouth sucks her clit in his mouth.

"ohhhhh" she cries, pleasure so intense sweeps through her system. She gasps breathlessly as his tongue strokes her clit again and again and again, sending her even higher. His mouth strokes her walls repeatedly, sending slight tumors through her sensitive body.

Leaning back to get some fresh air he licks her outer lips in a slow fashion. His tongue returned to her highly sensitive clit, sending another intense burst of pleasure washing through her. Bringer his finger inside her he moves them inside, bringer his fingers deeper into her.

Her body coils with tension…she’s so close she can taste it. It would not be long now. Wiggling his finger in her faster, her sex closing down on his hand. Putting his mouth on her clit and he suckle long and hard. Spasms tore through her body with her cry of lust.

Bright light flashes before her eyes, closing her eyelids only made the feeling more intense. Her breath stop for a moment as she soars toward her spectacular orgasm. Holding her while she rode the waves.

Supporting his weight on his elbow he look at her satisfied face.

"Open you eyes." He command softly against her hair, brushing the damp hair from her face.

Gradually her striking brown eyes were reveal to him.

"You okay?" he asks.

Nodding, she smiles. Her hand going to rest on his cheek. Love grips her as she see the tender look in his eyes. LOVE? LOVE. So this is love she thinks. This racing of her heart, can’t wait to see him feeling is what Nora was always talking about.

John watch as something came over her dark eyes. Curiously he gaze more deeply. When she really looks at him he realize there was something in her eyes that hadn’t been there before. It had been there before he realize but now it is clear more concentrate.

The look she give him made him uneasy, made him questions things. Wanting to distract her and him of things he knew he wasn’t ready for. Bringing his face closer he kiss her. Their mouth molds and melds together. His tongue seeking entry, she opens for him. He tastes her; caress her mouth deeply and thoroughly.

Tasting her self on his too good mouth, she relaxes against him. So she’s in love with John. No big deal…right? Settling his body on top of hers, every inch is covered by him. Her arms went around his neck to hold him to her. Her legs spread as he took position.

Pulling her mouth apart "Shouldn’t I take off the garters, stockings and heels?" her hair fanning around the pillow. Sweat clung to their heated bodies. Getting off her, he stood to remove it.

Looking her over, he sees her flat on her back with nothing on but the stocking and garter and dainty feet cover by heels.

"No, I like the" setting his body over her again " way it frames your…" the word were cut short as she press her mouth against his. A blush on her dark face. His hand wanders down her body finding places he knew would make her pant.

Kissing her soft lips once last time, he kisses both sides of her neck. Moving down her body, his fascination with her body reawakening. His light hands trailing over her dark skin, finding out that no matter what color a person is, it all come down to the same things.

Caring…maybe even love.

Kissing her hard pebble nipple, he licks them long and slow. He hears her soft breaths of moans and groans.

"John…no…I want…you…no…more…waiting." her words coming out in between words as wave of pleasure hit her. She couldn’t take anymore, she want him now. She needs to feel him in side her.

John raise his head and look at her. That look was still in her eyes, yet the desire overshadows it a bit. Spanning her face with his hands, he kisses her sweat drench forehead. His hands caress her skin until she gasps as they found her pleasure spots.

"John… please" she pleads her hands going into his hair and brushing it out of his face.

Sliding her body on top, he positions her. Guiding his cock inside a breath of pent up frustration release from her gasping mouth.

The sensation overwhelming them. The feeling of being taken on his huge shaft made her juices flow even more. John waits a few second to re-familiarize with his size. She shifts her hips over him, groaning he clasp her hips in his large hands.

Slightly he raise her till only the tip was inside her, without introduction he push her down harder into him. Filling her up. A gasp tore from their mouth, chest heaving up and down. She is so tight, she fit him like a second skin, clinging to him as if trying to take all his life force.

The pressure inside them builds with every thrust, fulfillment become closer. Taking a bouncing nipple in his mouth he suckles on it, swilling his tongue around the harden peek.

"Ohh John." her voice chokes as love swells up in her. Only with John could she feel the immense power of desire. With every upward thrust she push down. Over and over and over their rhythm non-stopping. It was so smooth, and equal balance that there was no way to tell where one began or the other ends.

Lust fills sounds penetrate the still air. Passion ran deep, lust ran even deeper. Evangeline gave her self to him with abandonment, no longer impede by her fear. Her hair swing from place to place with their movement.

His strokes were long and deep. Filling her to the hilt. With every thrust, she knew this is love. Their bodies straining for the ultimate release, thoughts end as lust rains supreme.

Bending her body forward she kiss his neck. Gently suckle it, her hand rake across his chest. She is so close. John tries to hold on as long as he could but he didn’t know if he could. Flipping them while still together, she laid beneath him. He took one of her legs and hook it over his shoulder to allow deeper penetration.

With a few hard stokes, he angles for her clit and within a couple minute of deep thrust her wall started cling to him tighter. Her deep moans and nails biting into his shoulder driving him crazy. Taking her mouth in a forceful kiss, she starts to shudder and buck under him. No longer able to kiss him, her inner muscle milking him so tight, made him lose the battle of wills.

Sooner than he wish he climax flooding his seed into her. The instant she felt his climax she couldn’t help but too also climax. Sending bright light through her tightly shut lids. All their muscles locked together as they rode their orgasm. In a glorious fire-filled moment, two heart-stopping orgasms shook them into near oblivion.

Heaving in short breaths, the two lovers smile at each other. His body still on top of hers when he pulls out. Rolling off her, he goes to her side.

"Wow that was… that was incredible" her breathing not quite regular yet. A satisfy smile gracing her features.

Smirking in pride " I was pretty good wasn’t I?"

"What!" she huff, taking a pillow from behind her and hitting him with it.

Laughing he caught the pillow, shoving it behind his head "Thanks."

"Whatever." the two lay silent in bliss. Moving closer to his warm body, she lay her head over his heart. "Everything seems so perfect."

Kissing her forehead, he replies, " Everything IS perfect." Listening to his heartbeat, she synchronize her breath with his.

They fell asleep listen to the sound of the other content breathing.

In the middle of the night, the cool winds blow through the open balcony doors. Two warm bodies wrap around each other, sleep contently. Their chest moving up and down in total harmony. The moon shining its pure light on the entwine couple.

Gently taking her arms from around him, John get up from the bed to go use the bathroom. Washing his hands, he came out and sit on the chaise next to the balcony. A thoughtful look on his handsome face as he examine the evening.

Something was different about it this time, it was more unique then other time. When they were one it was like he was finally free yet he was home. Rubbing his hand across his face, feeling the stubble beneath his hands. He remembers how she gave herself to him with such abandon. What about that look that was in her eyes, what was that? It made her eyes got all glossy and…

Shaking his head he realize it had to be in his mind, maybe it only seemed like it was different when in truth it was the same way it always was.

"John?" her voice sleepy, raising her head enough so she could look at him. "What are doing over there? It cold. Come back to bed."

John, hard again at hearing her husky sleep induce voice and seeing her bedroom eyes. Standing up he saw her eyes widen and any sleep she had left evaporates. Opening her arms, she welcome him.

Settling in her arms, he kiss her awake, running his tongue over her lips. Opening to him she groan deeply when his tongue moves with hers. His hand going to pull down the thin sheet that was separating them.

Bringer his body into the apex of her thighs he plunge into her. He groans. Damn she so tight…so slick. With out ever losing step her hips went up to meet his plummeting hips. Moaning into his ear, she nips it. Licking the hurt with her tongue, she grips on his forearms for balance.

He bangs into her with a strong will bringing their climax closer to the peak with each hard thrust. Flipping them around, she was on top of him. He grips her hips and he controls her movement to his liking. Moans fill the air, coming more rapid and harsh with every pump of his flesh into her.

Biting her lips, orgasms stumbles into her with such force her body falls on top of John, who is in the throne of passion himself. Coming down from their high, they hold on to each other.

"John if you keep doing this I’ll never get a decent hour of sleep." The afterglow and scent of their lovemaking clings to their glistening body.

"Its not my fault you’re so sexy." his hands making circle on her back.

"Well I’ll try to be unsexy for you" amusement evident in her tone "okay?"

"That all I ask for" too deplete of energy to hit him properly, she pouts against his neck.

Feeling her pout he tease her, "You’re really telling me now consular."

"Ignoring you now." closing her eyes, she falls asleep on top of him. Un-joining their limbs he pulls her into the crook of his arms.

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